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Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2021
What's this desire for validity?
In every each step, each sigh, each look,
The rules of inner-peace, felicity,
Were never written down into the book.
Are my eyes deceiving me? I don't know,
Yet, many times I have trusted my insight,
Who makes me realize that it's all show,
Clearing the murky night like sinless moonlight.
My intentions are not to pierce the soul,
Unmask, expose this state, for that is rude,
I ask, and wonder much without control;
A sufferer knows sufferers quite good.
    Within each move you make I feel my pain,
    If you will lie, you'll make me look insane.
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
I tried once
To be what I am not
Gave myself a shove
Tried to be forgot
My shape shifted
And for a moment
I was grifted
I cannot
Be what I am
One day I was fuming over the cruelty of the worlds barriers to success for those who genuinely want it, thought I'd change myself to make it. But then I realized, I am not that person and that was the source of my anxiety.
Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
Love is not
A validity
Ensuring life full of
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The essence of sight is not totally lost in
the moment when a mere moment
of objectivity is seen, felt, or
experienced through my eyes
which in turn brings forth the need
for justice to be seen, felt, or more so experienced.

It is never a crime to see one thing twice,
it’s just makes it twice as nice.
The first through my eyes, serves as a reason
for it to be seen the second time through your eyes.

Without a profound reason to see,
the need for sight would never exist
to let the existing reason be meaningful.
You have to see through my eyes
as it offers a comforting reason to
ensure that the journey is taken
on the road not often taken.

It’s not enough for you to validate
or guess a person’s experience
until the color of your eyeballs
matches the sincerity in theirs.
This concludes the art of seeing,
as it is always an Art.
Joshua Haines May 2017
They tell me to lay down
and to please look at the fish.
Notice how they glide
in-and-out of the cool-blue
water; how they don't have
a care in the world -- they're
fish: one out of millions;
mindless; alone in packed
tanks; alone, jammed in
metal cans full of corpses
and low-quality mustard.

Putting the mask over my
perfect nostrils, my straight
teeth, they say Don't be afraid;
listen to my humming; how it
will blend with the high-pitch
screech you hear, now; becoming
an equilibrium of torture and
fantastical strangeness, unbound
by Gods, by Persons, by Loves.

Inside this perfect dark,
you cannot think beyond
the giant broad strokes that
is the world sweeping by --
and it is marvelous, the
buoyant miseries floating
above your head; my head
of ambivalent visions;
the Earth's core, a furiously
violent brilliance, ablaze
beneath my feet, under
layers of confounded
deathly masquerade; a
mask much like mine:
an egotistical reflection
brought out by one's
feeling of gigantic import-
-ance, despite hanging
from the vastest of ceilings;
a wannabe church in the sway
of jungle mind; primitive instinct.


You know you can wake up
  at this point, or so they say.
What does it all mean, to which
I murmur, I don't know. It's
hard to say what I know; if
anything, all I have is doubts.
All I can muster are regrets;
I wish I could return to that
perfect dark, confused and
semi-philosophical; all-
pretentious: a feeling of
being bound by brokenness.

They tell me to chill out;
you use semi-colons like
they're heartbeats. Focus
on whether your chest
holds validity.
mrs kite Dec 2016
my stomach revolts often
and then sometimes not
food is appealing sometimes
but then often not

my heart stops sometimes
pushing sour saliva up my throat
bile pulses through my veins
but not often enough

I shower too much to be sad
sleep sometimes, too often enough
smile a little, but
too often to be anxious

brushing each tooth, carefully
I thought you were supposed to be depressed?
walking the line between too much
never enough
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
I am leviathan swimming through
the ashes of your remains
dying on the ground
you will soon be saved

masses falling to the graves
fearing fire and brimstone
your soul enslaved
ready for your grave

resting there under the sun
finding comfort in the birds song
escaping the malicious tongues
All will be rebuild before to long

life is just a lief falling
beautiful yet slowly dying
fleeing there torches and guns
maybe it is just time calling
balancing your life on the run
balancing life on the run

walk the beaten path
carry the weight of the wizards staff
through the mountain and  seas
see his trinkets glistening

the agony of your hypocrisy
vanish into thin air not to be seen
don't give validity to your insecurities
make life the way you want it to be

the sunflower set in the west
white rabbit rest on your breast
words don't always make sence
everyone has there own quest

sing your zombie song
dead astronaut and lizard skin
the devil's in dark cats and woman
marvel at the colors of your death

take the veil from off your eyes
and watch the sunrise
The beauty you seek is inside
my heart goes out to the night

resting here under the sun
finding comfort in the birds song
escaping the malicious tongues
life is just a lief falling
beautiful yet its slowly dying
fleeing there torches and guns
maybe it is just time calling
balancing your life on the run

racing to the red light
you fear personal hell
violate every law of the universe
and yet you feel so frail
put your  coin in the wishing well

Satan's diaphragm, pentagram in hand
Die is the O, death is the answer
voice carrying,  through the  under lands
tempting you like an exotic dancer

resting there under the sun
finding comfort in the birds song
escaping the malicious tongues
life is just a lief falling

beautiful yet its slowly dying
fleeing there torches and guns
maybe it is just time calling
balancing your life on the run
Doom Metal song in the works
Zoe R Codd Mar 2015
If you brush off what we say,
We will rip your ears off with our words-
Because our opinions matter.
We can be just as intelligent,
If not more so
Than you are.

But in your mind,
Because we have vaginas,
And you have a *****,
The people whom with you share
The same kind of genitals are oh so
Much more creative than us.

But we will nail it into your stubborn
Skull, the fact that women matter.
We can be intellectuals.
We can be in galleries.
We can do your ******* job-
If we even want to in the first place.
Our opinions are valid and relevant.
We do not deserve to be brushed off
As if we do not have minds of our own.

We refuse to go through torture
To ‘earn’ your respect.
Respect that we do not even need
To be able to succeed.
Zoe R Codd Nov 2014
Validity is not a virtue;
For it is you
And only you
Who can prove yourself true.
A breathing being-
Only if you want to be anything
But a spec of dust,
Searching for validity
In a society
Which has done nothing for thee.
The real virtue is individuality-
The individual
Is valid enough
For themselves.
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