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4h · 12
What's this desire for validity?
In every each step, each sigh, each look,
The rules of inner-peace, felicity,
Were never written down into the book.
Are my eyes deceiving me? I don't know,
Yet, many times I have trusted my insight,
Who makes me realize that it's all show,
Clearing the murky night like sinless moonlight.
My intentions are not to pierce the soul,
Unmask, expose this state, for that is rude,
I ask, and wonder much without control;
A sufferer knows sufferers quite good.
    Within each move you make I feel my pain,
    If you will lie, you'll make me look insane.
Jul 9 · 71
Platonic Love
Ceyhun Mahi Jul 9
A light in darkness was your glowing face,
Maybe the spark who lit the candle of
Passion I had, brightening my nights and days,
With just an admiring and kind love.
Never would I forget your face for years,
You were my happiness, a simple joy
Who l had captured in my heart, the tears
Were blessings I would forever enjoy.
I could not grasp your soothing presence, though,
No – 'twas too far away for me,
The more distant you were, more did you glow,
Becoming a part of my destiny.
    I truly believed that it was Divine,
    Noble, because you could never be mine.
Jul 4 · 229
Ceyhun Mahi Jul 4
My heart and eyes are so connected closely,
When we're apart, the two of us are lonely.
If others touched her beauty in the night,
It all would have been an illusion only.
Jun 28 · 152
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 28
So much change in four years, it seems so strange,
But I'm still me, and that will never change.
Jun 27 · 456
Before My Eyes
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 27
She's like a flower-scent before my eyes,
To other guys she went before my eyes.
A glance of chance it only was for me,
I don't know what she meant before my eyes.
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 6
I heard you singing Persian songs last year,
    Which made me wonder much about your life;
Were you a traveller lacking all fear,
    Or close to home, within your youth a wife?
That glow upon your face made me feel old,
    And fret about the years who're passing by,
What all could have been lived with you and told,
    If I were younger now, so I could try.
But still, why all the sadness in your speech?
    A storm within, a feeling of a fight,
Also at the same time trying to teach
    The people about hope, with frame and sight.
I thought you had it all, the glow and glee,
But learned you're three years older than me.
misunderstanding age sonnet
Apr 14 · 224
Teen Drama
Ceyhun Mahi Apr 14
We fight and seperate when life's a bore;
There is an emptiness within our core.
It is as if our pain is sweeter when
We're young – it doesn't suit us anymore.
Apr 12 · 189
Ceyhun Mahi Apr 12
How easy do those small birds fly,
Over the things which make us cry,
And feel like the greatest burdens,
In the depths and peaks of the sky.
written in 2016.
Mar 27 · 504
City Nights
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 27
The diamond of the city is the moon,
The faces of the pretty ones the sun,
The mirrors of the buildings stars, they shine
So people can indulge in joy and fun.
Oct 2020 · 184
The Poet
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 2020
He is a soul who doesn't know the world,
    Yet sees with his own two eyes its rules,
While his body is by his sadness curled,
    Counting his tears, who look like dewy jewels.
The crazy wind goes through his glossy hair,
    And its sword does almost strike his pale throat,
He's in a twisted state beyond compare,
    In his shaking hands the fine poems he wrote.
Viewing the Mystic's path, sometimes the frame
    Of life appears, yet all it secrets are
Still far away from him, he knows each name
    Of saint and poet, but still is far, too far.
Will the meaning of his life come true?
That brooding poet, he sometimes has a clue.
Inspired by a poet from two centuries ago.
Oct 2020 · 225
Past Love
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 2020
When haunted by memories of the pasts,
Laying in bed, trying to sleep and dream
About the things who in the end will last,
I am hopeless, like nights who yearn to gleam.
I remember the park, the bench, the kiss,
The slow-passed music, and a warm embrace,
Things who I only at nighttime do miss,
And never think about throughout my days.
It is not love, that love of blissful youth,
The touches of her warmth, a stream of joy,
Who when the hands did touch always did sooth,
Or that I was an energetic boy;
It is the sleeping ignorance in me
That I do miss, who set me always free.
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2020
هر موج نگاه و خنده ها زیبا است
از یار سخن لب شفا زیبا است
ای دوست چه عجب که بیوفا زیبا است
این عشق و حال مبتلا زیبا است

''Each wave of (her) glance and smiles is beautiful,
The words of the healing lips from the beloved are beautiful.
O friend, is it strange? that unfaithful beloved is beautiful,
This love and its state of suffering is beautiful.''

This is my first rubai (rhymed and metered) poem written in Farsi!
Sep 2020 · 291
Farsi Couplet
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2020
زلف سیاه زنجیر جنون شد
دل حیرت زده من مجنون شد
"(her) dark lock of hair has become a chain of insanity, my amazed heart has become a madman"
Sep 2020 · 316
Natalie Portman Acrostic
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2020
Night and day I see your face at stores;
A famous one, seen in different shapes,
That does express life, which each fan adores,
Adventures with downfalls and escapes.
Like stars of olden days, in black and white,
In every scene you shine with emotions,
Each smile, each tear a different sight,
Praised for many philosophical notions.
Oh, and my teenage years were filled with you,
Right and left I would see you for a while,
Till I would suddenly find someone new,
Making me feel safe with a lonely smile.
Amongst the loved ones you were then, O star,
Nonstop, while I was always apart so far.
It fits perfectly for a sonnet :)
Sep 2020 · 118
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2020
My autumn-hair grows grey, my eyes are tired,
The dawn is far away from me. I'm not the same,
And not the one who I sometime desired;
I just can only remember my name.
Time does pass by so quickly, and I try
To grasp the moments with my writing mind,
But still, most things of fleeting life pass by
As if it's nothing, not mend to be found.
And so, if past and future is unknown,
I'll focus on the moment of the present:
A bed, fresh air, the morning-sun now shown,
And lulled to sleep by every flower scent.
This is the ideal life I'm always seeking;
"Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing."
The last verse belongs to John Keats.
Aug 2020 · 198
On a Girl
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2020
I saw a girl who's winsome face was bright,
    Next to me a fleeting presence like smoke,
Her eyes were dreamy like a balmy night,
    She smiled and laughed, although there was no joke.
She was so beautiful, but did not know;
    I saw the empty sadness in her eyes,
Like a wind towards the stars she did blow,
    Forever high, like missing butterflies.
So sad, but still nothing could beat her charms,
    A silliness – from fear she was not fleeing –
She looked me in the eyes, opened her arms,
    And suddenly embraced my broken being.
Three seconds warm, and she let go – apart –
Yet it lasted much longer in my heart.
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2020
ز عشق تو پریشان کرد مرا ای ساقی مجلس
شراب ‏سون چارە بوندەدر ‏كە ‏سن اولمە غافل ها

چرا این شوق ارباب دلا هرگز ندیدم من
بر آتش ‏گبی كول أگلەین شو عشقن ‏سوزی مشكل ها
The first verses of each couplet are in Farsi, the second verses in Turkish. Indeed, Turkish used to be written with the Islamic alphabet once in history. I hope I could capture the ectasy of Hafez.


From your love I have become distressed, O cupbearer of this meeting!
Give me (heavenly) wine because the solution lies in this, don't be heedless!

What is this (earthly) joy o masters of the heart? I haven't seen it (because)
This word of love, who like a fire turns wood to ashes, is very hard to bear!
May 2020 · 182
Ceyhun Mahi May 2020
I don't know who you are, or where you are,
But something in my heart tells me that you
Are waiting somewhere safe, beneath the stars,
Also seeking, having no single clue.
Maybe I saw you in the sea of crowds,
And smelled the scent of mystery,
Passing me by so quietly like clouds,
Continuing my path upon the sea.
Maybe you are a friend, a wife or mentor,
Or maybe both; It is ungraspable,
To know the future now. I will explore
Everything for now that is practical.
    And so I'll live, from all suspicions free,
    Whoever and where my soulmate may be.
May 2020 · 303
Twenty Two
Ceyhun Mahi May 2020
The times of existential angst are done,
And so are times of reckless assumptions,
Pretentiousness of insecurities gone,
Along the astray ways, and their seductions.
I have become twenty-two, and my eyes
See differently; no darkness anymore,
They're open wide like rosy morning-skies,
With a steady gaze, brighter than before.
But I don't claim to know it all, no – never,
For I surely know that I do not know,
Seeking meanings with all my heart forever,
Making me human, and making me grow.
    There is much left to see, and learn, and sing,
    I'm curious; let's see what fate will bring.
Mar 2020 · 207
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 2020
O soul of mine, O sufferer of sadness,
    Leave all the pills, believe in yourself,
I'm sure you can withstand the drowning madness,
    Leave them for a day on the wooden shelf.
Be strong; you are a Poet after all,
    A sorcerer of words who's rarely seen,
Even then, glorious will be your fall,
    For you'll achieve a state who's pure and clean.
No medication anymore, no more!
    Step out the door, behold chaotic moves.
What has the world today for you in store?
    You do enjoy the rush, excitement proves.
It's so easy to say these words, but still
I can't go on a day without a pill.
I find that I have handled the volta perfectly in this sonnet.
Mar 2020 · 277
ناز و نیاز
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 2020
گفتم چرا این جلوه و ناز
گفت زیرا خواهید کرد نیاز
My first couplet in Farsi. I hope it makes sense!
Jan 2020 · 196
Daily Prayer
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 2020
Deep at the tender dawn, when stars were fading,
A maiden came to me, covered in light,
Looked at me with her black eyes, while persuading
Me to do something heavenly and bright.

It was something specific, and disciplined,
I did not know, although I tried to think,
But because of sleep I was limited,
Becoming ignorant with every blink.

She said to me: ''You are in danger, youth.''
I said: ''I see no danger in my bed.''
She said again: ''the fact is far from truth.''
I took it serious, stood up and said:

''Maiden, who're you?'' she said: ''I am Namaz,
Observe me well my friend, and you may pass.''
The daily prayer of a Muslim is called 'namaz' in Farsi and Turkish. I just put my daydream into some verses.
Jan 2020 · 166
On Seeing Two Lovers
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 2020
Many a year ago I saw a garden,
Although 'twas filled with sands, with a few flowers,
When seen, my heart's feelings did never harden,
'Cause merry lovers spend there all their hours.

A lustful kiss, a cup of unknown wine
Where given to each other, all alone,
Without fragrant jewels looking divine,
Sometimes a patch of grass, but mostly stone.

Where are the lovers now? I do not see them,
Nor feel the air becoming warm by sighs,
Did they go into hiding? who's seen them?
Without any clouds or sun are the skies.

Love's important, and beautifies the ugly,
Without lovers the ground and skies stay dusty.
Really, where are the lovers now?
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2019
The colorful tears of youth are the warmest,
The most lonely in a world you don't know,
Because you haven't been here for the longest
Time since birth, step by step we all did grow.

We're always struck by our uncertain stars,
While still opening up, trying to find
The answers of this life, with smiles and scars,
Praying in different ways they stay aligned.

O God, forgive the flowers of this world!
We are so young, and thus so flawed,
Forgive our faults; our cheeks are pearled,
While we're always by Your creation awed.

Let us all strive our best to reach our goal,
Before we're one day called back with our soul.
Youth means learning things for the first time, that can be hard at times.
Nov 2019 · 251
Far Away
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2019
I do not want to part from your sweet smile!
(Who blesses me sweetly with soothing bliss)
Even though I know it is for a while,
'Twas not enough for me, that parting kiss.

I will go far away, the road is long,
So far away from you, for quite a long time,
Thus I want you to listen to my song
Of separation's woe, weaved with a rhyme.

But oh! there is something: a light called hope,
Who's my dear friend, usually at my side
When rest and peace are near, so I can cope
With all the pain, like breathing oceans wide.

Although I'm far away on my vacation,
You stay in my binding imagination.
Written out of boredom at the airport. A poet can write about love without a person in mind I believe.
Oct 2019 · 619
Byron, Shelley and Keats
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 2019
A little bit of Byron lies in me,
A brooding young man with morbid despair,
Whose moods switch so quick, like of the vast sea,
While I stand beside the rocks, winds through my hair.

A bit of Shelley flows inside my pen,
A burning rebel in my father's land,
Not understood or felt by common men,
Where ultimate ideals I do demand.

A lot of Keats sings and dances in me,
Summer airs, nightingales, everything old,
Escaping my pain on wings of poesy,
As he, my broken bard-brother has told.

I read and read and found myself in all,
And so did find myself through my heart's call.
Sep 2019 · 221
Beauty of a Summer Night
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2019
Because the moon does shine with splendor bright,
The puffy clouds are painted silvery,
The weather's warm, and sometimes hot, the night
Embraced by trees and their shadows silently.

No sun is seen, I feel no breeze of summer,
Only waves of heat, bringing out the sweat,
No song of birds, nor songs of any hummer
Is heard, with ears the silence's only met.

I have to close the door, because I'm going
To sleep, but cannot close my dreamy eyes
And stop from glancing at the moon who's glowing
In smooth beauty, that lamp of nightly skies.

I thought summer was most pretty in sunbeams,
But no — also at times of silent dreams.
Sep 2019 · 178
If Only
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2019
Had your thoughts been more pure like your skin,
As bright as the diamonds on your soft wrist,
Had you been more away from fault and sin,
Or giving each action a cunning twist,

And had you been more noble than fine art,
More modest like a meditating monk,
From desirous fame and names apart,
And not on an uncontrollable lust drunk,

Your style would have been much more prettier,
And pleasing to look at – without a doubt –
Both the inside and the exterior,
People would not see you as a washout.

But you'll not change until you see that rules
Shape prettiness right, like forms do to jewels.
Aug 2019 · 226
Daydream Limit
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2019
I thought that daydreaming
Was  allowed always,
That  no age  could
Stop you  from  doing  so,
Far  away,  to lands
With a precious gaze,
Who no one  other  than  yourself
Would know.

There would be  many
Pastel  meadows there,
And  storylines
Of  characters unknown,
Some  ugly,  tragical  or  only  fair,
Who still  all  have  to be
To people  shown.

But  no, it's hard  to think it is allowed; I  should be  serious,
Only  think of the  things
Who're  near,
And  not  be  like  a  cloud,
Always  o­n well-known  earth  –
Not  up above.

Now  I  am  in my
Twenties and reflect,
If  I  should embrace  this,
Or  only  neglect.
This poem is actually a rhyming, iambic and Shakespearean sonnet but I made it look like free verse :p
Aug 2019 · 271
Diamonds Are Forever
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2019
I've come across a broken lady once
Who said: ''I do not need men anymore,
Who will desert me after a short month,
Because I have other things to adore:

My bright diamonds! look how they shine with pride,
A thousand mirrors lie within their being!
Look how it does never deceive or hide,
Let this be the last thing I will be seeing.

I know! I know surely they will not hurt me,
Hitting me with violent words always cold,
And I know too that they'll never desert me,
Throw me away like leafs when sick and old.''

I said: ''O lady; diamonds will not last,
They'll leave you too like men of your sad past.''
Inspired by the song ''Diamonds Are Forever''
Aug 2019 · 435
Yusuf - Joseph
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2019
Ripped shirt,
but I am still
running with all my might
through this house who's doors are all locked,
to Light.
A reference to the story of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Jun 2019 · 740
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 2019
I want to fly into the skies,
like nightingales
and rest on roses
with my tender being.
Now my mind lies
on each leaf,
like shadows do in the summer.

If I could only tell
all my worries to myself,
because I am chained to tiredness,
and so cannot talk,
let alone sing about them.
Jun 2019 · 439
Spring in Autumn
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 2019
A small drop squeezed out of autumn leaves
gives another flowing spring.
Jun 2019 · 626
Pretty Ugliness
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 2019
I find your gorgeous face quite bright and sweet,
Like stars or angels soft; to eyes loved pleasures,
Because the eye adores the ones who're neat,
Comparing it in poetry to treasures.

Your shapely stature's tall, to me breathtaking,
Like waves excited is my yearning heart,
And to see you with others is heartbreaking,
My object of admiration, each part.

The world has seen so many girls like you,
Dressed in elegance, shaped as flowing fires,
Although it's known, it seems so fresh and new,
The scintillating source of most desires.

But still your temperament is quite ugly,
If only pretty eyes of you could see.
"Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face?'
Mar 2019 · 259
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 2019
Brevity, a long word yet it's passing meaning's
A sigh like beauty itself, how saddening,
Like the song who the small nightingale sings,
So neutral, knowing not what is happening.
Feb 2019 · 282
Ceyhun Mahi Feb 2019
A beach – a sea – a breeze – a night,
My mind — my heart – feelings – and mood,
Lit up by golden lamppost light,
Alone, while I do hope and brood.
My hope's from beauty, and from
Darkness is all the brooding, here
Making me both alive and numb,
Between a joy, between some fear.
But oh, the wave did hit my feet!
A coldness embraces my skin,
(My socks all wet), it did retreat,
Back to the sea – where have I been?
    Both hope and brooding vibes did leave,
    To be mindful, I now achieve.
Jan 2019 · 242
Kisses of the Sun
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 2019
The reason why the luminous moon glows,
Is because of kisses who the sun blows.

An ecstatic joy is like a sweet breeze:
Suddenly it comes and suddenly goes.

When you have nothing to tell a stranger,
Mention stars; of their beauty each eye knows.

O ignorant one! You do much good deeds,
A cure on sad hearts your sweet smile bestows.

While the enemy shoots at his brothers,
Poor Mâhî seems to adore their arrows.
Dec 2018 · 536
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
O Pen, write it all down before it leaves,
It's rude not to save what the heart receives.
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
Broken Kindness
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
I gave you petals as presents,
But you just saw a broken rose.
I didn't knew that a cold distance
Was to you so near and close.
Dec 2018 · 158
The Guzheng Player
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
Those elegant fingers pull strings,
Who pull the moods of my being,
And causes that the guzheng sings
Sharp melodies who are soothing.
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
I know for sure
That if the pretty poet had a life
So long as parrots,
This collection of poetry,
So small compared to others,
Would have been filled with soothing dreams,
Scented with the smell of sweet flowers
Growing in the wide meadows,
Where slender nymphs do live
And little nightingales,
Singing great songs.
Dec 2018 · 189
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
They call me ‘’zealot’’ just for wanting peace,
I do not know what to do, who to please.
Sometimes it gets tough.
Nov 2018 · 722
Emerald Eyes
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
I loved your cypress-eye from the old days,
And the glance who was shy from the old days.

Eyes of emerald were scratched by the world,
And I can't see its cry from the old days.

Your lips and voice remained the same delights,
Yet lack the smile and sigh from the old days.

The blush became white, the giggle a nod,
I don't get that reply from the old days.

The game of love has no rules anymore,
No coin, no card nor die from the old days.

Each thing from the past becomes desirous,
Both the truth and the lie from the old days.

Mâhî, lets get all our old friends back here,
Our own style lets apply from the old days.
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
Henna'd Hands
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
Henna adorned your hands,
Playing with my feelings,
But also with others -
I caught you red-handed..
I'll never get tired of punning.
Nov 2018 · 400
Morning Rhymes
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
At this misty morning scene,
Traces of winter were seen:
The trees were embraced by mist,
A lovely sight I had missed,
Adorned with dew were the leaves,
Seeing how the morning leaves.
These types of rhymes are very loved in Turkish poetry but I haven't seen much of them in English poetry. I usually hear them in rap songs though.
Nov 2018 · 469
Saffron City
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
Let's go to Sabrina's gym,
When city lights are bright,
At there, who're never dim,
At the peak of the night.

Let's see the starry skies,
While trainers battle hard,
With fire in their eyes,
Desires in their hearts.

Some shady figures – oh!
Dressed in black, I see,
Around the city and Silph-co,
Who might they be?


Let's go to Saffron City!
Where magic does happen,
Along this happy ditty,
With hope, and faith and passion!
A song I've written on seeing the trailer of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee. I'm looking forward to these games!
Nov 2018 · 301
Not My Way of Love
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
Caress and then betray is not my way of love,
To let them wait and stay is not my way of love.

Although sometimes it's true, always seeing this bonding
As just a fleeting play is not my way of love.

Secrets of me and her stay a secret forever,
Putting that on display is not my way of love.

Lies and vile corruption accompanied by lust,
Leading her to that way is not my way of love.

My truth will stay I learned, even if she's beautiful,
With her to go astray is not my way of love.

I am no butterfly, although my life is one,
To love for just a day is not my way of love.

I have no love right now, only a broken heart,
But to wait and decay is not my way of love.
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2018
No one has or will have a Light like his,
He, who was sent as a Mercy and bliss.

One man, yet much uncountable blessings,
Clueless how to repay for all of this.

I do envy those who have seen his face,
To times I have not seen I do reminisce.

We still have yet not seen his bright being.
Until that Day, it is the rose we miss.

Mâhî lacks rhymes to continue this praise,
That Day will show how luminous he is.
Oct 2018 · 551
Reflections (Ghazal)
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 2018
I can't even find traces of your feet,
The dust has covered all places, every street.

All the bright tales who are concealed by veils,
Are filled with cries and smiles; bitter and sweet.

When the moonbeams are bestrewn at night,
Waves lying towards shores flit, float and fleet.

As long as the Cup of Youth is sipped from,
Smiles shine like the moon and stars who retreat.

Gain, gain and gain, but it still feels empty,
For some reason, the soul feels not complete.

That Gihon is dream-drunk and world-sober,
From sleep to awake like the Phoenix's heat.
''Stars who retreat'' is a reference to an ayah of the Qur'an: ''So I swear by the retreating stars -'' (81:15).
Sep 2018 · 361
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 2018
That harem doors veil jewels I'm aware tonight,
But still I'll decide not to visit there tonight.

The nightingale lost his way in the rose garden,
A red mist descended upon the blue air tonight.

I don't approach it neither do I forget it,
Like a lonely widow's ring of despair, tonight.

Desire would go like cinnamon mist at dawn,
To take a sip from it I will not care tonight.

A candle's flame can be turned off by sorrow's breeze,
Yet that breeze gives incense a source to flare tonight.

Two glances are to be considered forbidden,
So I'll delay one glance into a stare tonight.

O Gihon, be as lucid in dreams as in verse,
And write a dream and avoid a nightmare tonight!
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