Mired in history, coiled around by cheap reflections
On previous ramshackle glory,
Roman armies camped in valleys,
Swords trickling with blood from the battle
On the heath. Bodies covering the bracken
Like a foreshortened locust swarm, wingless

Over the town. The triumphant Italians had there
On the high ground, above the sinuous Col,
Built temples
And baths. Marble hauled in from Sicilian quarries,
Loaded on to Carthaginian ships by fierce North African slaves-
Themselves beaten warriors.
They were in the town when the tribes struck,
Dying in chains.

Before their own savage deaths, they slaughtered
Others, cut them into ragged pieces, decapitated, raped,
Choralling songs of victory, leaving none alive.
That day, the dun hills smelt better!
They torched the temples and wasted the proud theatre,
The slender apogee of culture.

Now the town slumbers in the present,
Burying its past under beautiful gardens, purple flowers and
Raffish gladioli peeking out from unobtrusive suburbs
Stinking of ancient corpses.

Mike Virgl Jun 9

Blasting through the night
At the scoundrels camp
Wine is used to fight
Rome's searching lamp

"Don't fear lift to song!"
"Standard Eagle's gone!"
"Men mighty and strong"
"Look to morning's dawn"

"For Rome trembles as a newborn fawn"
"Because my cock still rages on!"

IDK I love this in the series.

Queen of the Nile and yeah of course beauty
Her father left her a kingdom's duty
Little motherless daughter, everyone adored her
But her dull child brother bored her

She rocked her look, eyes and hair
A dream black as night and gorgeous in white
In her greatest despair
She made her way back to top right at Caesar's side

She'd delight his heart and never could a love be
As true as theirs, by the first sight
She gave him a son, a King at three
He'd rule the whole world, she made it her plight

But soon her man left her and his fate was sealed
And her love was doomed, this couldn't be real
A betrayed woman's heart in a young girl's body
A graceful Queen, ready to go down in history

He took her soul when he went away
Still so proud to have been his wife
Her heart turned to stone on the day
She was too late for the love of her life

Anthony took his place not only in Rome
But in the loyal Queen's heart he should also find home
Deeply in love and maybe too blind
To see the signs, don't lose your mind

Together they rose to fall even lower
Blood dripping in the waters like a deathly shower
He chose love over war, swallowed his pride
The battle was lost and he died at her side

A life filled with love but now all alone
The faithful wise Queen sensed her end was to come
She would slip out of her enemy's hand
With the bite of a snake to take her to her lovers' land

Cleopatra, my inspiration. This book about her life saved mine
Vexren4000 Mar 9

The pitfalls and pendulums,
Humans saying that indulging their cruelty
Persecuting the heretics, was the will of
The one true god.
Was gods will, truly present?
During these times of cruelty and persecution.
Towards those who committed no less a crime,
than worshiping the god or gods of their region of the world.
As inquisitors raped and pillaged the land in the name of god.
As they torched and burned through the villages,
Screaming burn the heretics, the whole way through.
It seems humanity even in this day and age,
Still, can persecute under false gods names.
From the modern societies of man
to third world places locked away.
Humanity still,
Kills in gods names.


When you said,
You own me,
All I thought,
As I looked away,

When you said,
You don't deserve me,
All I thought,
As I overlooked my pain,

When you said,
That I wish it was me instead of her,
All I thought,
As tears brimmed my eyes at the thought,

All I think about is you and it is becoming a sickness I crave.

Judas a traitor,
his deception expected,
say Hebrews talking,
as power awakened
the Roman beast.

Given a choice
torture or scapegoat?
Nailed on cross,
Power and Love!
Resolve to death...
...a hero Revelation.

Two doth battle,
beast and hero,
tear apart Israel!
Aroar and Aghast!
False king falling...
...imprisoned in pit.

The hero myth plot of the Holy Bible retold over and over again in human history as each successive generation attempts to fulfill it. Nimrod was the first human King. Jesus was next. Hitler was the first warrior-Messiah. Expect the next one in two thousand one hundred sixty AD or thereabouts. The messiahs tract human understanding of precession of the equinoxes. Aroar and Aghast are the two weapons of god; the maces. One a cross and the other a staff; staff of the Shepherd.

It is harder than you think,
To walk the halls,
And hear people talk about,
That one person.

It is harder than you think,
To make eye contact in the halls,
With your rapist,
Who thought he had the right..

Sorry, for being morose. I needed to clear my mind.
BE Twain Sep 2016

the “thundering legion”
nether regions
lightning lesions
an ace up the sleeve
for Marcus Aurelius
an ace up the sleeve
for those on the omnibus

And blood stained Franco flowers,

Treachery ruled that day,

Left with a mourning Caesar,

Germans lost their Nerve,

When Caesar wept for Cotta…

Historical prose
serpentinium May 2016

why was rome
built on bones?
hundreds of dead
caught by arrows or
blind cuts of steel
crowd the rivers,
the roads, the very
air and it is so so hard
to breathe–
every corner is a reminder
of public executions, outdoor
gallows, diving into shallow seas,
exsanguination in the roads till
red rivulets made new paths in
tempered cobblestone;
caesar was not the first man to
bring about pax cum bellum
to train armies to battle their own
hearts and find nothing there at all–
caesar falls,
rei republica falls,
rome falls
the dead do not become lazarus

i listened to an audiobook detailing julius caesar's life
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