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Ceyhun Mahi Aug 25
I thought that daydreaming
Was  allowed always,
That  no age  could
Stop you  from  doing  so,
Far  away,  to lands
With a precious gaze,
Who no one  other  than  yourself
Would know.

There would be  many
Pastel  meadows there,
And  storylines
Of  characters unknown,
Some  ****,  tragical  or  only  fair,
Who still  all  have  to be
To people  shown.

But  no, it's hard  to think it is allowed; I  should be  serious,
Only  think of the  things
Who're  near,
And  not  be  like  a  cloud,
Always  o­n well-known  earth  –
Not  up above.

Now  I  am  in my
Twenties and reflect,
If  I  should embrace  this,
Or  only  neglect.
This poem is actually a rhyming, iambic and Shakespearean sonnet but I made it look like free verse :p
Eva Aug 11
Impermanence is tattooed on me

Saturday still tastes like tequila and

all the slow lazy kisses blur between boys

that won’t matter in five years anyway

Half a person and still a girl,

Everyday I think

I’m too young to be this age
Leigh Marie Jan 31
I’ve been learning what I deserve
Who I deserve
What makes me happy
Who makes me happy
Still sprinkled with self destruction
And holding onto fond memories
I’ve got a ways to go
But my how far I’ve come
Isaac Aug 2018
in only three
days I will be
pushed out of
the category
of being super young
my twenties have begun
I secretly hope
that I won't lose the fun
of life and living
getting and giving
dancing to the tunes
my heart is singing
dreaming dreams
scheming schemes
excitedly studying
captivating themes
hoping big hopes
crossing thin ropes
and climbing over
giant big slopes
as the next lot
of years slot
their way into me
I hope I will not
lose my inner child
by becoming mild
may my heart forever
burn free and wild
Written 17 August 2018
Kyle Dal Santo Oct 2017
I'm not ready for this.
My twenties came and went like a cheap hotel match.
A flash of light, a few strange smells, then nothing.
So much of it was an excuse to do something stupid.
A selfish write off.
A long string of bad decisions, childish mistakes, laughable investments.
I mean, it's not that I regret all of it, a lot of it was devilishly fun.
Sift through the bad memories and there is some epic anecdotes,
some glorious moments of danger and excitement.
Some legendary nights of crazed stupidity.
But I was too short sighted, at times almost too reckless.
I wish I wasn't turning thirty...
It's okay to be stupid in your twenties.
If anyone asks, you say "What? It's my twenties."
They're suppose to be a trial and error era.
But did I take it too far?
And what of the **** that was out of my hands?
All that wasn't my fault, all that was done to me.
My time got taxed for that too, huh?
I mean, I get my mistakes, but theirs too?
******* clock, just slow down for a second or two!
I'm not ready for this!
This isn't ******* fair.
Why am I being punished for living?
How was I to know life would fly this fast?
How is this my fault?
In thirty minutes I'll be thirty.
The thought makes me nauseous.
Where has my life gone?
I swore I'd have things figured out by now.
What did I do wrong?
Did I really **** up that bad in a past life?
Did my parents pick the wrong god for me?!
How many nights did I stay in and do nothing?
How many nights did I waste with the wrong friends?
The wrong girl?
How many nights did I waste playing video games?
Drinking by myself?
What have I done? So much wasted!!!
God help me, twenty minutes left of my sanity.
I'm clawing at the walls.
This is the worst.
I can feel my hair falling out.
My eyes are fading.
My back is giving way.
Now I'm gonna have to act like an adult.
Oh God please, not that.
I'm not ready!!
What if I stop drinking, start taking care of myself?
Can I have a few more twenties years?
I'll sell my soul for a few more twenties years...
Oh *******, now you don't answer?!
***** you, Satan
Maybe I'll just lie to everyone,
tell everyone I'm twenty nine forever?
Okay fine, bad idea.
But can I just have one more year, please?
I mean, should I really care?
My last few twenties birthdays were absolutely terrible
to say the least.
This past week was even worse.
Like an overture of everything that made my twenties ****.
I suppose that's my fault too!
So maybe its a good thing they're over!
Yeah! **** my twenties, they ****** anyways!
My thirties have to be better, right?
I don't wanna be thirty! I'm not ready!
Should I just **** myself now?
Stop clock, please.
Just stop.
******* Father Time, you relentless serial killer!
No, I can't even, I just can't!
I don't want another birthday ever again!
No more birthdays, please!
Kyle D.
Sal A Jul 2017
I receive an average of 1 text per day.
It's usually a bill payment reminder.
I have no friends.
No, literally, none at all.

I'm on 3 dating websites,
sending 50 messages a day.
Zero replies.

I'm fit. Gym 7 days a week.
Well-groomed and clothed.
I've been called handsome.
None of that matters.

I can explain a
thermodynamic chemical equation to you.
And it'd still be easier than for me
to land a date.

I'm going to settle for a woman when I'm 40.
She'll be in her 30s, desperate to conceive.
We'll have some children but no interest in each other.
And that'll be the end of my romantic life.
Wyatt Jun 2017
Our youth was our best chance
to make it big and set out
on adventures that last
the rest of our lives.
I missed the train, overslept
and now life's alarm screams
in my ears, reminding me
that I'm in over my head.
I should have stayed in bed.

This news that my adulthood begins with no allies
or a single plan
didn't meet me well.
I'm hiding out now
trying to slip my way
out of this one.
I'll think about it,
the blur that was our youth
when I've withered in my old age.
I should have done more,
now I can't do anything.
I'll write a thousand more
depressing pieces that prove
I still haven't gotten over it
and I still have not even
the slightest clue what to do
at the end of a blur we called youth.
DblNickel May 2017
2 adults strong,
2 little girls silly,
My family adds up to 4,
Reading all day,
Pictures I take,
New adventures galore.
Wrote this in 2014. Only three years ago but feels much further.
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