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Amanda Dec 2019
We once got along
All we do is fight
Rarely a decent kiss
We say goodnight

I have grown to be a problem
You don't understand
I snap more easily
Than a flimsy rubber band

We do not agree on much these days
Unsure who to blame
Tired of back-and-forth
Always ends the same

In violent outburst
You won't let me leave
Without way to escape
Feel like I can't breathe

So I claw your forearms
Still don't let me go
As if restraints calm me down
In fact make rage grow

The reason I get angry
Because I tell you how I'm feeling
In return you dish out comments
Make me hit the ceiling

After our time together
Obviously still have no clue
Who the **** I actually am
Or wouldn't say the things you do

You accuse of not being truthful
You're the one who's a compulsive liar
Doubt stings like a slap in the face
Tension between grows higher

We fail to find common ground
To see eye-to-eye
If compromise isn't found
We will be forced to say goodbye
We could be happy again
I will protect you with all my might

Whatever I say you will do

I will hug you in the evening

You will feel better for a little while

I will give you solutions

But I will also create the problems

I will tell you my opinions

But they will be so irrational you will think you lost it

I will be your bliss and your torture

I will be you
and you will be me


I will not exist

You will be alone
OCD is a disorder not fully understood by scientist. It's different for everyone. There are many types of OCD. Mine is magical thinking.
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
First you hide the feelings, then you hide the money
You're standing there eyes unblinking, as your silver tongue lashes out
You can tell me anything, your mother says; you don't have to lie honey
You shake your head and smile, this was much easier than last night's bout
You say you're studying in your friend's house but you're black out drunk in his backyard
You say you're in your room but you're on a train, a thousand miles from home
You never look someone in the eye, you have too many secrets to guard
And then you tell them one more lie, at this point, you must be made of stone
Soon every carefully laid out facade becomes the truth, it takes over your mind
You'll watch the sparks fly, scratching your prison wall, as though waiting for a fire
"I'm not a thief, I'm not a liar, I'm innocent, there's nothing you can find"
But this one corner of your heart tells you that once a liar, always a liar
It made sense in my head.
peytonBWise Sep 2019
I have this thing
This thing that I do
It's no big deal
It's just this thing that I do

I took three steps
That's one less than four
Even though four is not a bad number
It is too close to the ones that are
Three and eight are the best
Followed by twelve and twenty-four
And all the numbers of seven
Well not the numbers with five
Those send shivers down my spine

Even numbers are better than odds
Excepts two
Which combined with three is five
I said odds are worse
But thirteen is pretty great
As long as it doesn't mix
With the ones that I hate
And eight is Ok
But sometimes it makes me think
That eight is too close to nine
And to make nine you must have five
So sometimes I don't think
That eight is so Ok

This is the thing
This thing that I do
I know this behavior is strange
But this is just the thing that I do
Please help me
I hate this
Pete King Aug 2019







Don’t check.


Sudden and devastating irony that one’s skin can crawl, yet none of their limbs work.

The only animated parts being my heart as it hammers against the rigid, perspiring cage that it so desperately tries to keep alive.

And my lungs, as they desperately gulp for air like they may never taste it again.

For who knows if oxygen exists in the darkness that lurks at the epicentre of the collision between fact and fiction.


Check again.
OCD is fun.
Stephanie May 2019
walk on tiles
not on lines...

this must be just right here
that must be just right there

just few more millimeters
dang! rulers are life savers

walk on tiles
not on lines...


go back to the top!
right foot, left foot, stop

wash your hands, wash it clean
wash til it's bleeding clean


walk on tiles
not on lines...

"hey, it's been a long time, how are you doing ..."

biiiiiiitch, why the hell she's standing on the crack!
blah, blah, blah, whatever boring small talk

hahaha yeah I'm fine :)


finally, I wonder why most of society
do not educate themselves well to act properly

walk on tiles
not on lines...

good job, self.
good job, self.
Imagine hearing that very very high pitch noise crippling the **** out of you whenever you or someone makes a one, single, minimal, mistake. That's cruelty.
Sarah Elaine Dec 2018
If only I could keep it locked outside of me
If only it could cease to exist
If only I didn't have to scratch that
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

If only I could swallow it
Dissolve it in my stomach
If only I could
KNOW for sure if I would or wouldn't

It is like an earwig
Creeping through my brain
I know my actions fuel it
But, oh, it drives me insane

If only I had control
If only I could see
That control is the only thing
That gives it power over me
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