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city of flips Jun 25
turned twenty one,
which means that things illegal in Texas now
are really bad ones, no innocence defense available,
all the adult sinful pleasures mine all mine

and the men look at me more carefully

oh they still card me to be sure,
but what
they want really is just
my name and address

when not wearing my cutoffs,
surprisingly lean toward flouncy dresses
pretty angelic ***** interesting,
men so dumb,
they rather imagine what’s inside using a road map
they imagine, than convent convenient signs  
of a nice tight short skirt that reveals
all and suggests nothing

you may recall that shy cowboy,^
feet shuffling, getting himself in trouble,
blushing loudly, when his pretense smooth goes awry,
it’s over a year and he’ll be picking me up,
with a peck and a hey darlin’
and calling me by my pet name,
Velvet Hammer Ale,
ale, the copper color of my hair,
velvet, my love for him,
a hammer for fools and my tough as nails, stout insides

yup turned twenty one
Watching Helen's pictures on my wall stare long enough they almost seem to come alive but I know It's
But It's a comfort just to think It true allowing my Imagination to run away with me brief
escape from
Our wedding photos on the my wall taken nearly twenty years ago but only seems like yesterday since we said our wedding
Toast Ghost May 20


There both dead.
siht dear t'noD .evol laer dnif reven lliw ohw gnihton ytpme sseltraeh a m'I ?traeh tahW .nekorb traeh ym dah reven I
Johnny walker Apr 29
I wish I could say I've
lived a full life but that would be a lie I never
had a childhood because
of abuse at the hands
of my
so all my days as a kid were extremely unhappy spent most of the days living In fear from my mother I was forty-three years old when I
Helen and then to find what life was all about
the twenty years I had with Helen before she passed on I consider the only years that I
all those years that went before Helen count for nothing I'm sixty-six years old I've lived twenty out of sixty-six years that Is a short
Living before Helen or after Helen Is just an existence of basic survival instincts built In to us all
to survive no matter
happens In life It's not really life how can It be anything other than that
when such big part of you has gone with the loved who has
When you lose a loved one as I did with Helen the only way I survive Is on basic survival Instinct that built Into us all
Johnny walker Apr 27
I remember so well
when I first held my sweetheart Helen In
arms having walked a
very long road
all life troubles a feeling
of finally I'd arrived
at the place, I had been travelling  towards
all my
On a  tough roller-
coaster ride through
up and down of life
times I never thought
I'd make It but I did
and  found
sweetheart Helen and
fell In love with her we
went to marry but sadly ended after twenty
years when my sweetheart
I had walked a very long road through life to get to where I was heading to my sweetheart
Been fighting my whole life just survive the everyday troubles In this  life that we live nothing but lonely and sadness to
I couldn't visualise any future lying ahead at least I couldn't see one that Is to at least what I believed till the day I met
The day my whole world turned around for the better Helen came Into my life and I never looked back she gave me the love I
had never
She breathed the very life back Into my what seemed like a lifeless body that had died she bought me back to
life with love and
I had never ever experienced but Helen knew how to love Incredible passion kisses so sweet but would take your breath away and left gasping for
The time we had that of twenty years as If we'd known each other all our lives a love you don't find every day true love that never
Twenty years together never apart true love dedication to each other an undying love
Ritz Writes Mar 5
March is here it reminds me of
the colorful flowers owned by grandma
Tendered with care
Hark the chirping birds sing, music fill the air.
Season of spring and fling
Busy street, void of any danger
Met a stranger, shared a seat.
Still in touch,
small talks nothing to say much.

The journey and excitement
Of bygone days spend with a lover
They say,
Twenty was the time to explore.
Turning points and joints,
Each episodes connected through dots
Lesson and reason it taught.
March is here and all the nostalgic memories still evoke.

Will we ever be young again?
Season of Spring and Fling.
Johnny walker Feb 23
If I was asked what regrets
I had In life at the end of my days I would be hard pressed to find
For I would certainly have look  back to a time before meeting Helen but even then If there were
I wouldn't be able to change any of them even
If I could because In doing so I would change
And then I probably never would have met Helen so
for this the reason, I say I have no
I have no regret In life I had twenty good years with Helen
Johnny walker Feb 11
Sat here drinking coffee just passing the time of day for I live from day to day now for alone there's no need to make any plans
And there's no place I need to be for no longer dose my wife call my name I miss
so much hearing her
It a year that has passed since she departed from life oh God how I miss her so each and every
For she was my world and all that was In It to all I needed In life for.when I first met my sweetheart It was she who gave me a life
Before we met I was a loner had never been loved In my life but my wife to be saw something In me that no others could see
And I never looked back In the twenty years she was my sweetheart all that
time spent
But life was cruel when It took her far to early In life and stole from me all I had In life that of my beautiful
I miss so much hearing her voice twenty years Is a long time together but she was stolen from me to early In life
All my life to date the most used word would be sorry
I didn't make more of my youth to much wasted on
things of very little Importance

Sorry I didn't make more of school days Instead of being the classroom clown to have gained a much higher standard of education

Sorry I didn't make more of my working life to have ensured a much better retirement where wouldn't
have to struggle to make ends meet

Sorry I never got the chance to say a proper farewell to my wife as she departed from life when she had given so much of her life to me

Said sorry as I laid flowers on her grave asked her forgiveness for leaving her there In the cold ground  when I'd never left her side In twenty
Sorry would be my most used word sorry I left Helen  In the cold ground after twenty years of never being apart
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