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KM Hanslik Jan 31
Maybe you don't know what I'm saying
maybe only I know
maybe we're stranded on a planet of monolingual people
all speaking in their native tongue
KM Hanslik Jan 31
My heart's hooked up to a generator
the power went out a while ago
and I don't know
how it keeps pumping
but at least it looks like I am still here.
KM Hanslik Jan 24
Based on things I can't predict,
our errors are not all-inclusive;
lines are not perfectly straight
and sometimes there's too much distance between us,
sometimes not enough.

Based on actions I don't yet understand,
survival becomes stalled into a thing called "existing"
I don't know what is flammable in here
but can feel the burning of my own skin,
I am ready to ignite;
some people are cold and that excites me
my secret weakness
I like to bring the warmth
but sometimes it is only enough
to bandage our own wounds;

The art of imitation is a slippery *****,
don't trust me with your secrets, they may too closely echo my own
and when you strike a nerve I might seek out refuge in your pain
I know I am not the first passenger to feel this way.

Based on things I haven't come to terms with yet,
I am beginning to realize the incalculability of our
so seemingly deliberate crossings;
so don't trust me with your secrets,
I apply a honey salve to everything that hurts
and I don't know if you are ready yet
to feel that sweet soothing burn.
KM Hanslik Jan 23
How do you treat an illness that's invisible,
how do you mend a would that won't heal?
Sanctify my in whatever way you find appropriate,
it's fine, I've always liked variety;
but these curtains are making it too dark in here,

and I could have anything I want;
raise the stakes, I enjoy a good challenge
but don't leave me with no light to go by
don't smile and kick my legs out from under me;
I try to root my bones deep inside my body
but my shell is too soft,
my skeleton wants to be on the outside.

The ground is shaking but I don't run;
for all of you, this one's on me;
I've always been a good sport,
and this time I'm taking
one for the team.
KM Hanslik Jan 23
we're hungry and we've come to collect
don't mind what's yours, mind what could be yours;
there's such a thing as "too sweet", and
i don't think i can stomach it anymore;
don't plant seeds in my lawn and call it your garden,
i make my own peace with what i grow.
You call it a catastrophe the way the world is always raining down on us,
i tell you to learn how to handle the blows.

We aren't crazy, just out of our heads a little
our bones aren't broken, just a bit brittle
I know you want to hold the world down with me,
we might even find a way to do it
but don't close doors on the things you've seen
I know you want this to be evergreen;
but nobody with clean hands has ever learned anything
about tending to their own soil.
KM Hanslik Jan 23
a crash course is the best way to learn;
describe the world in ways I cannot understand, and I
will do my best to undo the hinges underneath your skin.
chase the shadows until they leave you alone,
your heart skips like a record, off beat
stuck on a loop but let it rest a minute.
Don't **** my vibe this early in the night,
wait at least until my skin crawls and my shoulders cramp up in my sleep
test  me a few more times and I just might snap
my shell is only so thick;
you're cooking up a storm but I intend to stir the ***
if you find me on my knees, you'd best bet
i've got a knife up my sleeve
best to just leave it alone;
a rolling stone gathers more speed
the nearer it gets to its target.
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