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To praise someone, comparing them to moons,
I cannot find, 'cause few are pure from within,
But oh, I don't mean free from any sin;
Those who utter unheard, mystical tunes.

I want a friend like Shams, around the noons
Of a thousand reveries, where I've been
Since the beginning all alone – my twin
Of the soul! where are you when the night croons?

You are somewhere, somewhere between the fake
And real, the existing and non-existing,
The night and day, the veiled and the exposed.

In short, you are asleep, and I awake,
And when I sleep, you are awake. I sing
And wait, and wait, while not composed.
This sonnet was inspired by the friendship of Rumi and Shams. I could not resist playing upon the name of Shams, which means 'sun' in Arabic. :)
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 19
Brevity, a long word yet it's passing meaning's
A sigh like beauty itself, how saddening,
Like the song who the small nightingale sings,
So neutral, knowing not what is happening.
Ceyhun Mahi Feb 3
A beach – a sea – a breeze – a night,
My mind — my heart – feelings – and mood,
Lit up by golden lamppost light,
Alone, while I do hope and brood.
My hope's from beauty, and from
Darkness is all the brooding, here
Making me both alive and numb,
Between a joy, between some fear.
But oh, the wave did hit my feet!
A coldness embraces my skin,
(My socks all wet), it did retreat,
Back to the sea – where have I been?
    Both hope and brooding vibes did leave,
    To be mindful, I now achieve.
  Jan 11 Ceyhun Mahi
Find a Poet Not a poser, not a "it's just a hobby" poet. Find one who mumbles lines as they scramble for a pen at breakfast; who shakes their head randomly when their thoughts aren't rhyming properly;  who has notebooks stashed around the house that you must never touch.
2. Listen Savor the spoken words, for those are harder to express. Keep in mind that they can't be edited and re-written, and be forgiving when a mistake is made.
3. Read The body speaks as loudly as words on a page do. When their eyes are closed or focused on the ceiling and the fingers are tapping out syllables, recognize the unique process. Respect the need for quiet, because if you look closely, you can read the poem on their face before they write it on the page.
4. Write Write your story together. Grab hold of the pen and hang on as you move across the page of life. Sometimes you will dance across, others you will be dragged. You may have to cross out a word, or a line, or a page, but don't give up. Discouragement is a poet's biggest enemy, inarticulateness their biggest fear. So end each day with a semi-colon, because the story will never end the way you think it will, and there must be room for more. There is always room for more, more words, more laughter, more tears, more love,
When you love a poet.
Ceyhun Mahi Jan 10
The reason why the luminous moon glows,
Is because of kisses who the sun blows.

An ecstatic joy is like a sweet breeze:
Suddenly it comes and suddenly goes.

When you have nothing to tell a stranger,
Mention stars; of their beauty each eye knows.

O ignorant one! You do much good deeds,
A cure on sad hearts your sweet smile bestows.

While the enemy shoots at his brothers,
Poor Mâhî seems to adore their arrows.
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
O Pen, write it all down before it leaves,
It's rude not to save what the heart receives.
Ceyhun Mahi Dec 2018
I gave you petals as presents,
But you just saw a broken rose.
I didn't knew that a cold distance
Was to you so near and close.
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