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dark settles
night comes warmly
no difference between
my skin and the fresh air

summer eyes me shyly
from down the street
lost times that I had eyes
for winter, my love, my only

summer comes slowly
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
She felt his gaze upon her,
So she turned around
To face him and to dare him,
To look straight in his eyes

And what she saw was vastness,
The size of his big soul,
The kind wishes and prayers
That he said before.

She held his hands,
Though they were not touching
She cupped his heart,
So she could kiss it.

She then had to turn around,
But she hoped he was still there
To continue to watch her,
In case she fell, to catch her.
Tommy Randell Feb 2019
You have been my shadow
Cast on a distant wall
I have danced as your echo
We have shared a single soul

Often I've wished you nearer
Always I've wanted to know
How you made of me a believer
Why I've never let you go

My head says you were ever
Always worth the knowing
And my heart says, still together
We could get to where we're going

Your Life is all beginnings now
Honestly you have my blessings
I see you looking back and know
What we know has no ending
evelin avely Feb 2019
Has anyone ever told you
that you are the most endearing person
in human existence?
Because I think you are.

With your sacred motion
that spreads along my lungs,
with your pretty laughter during
an evident silence.

Haphazard glances at vivid rays,
and your verdant eyes stare  
straight at me, and I feel blue.
I try to hide my
lasting grief and fickle spirits,
I cherish you in many ways.

I keep in mind eternal summer,
eternal bliss, eternal souls,
and our names that changed.

The story's blessed by future prays,
you, my pal, and I
are waiting.
actually written a few years ago and drunkenly read to a person who might have not appreciated it as much as i hoped. but what can you do.
Yağmur Kaya Dec 2018
The undiscovered, sweet soul of mine!
It's always crying, every day and night
Neither someone else or I
can help it to make it fine

It is sad and sour and bitter!
The undiscovered, little soul of mine!
Just waiting, only for your sight
So it can be free again, free as light!

It is dark, dark as the midnight
When there's no little bit of sunlight
The undiscovered, lonely soul of mine
On its own and invisible like time!

Bursting out your name, every day and night
Crying, its eyes are red, red as blood!
Wants to hear only but only your sound
Oh poor, undiscovered soul of mine!***
Alex Smith Oct 2018
I will tell you something about
Best friends
And good people:
They just don't exist.
And sometimes
You are the worst one.
Adya Jha Jul 2018
You are my pillar of strength
You are my tomb of rest
Life would not be magical if you weren't there
Hell, it would not be worth living
I miss you
We're both just one call away
But I need your presence
It's like fate tossed a coin and we both ended up together
I say I don't believe in destiny
But I know one thing
You are written in the pages of mine
Even if nothing else is
martha Jun 2018
There are many ways people define their own meanings of it
I’m not sure how many I’ve written so far

Too many to count
to inscribe on each separate compartment of my evergreen heart
Too light to set in stone and
Never knowing how to start

I entered the world enveloped in it
Felt it’s soft embrace in the shapes of two people who taught me how to chase the world from the safety of movies, books and poetry
In the confines of a family tree with a canopy covering a brother older than me living a sea away with a mum who wasn’t mine
But a dad whose blood ran through both our bonded veins

We soon became three
Another brother, this time younger,
Took the position of the constant company I had never known before
After 6 years of waiting with only grown ups and toys to tell my stories to.
Some say love for a family is compulsory
For me it is a promise I feel lucky enough to keep

Then there are families that you unintentionally choose
Pairings where platonic love flows aplenty
friends you keep and sometimes lose
Fast fading but never forgotten
Memories evoked by reminiscent reminders that cast quiet smiles every once in a blue moon
provoked by shiny new conversations with people you hope don’t leave as soon as they arrived
words fail to compensate the connection unseen yet tangible in unspoken exchanges and belly-aching laughter
A place where paths cross and soon merge into the same road with no horizon in sight
But a sunset worth riding straight into

A sunset similar to the same sunrise that guides a heart to realise
Just how far it is capable of falling without intending to
The heart of a girl raised so well on romantic ideals
she convinced herself she fell the right way first time around
So when she fell out, she forgot how to spell it without him.

Until months of cautious practise soon proved her wrong
seeing oceans in unfamiliar eyes didn’t sting anymore
And the fear of letting someone new in slowly subsided with every secret infatuation
The apprehension of the in-between never tasted so sweet

We fall in love with melodies, allow touches to linger on our bodies or construct imaginary fantasies with strangers who pass gently through our timelines
There are chemical concoctions responsible for the pounding in my chest
I have fought with my favourites and which parts I think I like best
But you’re doing pretty well at keeping first place as far as my fondness is concerned.

Although knowing things for definite is where my weaknesses lie
I can say for certain that I am a person who feels many things very deeply
And although it causes confusion and problems and pain,
it’s something I would never change about myself
I think, feeling everything is better than not feeling anything at all
I can say that the word “love” is something that carved its initials into my own a long time ago

It’s always been the one word that never stopped feeling warm, soft, and safe

It’s something I have always seen myself falling into
and curling up inside
while never being afraid to close my eyes

I know it will still be there when I open them.
written transcript for my spoken word poem accompanying a short film I made
Skye Marshmallow Sep 2017
Standing there,
Light bouncing gracefully,
Off your auburn hair,
You are more than I could ever imagine,
You might be when we first met,
But now you're here,
And I let you have all my secrets without a thought

You are never far, always near
In case I ever (always) need you,
You don't tell me you love me,
And nor do I to you,
Simply because we don't need words to see it

We fight for each other,
Defend till the very last breath,
And cover the charcoal tracks,
Of acts maybe we shouldn't of commit,
We gift each other with smiles and laughter,
And acts of care not visible to the passerby,
But that can be seen bright and colourful in our eyes

We share endless calls sitting on bedroom floors,
Scattered with reminders of each others presence,
Lent books, borrowed clothes and past birthday presents,
All coloured in by you

You're not a loud bang of care,
But a quiet friend who is always there,
Whether I need you deperately or not,
So don't think you'll ever be forgot,
By those who paint in gold,
And who's love is told,
Because though they are magical,
And light up unknown fires inside of me,
You will always be the glowing orange,
And even in the background,
I'll still hear you just as loud.
An ode to the old friends...
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