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Man Apr 12
what is it to be 40
twice the man, you were at twenty?
four times the man, you were at ten?
is it being wiser
and having your means meet the end?
finances sured up?
with no need, for to be the miser
a divorce or some
perhaps a strong marriage
polyamorous loves
to your heart's desire
addictions? vices? troubles stifling?
death breathing down your neck
to the thumping of your heartbeat
beads of sweat, gather
and run off your chest
like your shoes on the concrete
you are dying
even while you're living
and you know one day
it'll be your last
cause we only get so long
and time goes fast
a baby is born
the next afternoon
an old man is buried
tomorrow could never come
would you ever know it?
Tabbitha Erceg Sep 2020
At twenty years old
I feel like I have lived more lives
Then anyone should ever be permitted too.
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Social distance is the best,
Waving hands and, not shaking
You can touch your, lovely heart
Keep a distance, of 6 feet
Social distance is the best

To keep safe your, inner side
Dust mask is the, best to use
If you need to, touch a thing
Gloves are the best, as tactic
Social distance is the best

If you are with, the hands naked
Tissue paper, you should use
Give up all type, wandering
Social distance is the best

If you are in, dire need of
Cooking, washing, or cleaning
Be determined, with full care
Social distance is the best

Go to market, for a while
On fix hours as decided
Your getup should, as guided
Mask n glasses, hands in gloves
Social distance is the best

Come in hurry to, clean yourself
Twenty seconds, wash your hands
Destroy all things, which you can
Social distance is the best

If shows these lights, your character
It will be a great honour
I will salute to, you man
I will with you, as a fan
Dr Zik's Poetry
sunshine Mar 2020

I've spent
7,574 days
on this Earth
but it only
took me
1 day
to know
you were
the one

and I just
want to spend
eternity with you

Nat Lipstadt Mar 2020
ten thousand shall sunrise arise
with confidence and no surmise,
their only skill, a declaration made

I am poet, my eyes see and my tongues
unravel what overlaps, overloads, what
connects us, our sinews are tongue tied

the heated transfer of our gut alpha juices
in ways invisible but fully sensory sends
impulse ******* scouring clashing galaxies

we are a war of worlds, a war of words,
a war of class, gender, crossing boundaries,
creating new ones at our intermittent tangentials

I slip and fall, my face deep punctured, leaking
notions that cannot be stemmed or reacquainted,
alas, alas I-am now poet halved, the clock will soon

leap forwards, words anoint my unhealed scar,
longer for daylight tries to save my taste of immortality
but the year twenty twenty is for the younger poets

their simplicity fancies itself as creatively bold,
but this poet in his declining times of old
knows only my reputation is the being being shortened

their succinct pierces nothing, but egotistical ism
by dawning early light, weep copious for us both,
my holed face gushes what they don’t want to know

poems constructed and constrained by words near expiration,
use or lose the mind muse unkindly warns, the never of now,
by sunrise, ten thousand new and one old poets will meet their expiry date

one old one, be mortality lessened, lesser, used up by the dated date

march 6, twenty twenty
Cedric Feb 2020
Oh sweet days of youth,
I yearn for you still.
My childhood memories,
They weren't very real.

As a young adult,
I am still a child.
Immature as can be,
I stride with no care.

No, I am not mature.
I just thought differently.
I can be called weird,
Starting from twenty.
Happy birthday to me, I am now twenty. Yearning for youth and filled with envy, I start to say goodbye to my own alibi. My mind is a conundrum under the guise of my birth name.
Riany Feb 2020
is kind of the day;
to finally convey
that I am turning twenty.

Today is kind of the day;
to boldly say
that I’m gonna stop being a cry little baby,
by start waking up early
or alleviate a constant-state of being lazy?

In your twenty,
you gotta learn to grind harder with yourself to earn money;
evolving as an endless seeker for stability - relentlessly
or is that just for the sake of security?

People opinion just sometimes makes you undeniably dizzy
worse even when you start questioning your overall quality;
Good news is I have no time for self-pity
Learn to know your worth and value authenticity.
though surrounded by mindless cruelty;
like-minded even society, monochromatic-cycle of liberty.
When it’s okay to embrace vulnerability,
especially when you get hit by inner-voice full of insecurity.


Your twenty is not supposed to be easy
But indeed, your twenty
is ought to be your life-time journey,
we live a life in an infinite level of possibility
that’s why I have a strong need for self-discovery
Because it is me and only me, have total control against my life story
colette alexia Jan 2020
I turned twenty three days ago.
My God how did I get this old.
The first decade brought stability.
I learned who God was and what it was to be family,
But the last ten years brought me more adventure than anything.
I learned the lesson of seasons,
To be stable in solitude,
But to love the people in front of you.
I had big dreams
And let them go for bigger ones.
I learned living in the face of fear
Is not something you can outrun.
I learned an appreciation for home.
I learned to process life with the power of song
And the dangers that come if I don't write for too long.
I walked with a mother bringing her son into this world.
I saw a man die by the side of the road.
I stretched the walls of my tent a length that seemed absurd
And watched as God filled it, true to his word.
I learned that my mind is not what orders my life, but my soul,
In the hands of the Almighty God,
And my mind is the tool.
I learned that broken people come and they go.
They won't always be there when you think that they will
And there are times they surprise you more than you thought possible
And it's the glimpses of light in the dark that make it worth it all.
In the decade to come I am praying for more.
It's hard to pray for specifics,
Only You know the coming circumstances,
But what I do know is this:
I want to learn to trust myself
I want to I want to worship You on a whole new level
I want to fall in love with a man who surpasses
All I could hope for, ask, or imagine
And follow Your lead wherever You'll have us
Maybe meet our first son, or will it be a daughter?
Lord I give you my heart,
Where you lead I will follow.
I lay my life at your feet
Have your way with all of my dreams
I find courage on the path you signpost with meaning
That there is more to my life than just what I see
And in this I find hope
As I sit all alone
That the dreams that I dream
I don't dream on my own
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