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Well, "happy" is not on my mind!

I'd like to shut it off, this stress,
But it's switch I am yet to find.

A sitch that sets me awful vexed-
Turns tan to teal on held-in breath-

While sinking into tar-pit depths-
Shall I smile and say, 'Yeah, I'm fine'?
Truth be told; I'd much rather whine
This scar upon my hand
A, one time, hopeful plan

A promise left unkept
Now poison's my affect
I am not sure why I bother
To connect to others

~It only leaves me feeling shame-
-A mess, a wreck, a ball of flame~

It all's a bit too much
To stumble about without crutch
Candle by the sea
A sudden gust cuts us short
As Gloom turns to speak
I'm glad you got
An early boarding-pass
Cause it breaks the heart
To have to leave last
An attempt at redefining some difficult feelings
Nose to tail
We only had
Five years?


Wish I could ask you

You know I've never
Been good with time

In the end

You weren't either


Do you still have a sense of humor
When you're, like,
'On that side of things'?

I sure ******* hope so

You could always make me laugh
And I may have only ever really bloomed
When I could steal a laugh from you


If you can still know stuff where you are
Then I'm sure you can tell
Without me having to say, but
I really miss sharing things with you

That's alright though

It has
To be

It is

And I still have this
Little thing we connected over

Feelings and words and all that crap
So dramatic, the two of us

I hope you're allowed to keep that too

They say the brightest lights
Burn out the fastest
And that some are here for a good time
Not a long one

I'd rather you'd been here for both

But we both knew, even back then

We rarely get what we really want

She sits, knees down,
In practiced posture.

Grounded and calm.

Her curled fingers
Rest on her thighs.

Her own.

In her smile,
A wisp on the wings
Slowly unfurls,
In a whirl
Of wise and winding


As honey'd tones
Roll from her maw,
I am humbled.

Lucky to be involved.

And in her every word
There is a piece of her
But no less present.

Pure effervescence.

On all terms,
In her way,
And pleasant.

Purposeful, she;
Spinner of tales.
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