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KM Hanslik May 2020
I'm on the underside
of an 80mph tide
& I'm sizzling in the slime
of your olive-oil compromise,
beat the color out of my face
and the bile out of my throat;
I've sang too many songs for you,
so I'll save my breath for
counting up

sidewalk gum
eraser dust,
saliva stains on clean pillowcases
2 fingers held up in surrender,
& a nasty place to take a pit stop.
KM Hanslik May 2020
Pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
from your 72-inch flatscreen;
if walls could talk, I hear you'd be in a pretty tight spot
but I'd rather not
shoot my shot with your skeleton crew,
because I've got a little angel, she just fell to earth too soon;
her halo choked her in her mother's womb, so she knows
pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
windows painted lavender and walls bathed in evergreen;
peach-round face & woodsmoke eyes,
I want to comfort her with soft-spilled lies
but she already knows the horrid truth,
so I'll take her to a dim-lit roof
and talk about the moon.
KM Hanslik May 2020
I'm sitting at a stop sign with my tongue tied & my brain fried,
oozy sunny-side-up on the pavement
they tell me "look at the bright side" as if the sun could talk,
but no, I'm shooting blanks
on a half-tank of chemical reuptake;
here's a mouthful of soap, keep your insides clean

stuff a drawer with hope for the rainy days;
'cause we worship the heat like we're trying to get cancer,
I'll spill from my lips what I don't want to eat,
and worship every dancer for a flaw that knows them better;
insert needles into inked-up skin, then burn out every letter,

we'll burn that bridge when we get there,
make it a public monument
picking pennies out of muddy boot-prints,
but **** it, if the shoe fits
keep your luck in a jar so it can't run out like your bank account,
resuscitate me in a desert so I can get used to the drought;

& we've all got a cutscene we'd rather not talk about
so here's the uncensored take,
after I spoon-feed you the low-stakes version
(try not to choke)
this is every mistake on a half-tank of reuptake
try to fill up your plate while your bank goes for broke;

take it up a notch and watch me free-fall down the ropes
while you climb the ladder with 5 dead bodies and a *** tape,
call it a playdate with fate
& see how long the relapse takes
after your firewall fills with smoke.
KM Hanslik Apr 2020
******* with your
splinter-***** criticisms
redirect sensation to my tongue
so I can taste your bitterness;
redirect your blows to my spine
because my stomach is too full
of sweet-n-sour lies
now-or-later apologies
first-come-first-serve compliments
and 24-hour withdrawal
KM Hanslik Mar 2020
She was irresistible, irreplaceable
make one false move and put your place on hold;
The backbone of desire pumping through the wire, set her loose & watch her flow,
candle wax oozing, resisting control
our flavored dispute; set conversation on mute, but I still hear you in my head
every time the light turns red,
I can still feel you on my skin
at the end of the day when my patience drags thin.
Coddle this inside its synthetic cradle,
no one knows the secrets a day holds
but I know how to win & slowly begin
again, after arrows are dragged with lead,
speaking from a place of dread & coaxed from a respite of poor taste,
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I couldn't say,
pending transactions we swept away
to be posted at a later date;
I'm keeping my warnings slow and my feet above my head
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I should have said.
KM Hanslik Feb 2020
We are living in the nooks & crannies,
like the shadow behind the doorjamb
and I will always be incriminated by the dirt under my fingernails,
a half-smoke, half-sweat daydream;
a rush of blood to the head wrapped in silk rope,
stain my skin with your heavy-handed love
make my pupils blend into my irises, conjoin my tongue to my teeth
I bloom with black lilies and their petals stay soft from the rain;
subvert yourself to me,
corrupt my solitary sanctuary
you are the gardener - dig in this earth
plant your half-ripe, half-degraded seed in my ruins
along the lines of the river
we bathe in lavender pools and the trees flower over,
they thirst for our union;
we are a cosmic cacaphony,
and you are the nail in the coffin;
insects will eat of my flesh before I cease exaunerating your name;
absolve me of blame, I will drink of your sins
steady-imprinting your phenotype
into channels of cortisol, dopamine
(only the loveliest things in your hands)
tree-ring and stretch-mark calendars,
hypnotic topography
& I'm rooted deep, but for you, I flow like water
invite me into your temple,
sing to me of your sorrows
mesmerize me with your breath & your body,
my spirit will never walk free.
KM Hanslik Feb 2020
Candy-coated nightmares
best worst-case scenario
tripping over my tongue and forgetting to hold you accountable
I don't really care what settles
my bones are porous structures,
like attracts like;
I've fallen asleep twice tonight
and woke with lips colder than ice
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