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Going to leave you behind now
I need to clear my mind now

Your hair, bangles or smile
Nothing will keep me bind now

Despair has advised me
not to love you blind now

Devils and angels, fire and ice
will never be combined now

After driving me crazy enough
You need to be fined now

It's more than skin and curves
Beauty should be defined now

I walked through this dark eclipse
My stars seems to be aligned now

Thoughts were scattered stardust
These poems have enshrined now
November 20
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 9
Caress and then betray is not my way of love,
To let them wait and stay is not my way of love.

Although sometimes it's true, always seeing this bonding
As just a fleeting play is not my way of love.

Secrets of me and her stay a secret forever,
Putting that on display is not my way of love.

Lies and vile corruption accompanied by ****,
Leading her to that way is not my way of love.

My truth will stay I learned, even if she's beautiful,
With her to go astray is not my way of love.

I am no butterfly, although my life is one,
To love for just a day is not my way of love.

I have no love right now, only a broken heart,
But to wait and decay is not my way of love.
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2
No one has or will have a Light like his,
He, who was sent as a Mercy and bliss.

One man, yet much uncountable blessings,
Clueless how to repay for all of this.

I do envy those who have seen his face,
To times I have not seen I do reminisce.

We still have yet not seen his bright being.
Until that Day, it is the rose we miss.

Mâhî lacks rhymes to continue this praise,
That Day will show how luminous he is.
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 25
I can't even find traces of your feet,
The dust has covered all places, every street.

All the bright tales who are concealed by veils,
Are filled with cries and smiles; bitter and sweet.

When the moonbeams are bestrewn at night,
Waves lying towards shores flit, float and fleet.

As long as the Cup of Youth is sipped from,
Smiles shine like the moon and stars who retreat.

Gain, gain and gain, but it still feels empty,
For some reason, the soul feels not complete.

That Gihon is dream-drunk and world-sober,
From sleep to awake like the Phoenix's heat.
''Stars who retreat'' is a reference to an ayah of the Qur'an: ''So I swear by the retreating stars -'' (81:15).
Karan Sharma Sep 24
Cute as a button?
No, that's not right.

Sunshine smile?
Blah, too saccharine sweet, sticky and simple.

Doe-like eyes?
She's definitely not a deer,
She's a predator, not prey.

She's... how do I put it...

I could try and say she's:
Dark and Dangerous,
Sensual and Seductive,
Indulgent and Irreverant.

No matter what I say though one point stands:

She's no-one's, only for herself.
As the wind and rain, she's transient, slips through clutches and dances around cages.
She'll invite you to her world, her secret garden,
But you'll always be a guest, never ken.

I can't have her, no one can,
As fickle as luck,
As rare as gold.
**** her.
Ceyhun Mahi Sep 7
That harem doors veil jewels I'm aware tonight,
But still I'll decide not to visit there tonight.

The nightingale lost his way in the rose garden,
A red mist descended upon the blue air tonight.

I don't approach it neither do I forget it,
Like a lonely widow's ring of despair, tonight.

Desire would go like cinnamon mist at dawn,
To take a sip from it I will not care tonight.

A candle's flame can be turned off by sorrow's breeze,
Yet that breeze gives incense a source to flare tonight.

Two glances are to be considered forbidden,
So I'll delay one glance into a stare tonight.

O Gihon, be as lucid in dreams as in verse,
And write a dream and avoid a nightmare tonight!
फ़ना दीवार करना चाहता हूँ

मैं सब से प्यार करना चाहता हूँ

हवा में ज़हर घोला जा रहा है

मैं खुशबू-दार करना चाहता हूँ

वफ़ा की अब यहाँ क़ीमत नहीं है

पलट कर वार करना चाहता हूँ

पकड़ से लफ़्ज़ छूटा जा रहा है

जिसे इज़हार करना चाहता हूँ

उधर से फिर पुकारा है किसी ने

समुंदर पार करना चाहता हूँ
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 19
Not falling for you – that was my vow,
Now in desires' chains, I did it anyhow.

Even if I will become blind, my friend,
Seeing myself in greed, I'll not allow.

Even in the winter and the autumn,
Rose, out of humbleness to you I bow.

Upon your cheek I see a glowing candle,
I'm a fire since I have seen your brow.

Mâhî, you used to be a child of simplicity,
But a prince of riddles and puzzles now.
Since my 20th birthday I started a new collection of my own poetry. I've made peace with my poetry written in my teenage years, now's the time for something new. Poems like these.
angelica Apr 27
i touch you, running my fingers through your hair
   and see *** behind my eyelids
the fragile shadow of your lashes onto your cheek
   more beautiful than the moon

how many alternate realities
   we had to sidestep to get to each other
the magnificence in the stars aligning
   cosmic accident springing from a primordial goop

you reached for my hand like a sunday morning
   and held it like a saturday night
next thing i know
   i’m having thoughts of taking in your laughter intravenously

gazing at you like you were the pacific
   and i was desperate to drown
nothing to give
   but my furiously delicate heart

your eyes remind me of tinted windows
   you could see out, but i could never see in
you imagine the way i haven’t changed
   the same as i imagine the ways you have

is it harder to explain what it was like
   to have known you or to have known your absence?
but i found my home in the place
   where my neck met your shoulder

of those three words you said to me
   which one do you think of the most?
the memory fades,
   i’m left hanging on to the ghost of your words

you made each skeleton in your closet feel special
   before they were thrown back in your ***** clothes pile,
the used and forgotten,
   i am only one of them

i saw it coming but at the same time i didn’t
   because i didn’t believe you could possibly be that ******* cruel
a difficult truth to conceptualise
   but i guess some people are only capable of loving the idea of you

it hurt, loving you, but angelica still feels the pain was worth it
   every time your hand touched hers, she was reborn
she may be left for dead in your mistakes
   but she cannot bear to say she ever regrets you
first attempt at a ghazal.
Ceyhun Mahi Apr 9
This summer air carrying sweet perfumes,
Of the youths and lasses,
Coming off the elaborate costumes,
Of new fashion's masses.

The fair views are waiting to be captured,
Artist minds enraptured,
Into the bright spring  each camera zooms,
With transparent glasses.

All this curious and lovely asking,
A romantic setting,
Leading to melancholic, soothing glooms,
Who’re put in strange classes.

One glance was stretched into a reverie,
With bliss in memory,
Like sunbeams through thin curtains in dark rooms,
And slowly it passes.

Here summery embroidery's read,
Mâhî's line is his thread,
And his imagination is what blooms,
Pages are canvases.
I am a dreamer in the spring.
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