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Neelam May 29
I wondered if four decades of

breathing on the face of the earth

Is sufficient to understand life ?

I saw creases on his face,

And signs of weariness


Cut-throat competition


Sleepless nights ...

Yet no one saw the dejection on his eyes

No one grasped the gravity of his loneliness

All the time

He wears the radiant Sun as his smile

He's a living legend, the emperor

The creator of his legacy

And still,

The child is alive under his breaths.
We are born with zero experience in life but within decades, we are supposed to build up empires. Life's worth living if you're working on your passions/dreams.
HPRatcliff Feb 15
Diadem of dreams keep him keen,
In the lost world we walk,
We debate the last Holocene,
Then we split, came the fork…

Lonesome fingers, slip emerald thread,
I stare yon window,
Knitting some spell, helps me forget,
Drink lavender tea to grow.

It tasted bitter in the Winter,
So sweet when in summer,
Lukewarm come last November,
I can’t drink it no more.    
They call me Lavender, loved ones,
You tried to debunk why,
Until you kissed me under the sun,
Love can make you so high.

The day you picked my last flower,
I was not a maiden,
You took from me ancient power,
My heart simply waned.

I took to the stars, took to the cards,
I became the Hierophant,
I looked to my sun, to my Mars,
To my Moon and Venus.

I’m imbued with the Crone’s wisdom,
With a new mindset so,
To understand conflicts new and old,
I’m healed, stronger, a Being of Amour.

Speak with me, drink flowery tea,
On the phone, speech may hurt,
Together, it’s ten times as sweet,
Call me, Lovely Lavender X
Man Nov 2020
he stopped me, a little further ahead of him
on the sidewalk
he said
"I've lived this life before"
"and?" i asked

he just looked at me and walked along
Jay M Dec 2020
Everything feels dreamlike

Nothing feels real

With each strike

Of a worn match

Smoking but never catching fire

- Jay M

November 18th, 2020
Everything has felt dreamlike lately. Not sure why.
Radhika Krishna Jun 2020
When the sun came up, I fell asleep
When I closed my eyes, I danced in my dreams
I climbed up to the clouds and watched them weep
And I thought my heart would burst at the seams
When the sun came, I heard Mama leave
I called her name but I was lost at sea
If she could hear, I'd tell her not to grieve
Maybe the clouds would ask her to forgive me
When the sun came up, I'd fallen too deep
The wings I'd built fell down so listlessly
I felt my feet take such a leap
But down came the cage, Mama set me free
When the sun came up, there it was
The cold, cold bed where I lay meting
And around it voices fell down in a heap
Melting ***, what sweet wonders you reap
When the sun came up, I wouldn't give in
I twirled and leaped down the mountain stream
Up above, there wasn't much I couldn't be
And all my eyes saw, was much too sweet
When the sun came up, there were many things
My mind was split, there was sorrow, there was glee
The world had another day to see
But it didn't matter, I had fallen asleep
Jay M Feb 2020
The colors of the sky
They vary, so wild
One base color
A light, calm blue
O what a wonderful hue
We are all someone's child
And at one point or another, we all cry

The other colors of the sky
I know not why
But there are so many
Things moving, fast as the spinning of a penny
Purple, yellow, orange, green,
Red, pink, white, blue, black,
Electric blue, maroon, indigo,
Violet, scarlet, gold, navy,
Aqua, mint, burgundy,
Fusha, midnight, cream,
Neon pink, neon green,
Neon blue, neon yellow,
Any and all colors you can think of
Moving up there, before my eyes
I tell no lies

These shapes, lines, and things I see
O, how can they be?

Somewhat faded
Some more pronounced
They came in, unannounced
It looks like some faraway place was raided
And the loot was spilled into the sky
I know not why
But it simply is

Circles, squares, rectangles,
Squiggling lines, moving all about
Things that resemble amoebas
Looking almost like oil and water mixed on a sidewalk
About this strange thing, I could talk
For so long
Is it so wrong?

Something so wonderful and obscure
If there were one, I would not want a cure

Some see them
As I do
It appears to be a field with a gem
Up above me
But what about you?

- Jay M
February 5, 2020
I see weird shapes and squiggles in the sky when I look up at it. Is that weird? Someone told me it could be a stigma with my eyes, or something like that. Hope you enjoy. Might edit this, to make it feel to be grasped, but not exactly. Ah, the joys of writing.
Mark Toney Nov 2019

So real
11/24/2019 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Sky Jun 2019
come over me,
wash into me
To take me away
from this madness
Ian Mar 2019
A story of love aged with time,
Enveloped and inmortalized in joyous rhyme.

There once was a fae guided by the Sun,
Showing the way, he need only follow and run.

Kept under close watch by a vigilant eye,
The fae boy felt that all must be ary.

The world the sun showed him he was sure,
Must be perfect, whole, and infinitely pure.

But hardly was that dream so true,
And with each moment, the sun's fervor grew.

So demanding and resentful were the Sun's ways,
The boy cursed with scorching, destructive days.

But his will persisted, for he knew no other,
Stranded and tired, trading loneliness to suffer.

One evening he pondered on what to do,
Escape back to suffering alone, but where to go?

Then, with the gift of the sunset all was clear,
For what came after was what he knew to hold dear.

Before the fae arose the shimmering Moon,
His eyes fixated on such a dizzying boon.

The Moon wrapped him in bright, soft light,
Assuring the fae that now all would be right.

He felt comfort in the welcoming glow,
At last a gentle soul wanting to see him grow!

The fae openly proclaimed his adoration,
The Moon's presence the source of his frantic creation.

Weaving words of passion and desire,
Finally free of the past destructive mire.

Never once moving in such a flurry,
Desperate to prove his love, but he needn't worry.

The Moon enamored with him for what he was,
And valued him for all that he does.

With guiding light and a glowing heart,
The fae boy knew they'd never want to be apart.
David Jan 2019
Everytime I wake up,
I can't believe that you're here and that you know it

Everytime I wake up fast,
to check if everything is like yesterday
or if it was just a dream

it's wonderful to live like this,
to fly in a dream that exists,
down the street from an existing Neverland

when all hatred melts thanks to you,
when walls of separation crumble,
because the heat that you put in my heart warmed them

To escape from prison and to run in a green land of freedom
and this is part of reality

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