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KM Hanslik Aug 28
Summer’s problems scream loudly and demand our attention
The day you plant the seed is not the day you harvest the crop;
Winter has impregnated the soil with unmanifested things
spring has cradled the embryos
Summer is when the fruits ripen and the pieces fall;
what is left on the ground will be foraged by scavengers,
or else left to freeze in a season of cold
What is left on the vine will die;
Summer is the time for harvesting crops –
winter, for planting seeds.
Do not go astray in this season of vicious heat and hazy daydreams,
do not allow your garden to be destroyed by foreign visitors.
Watching, weeding, watering
Waiting, perusing, plucking
Everything rises in these hot fertile fields,
the seeds of hate are just as stubborn as love -
Can you tell the herb from imposter?
Designed or accidental?
Choose your path with care, with delicacy
Do not fall astray in the summer.
KM Hanslik Aug 28
Today is not a day for dancing
today things feel hot and heavy in my hands,
my hair wraps too tightly around my scalp,
the air is too loud and too damp.
Today is a day for walking on eggshells
and pulling the pins out of my lungs (deflate my soul)
today is not a day for dancing
today the sun dries out the cornfields
and last year’s news drifts abandoned down the street.
Today I light a fire and it devours me –
today is a day for rapture and consumption.
KM Hanslik May 2020
I'm on the underside
of an 80mph tide
& I'm sizzling in the slime
of your olive-oil compromise,
beat the color out of my face
and the bile out of my throat;
I've sang too many songs for you,
so I'll save my breath for
counting up

sidewalk gum
eraser dust,
saliva stains on clean pillowcases
2 fingers held up in surrender,
& a nasty place to take a pit stop.
KM Hanslik May 2020
Pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
from your 72-inch flatscreen;
if walls could talk, I hear you'd be in a pretty tight spot
but I'd rather not
shoot my shot with your skeleton crew,
because I've got a little angel, she just fell to earth too soon;
her halo choked her in her mother's womb, so she knows
pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
windows painted lavender and walls bathed in evergreen;
peach-round face & woodsmoke eyes,
I want to comfort her with soft-spilled lies
but she already knows the horrid truth,
so I'll take her to a dim-lit roof
and talk about the moon.
KM Hanslik May 2020
I'm sitting at a stop sign with my tongue tied & my brain fried,
oozy sunny-side-up on the pavement
they tell me "look at the bright side" as if the sun could talk,
but no, I'm shooting blanks
on a half-tank of chemical reuptake;
here's a mouthful of soap, keep your insides clean

stuff a drawer with hope for the rainy days;
'cause we worship the heat like we're trying to get cancer,
I'll spill from my lips what I don't want to eat,
and worship every dancer for a flaw that knows them better;
insert needles into inked-up skin, then burn out every letter,

we'll burn that bridge when we get there,
make it a public monument
picking pennies out of muddy boot-prints,
but **** it, if the shoe fits
keep your luck in a jar so it can't run out like your bank account,
resuscitate me in a desert so I can get used to the drought;

& we've all got a cutscene we'd rather not talk about
so here's the uncensored take,
after I spoon-feed you the low-stakes version
(try not to choke)
this is every mistake on a half-tank of reuptake
try to fill up your plate while your bank goes for broke;

take it up a notch and watch me free-fall down the ropes
while you climb the ladder with 5 dead bodies and a *** tape,
call it a playdate with fate
& see how long the relapse takes
after your firewall fills with smoke.
KM Hanslik Apr 2020
******* with your
splinter-***** criticisms
redirect sensation to my tongue
so I can taste your bitterness;
redirect your blows to my spine
because my stomach is too full
of sweet-n-sour lies
now-or-later apologies
first-come-first-serve compliments
and 24-hour withdrawal
KM Hanslik Mar 2020
She was irresistible, irreplaceable
make one false move and put your place on hold;
The backbone of desire pumping through the wire, set her loose & watch her flow,
candle wax oozing, resisting control
our flavored dispute; set conversation on mute, but I still hear you in my head
every time the light turns red,
I can still feel you on my skin
at the end of the day when my patience drags thin.
Coddle this inside its synthetic cradle,
no one knows the secrets a day holds
but I know how to win & slowly begin
again, after arrows are dragged with lead,
speaking from a place of dread & coaxed from a respite of poor taste,
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I couldn't say,
pending transactions we swept away
to be posted at a later date;
I'm keeping my warnings slow and my feet above my head
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I should have said.
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