The night's again on youthful minds,
As sunlight is upon the day,
Joining around with different kinds,
Making the world go round and play.
They revel much at sprightly nights,
With golden cups in silver hands,
Dancing as dazzling diamonds bright,
With tongues who no one understands.
Free is the joy who is held there,
As swirling leaves do fall on grounds,
Without a woe, without a care,
Yet they do make a lot of sounds.
  After night, when at last awake,
  They're welcomed by the one: headache.

Not much have I narrated this story,
Who's about glee and about worry.

I became quiet after seeing her,
This bluesy woe; o soul, this does vary.

We are the nightingales of this garden,
We are the poets, wielding poetry.

This crafted work is veiling prejudice,
I don't see the hands crafting embroidery.

Sometimes a love, sometimes a description,
Mâhî's drawing a gleamy gallery.

Insanlarda bir adetdir tebessüm,
Dar zamanlarda kuvvetdir tebessüm.

Yakut dudaklar ile akşam üstü,
Şüpheli yerde rüşvetdir tebessüm.

Taze taze bahar zamanlarda ki,
Sevenlere işaretdir tebessüm.

Dediler ki hep; bir dilsiz dil vardır,
O dilsiz dilde evetdir tebessüm.

Tanıdıklara ve yabancılara,
Ey Mâhî deme: "zahmetdir tebessüm".

Composing gazels/ghazals in Turkish appeals a lot to me because you can put the words in almost any order you like (which comes in handy when using a redif/redeef) and the many words that rhyme with each other. Here is a translation:

Smiling is a tradition for people,
Smiling is a strength at hard times.

When it's night, at a suspicious place,
With ruby-lips, smiling is a bribe.

At the fresh times of spring,
Smiling is for the lovers a sign.

They said, there is a language without words,
Smiling means ''yes'' in that languages without words.

To the known and the strangers,
Don't say ''smiling is a hard thing to do'' o Mâhî.

A gleamy shell of the ocean,
She is at day and the night.

Tip: you can guess the answer (a name in this case) by listening to certain words combined when pronounced together. I would really appreciate answers!
Ceyhun Mâhî Jul 15

Late I hear the sound of rain,
While having a thought in mind,
About the olden moments,
Who with charms look nice and kind.

Ceyhun Mâhî Jul 11

Lit-cities are with lit-nights decorated,
And lit-nights are with lit-brights decorated.

Monster movies making a rampaging mess,
Full and filled with power and fights decorated.

Pretty memory lane is up my alley,
Nicely with bright neon-lights decorated.

The rosy pictures who're posted online are
With eyes, with glows and delights decorated.

The glittering billows of dusty smoke spreads
The haze, and are with sprites decorated.

Back again with gazels/ghazals. I really do love this form.
Ceyhun Mâhî Jul 11

O bilmeden gönül alır gece gündüz,
O hep güzel zülüf saçar gece gündüz,
Yavaş yavaş ki aniden beni rastlar,
Ve hep yavaş yavaş kaçar gece gündüz.

A Turkish poem written in Ottoman poetic meter (based on the Perso-Arabic meters). Mefâilün / Mefâilün / Feilâtün.

English translation:

Without knowing she alures souls/hearts day and night,
She strews around a beautiful tress day and night.
Really slow did she encounter me suddenly,
And really slow did she run away, day and night.
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