''O streets of shining Tokyo, at night
You do become a lovely masquerade,
In different kinds of shades covered in light,
Until the times comes when the colors fade
Away into the magnificent dawn,
Who smears the sleep upon the nightly eyes,
And fills the lips and mouths with a deep yawn,
Calling the sun, its golden rays and rise.
You blow to me melancholy who is
Away from happiness, between a sorrow,
Like an inevitable parting kiss,
Who's filled with lovely love and woeful woe.
  Because to you I cannot turn my face
  Away, I keep on walking on your ways.''

I have this idea for a love story in Tokyo. I am still wondering if I should write it in verse or prose.

O wind, take this leaf and bring it to her,
See the lovely rhymes and sing it to her.

Ceyhun Mâhî Nov 2017

The places are adorned with light,
The shops, cafes and more so bright,
While she's dressed up in pink and white,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

After the chilly times of noon,
Up in the sky there shines the moon,
With clouds of dust who stars have strewn,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

While walking in the chilly air,
The wind fondles her hazel hair,
Who makes her looks so fly and fair,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

Delights and fun lie in this mall,
From sweets to smiles, you'll find them all,
In tones of smooth and soft pastel,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

Where should I be after my days,
Other than walking in this place,
Accompanied by this sweet face?
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

Ceyhun Mâhî Oct 2017

The roses bloom upon the grounds of spring,
So fresh and fair they glow as fragrant faces,
So nice and neatly, never giving up
The hope who's fueled by the rays of the sun.

The beams are bright like a beautiful brow,
They did wait after rains upon the day,
Where clouds would leave the lovely sun alone,
And conquer then with little might again.

Playing around with sounds! Though it's not spring, I still wanted to express my love for it.
Ceyhun Mâhî Oct 2017

At last, a glow upon her face! It shined
More brightly than at other times I viewed
That rosy figure with that dreaming mind,
Now it is at last with happiness hued.
A rose across her hair did hold a show,
Of rosy stories, bright and nice of style,
Who's presenting the eyes glamour and glow,
All hidden in a lovely, modest smile.
So, I can feel an emotion so real,
Who's through her eyes revealing the whole thing:
The pleasure who's behind the coldness, she'll
With dispirited vibes and glances bring.
  I did not know that glee could be concealed,
  And thought that it only was through smiles revealed.

Dreamy and lovely reflections framed in iambic pentameter and rhymes.
Ceyhun Mâhî Oct 2017

The breezing tresses are flowing,
Ruffled by the city air who's blowing.

The roses are abloom upon her cheek,
At times of twilight, her face is glowing.

Thank you very much my friends,
At day or night, a beauty you are showing.

If you ask where the roses are at this place,
(In the city) I know where the roses are growing.

There is much pride in the art of poetry,
Gihon's a nightingale, he's not crowing.

Gihon is my pen-name.
Ceyhun Mâhî Oct 2017

Before my eyes I see a dreamy sight:
Her sleepy look does glaze over the days,
As olden vintage clothing of her sways,
Absent of strength, away from lively might.
Her autumn tresses hide her face who's bright,
Aglow surrounded by the daily rays
Who put her, except the rest, in a haze
Like a murky, filmy and misty night.

Who she might be, I do not know, alas,
She's distant from my sight, like she's to me,
But still this filmy tale I did narrate,
About a hazy mood, about a lass,
Who did inspire me. Now I hope she
Will find a bright, soothing, yet lively state.

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