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Nov 2016 · 567
Let Me Tell You
Let me tell you what I remember
hot stormy nights in my south land
running barefoot through the field
hearing mom call us out the back door
momma cooking fried chicken
drinking sweet ice tea..

Trying to be quiet not seen
with tears of desperation just staying alive
dreaming of kisses from the boy next door.
Listening to the beatles on my transistor radio
and Johnny Be Good and so many others
waiting for Daddy to come back from the war...

Trying to find clothes to fit me
from the clothes the church laid at our doorstep
being poor as a church mouse
eating grits for breakfast the third week in a row
finding my two little sisters in the cubbard eating dried jello
out of the box to fill their hungry souls....

Dreading going to my uncles, he was such a pervert
wishing my daddy would come home and beat his ***
believing no one would believe us, we hid our hurt and shame
crying to God or anyone that would listen
love was never very fitting in those days......

Growing up to be people with problems rising as tall as the celing
just wanting to hide and float away..
Christmas would come with nothing under the tree
or maybe a pair of socks and we would cry with joy
mom would make us a cake for one birthday
with money she made from the blood of her hands
with eight kids we looked like we were starving
so many of us had hollow looks as we could not stand...

Yes life came and it went.. some died and ran to find peace
it took a lifetime of wants to find the way at least
with millions of tears that fled down the hillside of time
we all take what we can get but finally learn to give
with little laughter in between...

Learned to live with butterflies and hearts
with little ones like us gives us a another start.
Life turns us around one day at a time
then one day you look in the mirror and cry'
what in the hell happend I use to be young
now I look like the northern sun
with wrinkles and weathered with time
hair so white, maybe just maybe I pray
it's the wrong time...

One day I will be gone from this world
God has promised a life with him
in gold and jewels of heavenly sent.
I have been blessed these many years.
but It sure will be nice to be in glory with Him..

Debbie..@ 2016
She hears the heavy tread of his shoes,
carrying the weight of his mighty
is her sad and trodden Solitary Man~

Hurt by life’s emotions
she has traveled so far
found love once -
with this Solitary man~

One more journey
to seek his vision
and love
she looks for her
Solitary man~

But she knows the answers
already given to her lonely heart
as she travels his roads
her heart looks for him
to return to her arms
her Solitary man~

it is only a matter of time
till her solitary man
finds his way
to her bleeding heart
crushed at the sight
of Her Lonely Solitary Man~

Is it to late?
the love that once has been
is now down a lonely path
trodden with tears
to her Soliatry Man~

Debbie Brooks.. @ October 27th 2016;campaign=share&utm;_medium=facebook;_campaign=share&utm;_medium=facebook
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
I Wish I Was Strong..
My skin is slowly dying, untouchable
Makes me eternal in my soul
My strength has fallen away~

I feel the darkness
The Sweetness, the lullabies
Dusk have it flirting with blackness
Time will tell~

All the trembling
The promises like my prayers
Needs the darkness
Need the whispers of the night~

I feel the darkness
In my soul, shed blindness to witness
Shared color of blackness
Just one more time~

Darkness lingers over my body
Through a flicker like a memory
Searing through the corner of my bones
Fears and joys and smiles, please just one more time~

Make me feel the light
Just one more time
then maybe I could be strong~**

Brooke Dylan @
this was inspired by a friend of mine .. his Poem **"My Strength is Gone"**
May 2016 · 1.2k
The Moan
The light of heaven is flooding the earth
the depths of divine love flows through each birth
let us connect within each others hearts
at the moment with two to choose from the arts~

There stood their souls among the falling
dawn sat before the sunrise forestalling
as the moans were the deepest as they arose
the hurt is vulnerable like a black rose
in the forest that came way down deep alone
was the moan~

Dew drops in the dawn weighs down the petals
darkness, lightening, flames, in the fire of metals
burns deeply in the consciousness and flames
the wrath and anger can be felt that blames,
can reign deep in your bones
as the Storm brings the unconscious so alone
as it moans~

May 2016 · 589
My Silver tongued darling
My Silver tongued darling
He approached me at the park in the dark
Sitting on a bench watching lovers
A smile and his eyes screamed at me
A sliver streak through his hair
I smiled as he sat next to me
His hand touched my knee
A silver ring on his little finger
We said not a word just a silent stare
Message received we walked away
My skirt fluttered in the breeze
Silver shoes upon my feet
My place close at hand
Inside the door a kiss that lasted all night long~

Always wanted to be a poetess
With a skip and a jump into
A silver tongue darling, that he is...
May 2016 · 933
I am,
Sorrow that weeps,
A little bit happiness that creeps
Remorse afloat, in my silk coat
Emptiness that appears, as silence leers
Fading a shadow, far below
Begging forgiveness, lots of emptiness~

I am
Cemented dreams, gone to extremes
Song of despair, not knowing I care
Tears grabbing, hands jabbing
Wisps of cries, light up in the sky~

I am
Eyes pleading, heart bleeding
Passion that is no more, trying to ignore
Breath held, trying to expel
Life is gone, not so brawn~

I am
Holding lifeless, so breathless
Sobs of redemption, seize upon preemption
Full fledged devastation, marks no exemption
Temptress aching, no remaking~

The Disillusion Is Me~

Debbie Brooks @ 2016
May 2016 · 902
Who Is The Perfect Man?
Who is the perfect man

All the links of dripping bonds
words of no hope is her missing man
fighting among life so cold
blindness would be a gift she was told~

Her deepest emotions, are links to hard to breath
all that is weathered askew that she needs
her mans heart beats with the moon
breathing one breath in last darkness noon~

How long does a woman weep
does it last from the past
screaming for a better life to live one more day
with nothing and no more strife
this typical surrender is often betrayed
that has bowed to divinity presence~

So you see, there once was this perfect man
he loved her from head to toe
took her in his mind,
and promised to never let go~

Their whirlwind romance traveled the worlds
tears and laughter were shed she was told
but beauty ruled the day~ and never went away
he made his humble way, with love and satisfied tears to stay~

Across continent and roaming in her heart of hearts
and pleased her every whim....kissed her eyes
cried when others tried to part their lives
but never and never did anyone hurt their love~

She wanted him for herself ... but knew that could never be
for their worlds extended bounteries ... that she could never know
to be in a safe mode, she withdrew into her soul
and fell into her mold ... that tore her apart she knew~

Anger did grow... she withdrew... hated herself
didn't know what to do~...maybe just maybe
she would love another one day~

Was he the perfect man?**

You Are The Music
Simply said, as she wove ahead
dancing lightly to his charms
kiss these lips one more time
just know you're a friend of mine~

Friends come and go
knowing you are my music
my hopes and dreams that seem to fade~

Wow what a picture of means,
with hands that have held time
lots of kisses followed thee
to the ends of earth and more~

Lines that tell a story
folds the soul oh so fine
life so hard but what a life
never to be but oh the glory~

I swam to the shallows every night.
Nothing but shadows and the deep moonlight.
I longed for you as I had before,
but in my heart I knew that you didn't love me anymore.
I waited and sang our favorite song,
wondering exactly where our friendship went wrong~

I missed the way you smiled at me and sent me little notes
till that day was turned around
our laughter was no more,
now all I have left is the memory of us
and a quick hello....

Debbie Brooks @ Septembr 1 2015
Jul 2015 · 537
Weep For The Boy...
You are ****** dry and left forgotten
beaten and hurt and oh so struggling
merely a reflection of yet another
so much hate torn and damaged....

Do we come here but for homage to sanctity?
hearts ripped but torn bleeding hands
licking at tortured air like so many others
like a gaping wound that are in our chest....

World.... weep those tears of pain
seeking worthlessness to beat the band
howl at the moon that tore at your throats
as a dying race can understand....

Pain is amplified, not sorted
when one falls, another rises
sequence of birth and death like so many
sorrow and pain overlap to the brink of heaven...

From these peaks and valleys
one bleeds
profound, inexplicable despair
in a explosion's unrequited dream...

Where do we lay our head to rest?
our existence in our ample chest
licking our gaping wounds
weep those tears.... for the blood that runs and burns...

Debbie Brooks @ July 31, 2015
Jul 2015 · 2.9k
Simply Wanting
Simply Wanting

Our need was evident
Simply wanting
a shared dream
lost in passions paradox
between the crevices of paragon
kisses so bent around the others dreamy night
lure of diamond light insight with the other
in a tortured love song our need
simply wanting the love of you..

Jul 2015 · 583
Lovers In The Mirror
Lovers in the Mirror
She does her best not to be bad'
wishes she could remember why
until he finds her in the mirror
that speaks to her mind...

Her body is aching
for the love in the mirror
two in one, lovers past by
two of a kind......

Just one kiss
and his famous embrace
that gets her started
this wondrous night...

The night has come that she has waited
to prepare for her lover in the mirror...

******* slowly, waiting for his touch
anticipation breaks the norm...

The music would be soft and low
never ending sound on the shore
as his hands finds her body and explores
as moans comes from passion...

When he held her and their lips met
a breathless longing for the other
tonight would be such a delight
with all those fleshly, raw sensations...

How they would kiss the other
Loving traces of their mark
Glowing all through the night
Waiting for the the others spark...

The mirror showed so much
her nakedness so raw
hearts crying for the other
she stood in the breeze
of the mirror for him to see...

She could not back down now
she waited so long for this
the mirror and her lover
her flesh could not settle just for his kiss...

Ah yes, the kisses were so frantic
that put their burning thoughts to a whirl
the passion from his hands did bring screams
put her willingly in deep sensations....

A portion of her lovers ******
demanding her attention
she should share it all the way
through the course, he must have her first
As he took her first gently
and then with a urgency of a beauty...

They are lovers in mirror her satisfaction a plus
he taunted and teased her passion
as she dreamed and moaned for more
for the love that was in the mirror....

Jul 2015 · 392
Lost In Fire
Passionate fire, you are to me
desire unfailing, is our love
seizing all the pleasures of paradise
our eyes measure the need of our treasure
with deeds of splendor that are of grace....

This I want for eternity lost in the fire with you~

This is handed to me from your eyes
that I seek every second, minute of the day
please dont turn away....

You call me Angel, love, baby and so much more
with a love of such fury that I adore
please, I command the last assault of the golden arrows
that will bring you to me on my golden shore....

Just a simple plea from me to you
as I sit here at breakfast dreaming too
from the begining of the day your brown eyes bleed
with hunger and knowing I am here for you, dont you see?

Jun 2015 · 737
What's a Prose Poem?
example prose poem:

The world looks lovely in the setting darkness of time and as I gaze into the mysterious depths of my soul, I ask, Oh Lord let me linger a little time more. Whatever may be, will be, whatever I search for will be, with God's help, even with broken hearts, lots of soul searching, and heavenly intervention what will be, will be. There will be much distance to grow, sometimes we have to be prune to bloom, to grow in life. Yes I am ready to be better, a better person in the eyes of the Lord, I know I have my faults and I know I am a work in progress, for the Light shines brightly and holds our hearts in His hands... In the meantime the hurricanes of our lifes will fly on by, swirl us around and land us in a marvelous wonderful place that holds our very happiness. You see there is no easy walk to freedom, no matter which way we turn, we must work for it and many of us will have to pass through the valley shadow of death, and might not come out alive. But we still hope and pray and work to strive to be a better person. In fact, when God's light shines let it shine on us... and then we will reach the mountain tops of our desires....
The prose poem is a type of poetry characterized by its lack of line breaks. Although the prose poem resembles a short piece of prose, its allegiance to poetry can be seen in the use of rhythms, figures of speech, rhyme, internal rhyme, assonance (repetition of similar vowel sounds), consonance (repetition of similar consonant sounds), and images. Early poetry (such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, both written by Homer approximately 2,800 years ago) lacked conventional line breaks for the simple fact that these works were not written down for hundreds of years, instead being passed along (and presumably embellished) in the oral tradition. However, once poetry began to be written down, poets began to consider line breaks as another important element to the art. With the exception of slight pauses and inherent rhyme schemes, it is very hard for a listener of poetry to tell where a line actually breaks.

The length of prose poems vary, but usually range from half of a page to three or four pages (those much longer are often considered experimental prose or poetic prose). Aloysius Bertrand, who first published Gaspard de la nuit in 1842, is considered by many scholars as the father of the prose poem as a deliberate form. Despite the recognition given to Bertrand, as well as Maurice de Guerin, who wrote around 1835, the first deliberate prose poems appeared in France during the 18th Century as writers turned to prose in reaction to the strict rules of versification by the Academy.

Although dozens of French writers experimented with the prose poem in the 1700s, it was not until Baudelaire's work appeared in 1855 that the prose poem gained wide recognition. However, it was Rimbaud's book of prose poetry Illuminations, published in 1886, that would stand as his greatest work, and among the best examples of the prose poem. Additional practitioners of the prose poem (or a close relative) include Edgar Allen Poe, Max Jacob, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Amy Lowell, Gertrude Stein, and T.S. Eliot. Among contemporary practitioners of the prose poem are: Russell Edson, Robert Bly, Charles Simic, and Rosmarie Waldrop.
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
Eyes Of Brown -- Sonnet
I lay in your arms my brown eyed man'
your gaze moulding mine like clay
seamless my breathe moves like sand
melting, in your arms I stay....

Helpless by your side I shall sway
breathless i look through velvet skies
selfless you stay by my side
Brown eyes, I know you tell no lies....

Lifeless now your brown eyes gaze above the stars
forever we are in heaven's arms that nest
cold and wet like the moon's scars
endless now your brown eyes are above the rest.....

My brown eyed man..

Jun 2015 · 1.7k
What is a Sonnet
Sonnet is love
sonnet is rhyme'
metaphorical pattern dove
so much sublime....

Popular with poets new
the Elizabethans too
their mistresses so few
used it to woo.....

John Donne, his life
catching the spirit of the Jacobean age
his need to express his love for his wife,
Anne, backstage......

Expression of religious passion
and simply reflections of death
The Victorians fashion
and so many more breath.....

Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
the Rossettis, so blue
and George Meredith were around
were so new.....

American poets noted
Longfellow, expounded
E. A. Robinson, devoted
Elinor Wylie, and Edna St. Vincent Millay, astounded....

Sonnets make us sing
makes us laugh
cry with saving grace brings
universal themes of love mon behalf.....

Keep writing those sonnets
all you wonderful and many more
poets, keep wearing your bonnets
that we all adore...*

How to Write a Sonnet
All sonnets have fourteen lines. What makes a sonnet a Shakespearean sonnet is that its fourteen lines rhyme like this:
Line 1 rhymes with line 3
Line 2 rhymes with line 4
Line 3 rhymes with line 1
Line 4 rhymes with line 2
Line 5 rhymes with line 7
Line 6 rhymes with line 8
Line 7 rhymes with line 5
Line 8 rhymes with line 6
Line 9 rhymes with line 11
Line 10 rhymes with line 12
Line 11 rhymes with line 9
Line 12 rhymes with line 10
Line 13 rhymes with line 14
Line 14 rhymes with line 13
Last, most sonnets have a volta, or a turning point. In a Shakespearean sonnet the volta usually begins at line 9.
An easy example of a turning point would be, lines 1-8 ask a question or series of questions and lines 9-14 answer the question or questions.
Our example sonnet would look like this:
he TURNED the FOURteenth GLASS and SAID, “beGIN.”
and I had FOURteen MINutes LEFT to LIVE;
and I had FOURteen UNrePENted SINS,
and FOURteen PEOple WHOM i WOULD forGIVE,
and FOURteen UNread BOOKS uPON my SHELF,
and FOURteen LOVES i KNEW i’d LOVED in VAIN,
and FOURteen DREAMS i’d KEPT withIN mySELF
(the FOURteen I’D most WANted TO exPLAIN.)
i FILLED my PEN with FOURteen DROPS of INK-
the FOURteenth glass had offered one delay;
and fourteen final grains retained the brink.
this SONnet FLOWED like FOURteen FInal BREATHS-
the FOURteenth LINE, t
Jun 2015 · 781
Raw Love
Raw Love.
One day I know, love like ours will grow
that one day will be real soon,
under that cheery moon~

Full Moon and me
Kisses the woman in me don't you see
In the moon where you rise
Dancing in the Velvet devise~

You will hold me and make it right
all the brokeness will fit together... and stick

Dream thoughts of you
In that magic wrought of thee
Heart aches searches behold
Enmeshed within you and me~

Echoes of emptiness was in my soul
Crying for your love in one more light
Windless moons more to come and control
The sight in the breeze of the moon bright nights~

Without you I will die
Like All is dead within the moon
I cry and cry within your site
Holding me within your might~

Kisses I will always remember
Touches I am told
Will be to much to behold
The moon so full of heartaches and so bold~

Love me, I beg once more
Let the moon shine so bright
And let the love be this night
Passion of love and moon delight
My darling, hold me with all your might
and make my pieces stick together
in our raw love and make it better.~

Jun 2015 · 493
Edgar Allan Poe
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Take This Kiss Upon THE Brow!
AND IN Parting From YOU NOW
Thus Much LET ME Avow-
YOU ARE NOT Wrong, WHO Dream
That MY Days Have Been A Dream
YET IF Hope HAS Flown Away
IN A Vision OR IN None
IS IT Therefore THE Less Gone?
IS BUT A Dream Within A Dream.

I Stand Amid THE Roar
OF A Surf Tormented Shore
AND I Hold Within MY Hand
Grains OF THE Golden Sand
HOW FEW! YET They Creep
Through MY Fingers TO THE Deep
While I Weep- While I Weep
O Goodness! CAN I NOT Grasp
Them With A Tighter Clasp
O Goodness! CAN I NOT Save
ONE From THE Pitiless Wave?
A Dream Within A Dream?

Written BY : Edgar Allan POE
Born January 19, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor Edgar Allan Poe's tales of mystery and horror initiated the modern detective story, and the atmosphere in his tales of horror is unrivaled in American fiction. His The Raven (1845) numbers among the best-known poems in national literature.
Jun 2015 · 546
You Called Me Today
I saw your name on my phone
I caught my breath and knew I longed
to hear your voice so near
although you are so far, I fear~

I close my eyes and hear your voice
"Are you there? My love, I just wanted to hear
I just want you, my love to be so near~

I have returned in the quiet soft gentle of life
hearing your underlined voice, I cry, I might
get on a plane, if I could, I would
where I would nestle contentedly in the orchid
of our love~

I will continue to write on, into the soft shadows of midnight
I will smile and wait for the day, our muses will write as light
as one~ in passion, desire, in our long lost echoes that need
where the sweet words will be stirred in the gentle breeze
in a world that our hearts will be skipped in our pages
of poetry ~that will close the doors to all except our passion~

"Hello" you said, "Hello, open your door let me in, I will be your
secret sin."

Jun 2015 · 1.4k
The Roving Poet's Pen
A poet's pen is a wonder to behold.....
it never sleeps..

It goes to bed hungry anxiously ready to wake up and write again.. ..
Wants only to make its thirst quenched when it never can
holds on to the tomorrows and cannot forget the past.
Writes with love and pain and sometimes hatred
to satisfy the hurt that life can cause AND LAST.....

Hold that Poet's pen
hold it to your heart
to sing its praises
that cannot take a flight
sings of many sorrows
never to see the light of day
buried in many hearts.....

The prisons of come what may
The roving poet
sings of yesterday
crying of tomorrows
which will never come
the Poet's pen never rests with tears to hold it on.......

Debbie Brooks
This is dedicated to all you awesome poets and poetess's .. our feelings are deep... Our joys and heartaches we wear on our sleeves.. but in the end we are poets and we love to write...
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
Poetry to me
Poetry to me is the expression of one’s own heartbeat.
Just as its rhythmic presence fluctuates or subsides at different intervals of our lives.
Poetry is universally recognized by all.
There is an immediate touch
Skulking somewhere in the deep
The voices echo
Through my head
The voices are foreign
I cant quite make out the sound
But you are here I know
Please kiss my love
I say to you
Kiss the thought I have so new
In the shadow of the dawn
There was the touch
That everyone looks toward
The light...

My twilight poetry

“If it is a miracle any sort of evidence will answer but if it is a fact than proof is necessary.” Mark Twain
Jun 2015 · 815
How Do I Cry?
Sitting here sitting alone
the loneliness grows long
you got a secret, and you left me
this night...

How do I cry?

My eyes still rove over my sicken heart
vanishing amide the wild scenery of life
the light was yet there
a constant sight grew in the background .....

Oh I want to cry.....

Shining dim, but constant in the rain
drips with a sounding bound
where the dry soul breath goes dry
follows by the dusky hill ....

Please let me cry....

It doesn't matter, the truth be told
my night was wretched, tried hiding
but the pain followed me wherever I sit
wetting me afresh on my skin.....

How do I cry?
I wrote this poem a year ago..
Jun 2015 · 625
Darkness begins as soon as you leave me
My soul rejects me because your not with me
But when I think of you my heart comes alive
Telling me how unigue you are with that angelic smile
And those lips that taste so sweet and feel so soft
If we both were ever alone together
I hope you would surrender all to me
We would make passionate and impulsive love
You have imprisoned my heart forever.


As Darkness followed my heart, tears held my soul
I felt a pull within your walls, making me want to be alive again
you brought the magic back in my life,
as you kissed me into the night
held me through all the pain, dried my tears,
and made me one with you
You became gold in my sweaty palms,
I felt you breath, and your manly smell
as the intense of your manly calls,
I am foolish mercenary in your fortress
rivaling the greed of a thousand thieves
yes my darling make me yours ...

© Deborah Brooks Langford, 2 months ago
thank you Collabration with Paul Brown
Collabration with Paul Brown
Jun 2015 · 405
We Were No More
Let me find my home
my anguish where I belong
that came from our own souls
the ones that we are ourselves
perhaps haven't found the words~

We cry for our pains
wishing to absorb it all
without memory for those
where life was fast and alone
the fear of looking back, scared and not belonging~

We thought we had forgotten
we thought our love had been long dead
deep in our memories, you can't haunt me anymore
I thought I was over you, till we looked in each others eyes
the other night~

We looked so serious that evening
tried not to smile, but the hurts had left us
yes, you were in our peaceful little world, then you cried
and I died, with the knowledge we would be no more, you said
yes, you said.... goodbye~

We were lovers, then we were no more~

Jun 2015 · 1.5k
She is Woman Alone!
She Is Woman
The bottomless abyss grows
As she craves the admiration and attention
of every sunrise of the soul
that shelters and protects her
love that grows~

It is about hope and healing
for the passion of life and dreams
all the adventures past and present
that connects to her very life and being~

She feels like she is brave as she stands alone
but fragile as life passes her by,
each word of smite, breaking her heart
oblivious to her surroundings that she doesnt belong~

As she hears the rustling of love,
her blood boils from thoughts in her head
as it rages through her body
her need starved to be fed ~

She is Woman alone!

re- edited ...
Jun 2015 · 489
New Man of Shadow
No One Knew His Name
The dead man lay silent, no one knew his name
but still he lay moaning
life oozing away, falling into nothingness
he was much farther out than they thought
life so easy to loose, so easy to be lost~
Poor man, always was lurking
always trying to have fun
but fun found a way, to take his life
for another day...

But it was cold so cold, and still he lay moaning
and she stood crying, silently fading into the background
into the darkness she must go, she didnt want to know~

Shadow man steals the night
nothing is safe from the disillusion and fright
fallen from grace, takes heart in hand
finally beats to a different band~

Time takes you to a different place
wide spectrum's once known for limitations of grace
if dusk would have it, then bleed some more
final days of New Man of Shadow forevermore~

Darkness takes what is left, tempting rays of broken sun
dawn would flirt of nocturnal things that bleed and burn
grievance with darkness blinds the light
solely spoken from each night~

Does the New Man emerge?
yet then, he
has been wept over before....

But No One Knew his name.....

Life moves all that I breathe. .
Threads of eternal life it would seem
Makes it seem it's time to die
But last night.
My heart fell for you
Overtaken by a storybook romance
A fairy tale love stole my heart,
I lay bare in the temple
With my heart on my sleeve
Each beat, wanting another
Your kisses blessed my hands so still
As I turn my eyes inward, I am saddened to see
You walking away...
Down corridors of heaven that bless thee,
Our burning passion that burns so deep
That once touched my soul
Deserts me..


This life, a piece of cloth
Stitched by each breath
Death is merely a pendulum’s sway
While life seems so far away
Last night...
The heart that you wore on the sleeve
Lies abandoned...loose
But that is just what gives life
A cause to take another step forward
To keep that heartbeat pulsating
A search for an anchor, a sail
Guiding the heart’s boat through storms,
The passion that once was...
Is weft and warp of the fabric
Called life..

Thank you Dee for a great,.... collaboration
May 2015 · 2.2k
Visions of True
My love true
my visions of you
walking on your lips
Lavender flowing all around
we were  lovers bound. ...

A red flower placed in my hand
by my sweet man
Blond hair that glows in the morning sun
Barefoot and a smile unfolds
As I envision you standing there. .....

Fingers trembling as I reached for you
the vision folded into the wind
Behind my blue eyes tears did form
Waiting for the storm to rush in
Waiting for my love. ....

May 2015 · 752
Always My Life
The curtain descended on the show
at last the cast took a bow

There you were reaching for the stars
my heart you took in you hands that night

You reached for my hand so new
took my life into yours I knew

You told me life was a song
you kissed my breeze all day long

You were my life and love in a sweet melody
we danced into the night

One last time has come as we gather round
all those unforgotten days so lost

Fond memories brought moments of sob'
hurting my heart never to be.... I knew it the moment
again after years of disappointment

Don't go I cry, my eyes gone dry
a hint of goodbye just one more time

This crying for my love my life
I didnt mind the whirl
one last time my love we gather here..

You are and have been my perfect love....

United in love.... .............
May 2015 · 902
Lovers in the Mirror
She does her best not to be bad'
wishes she could remember why
until he finds her in the mirror
that speaks to her mind...

Her body is aching
for the love in the mirror
two in one, lovers past by
two of a kind......

Just one kiss
and his famous embrace
that gets her started
this wondrous night...

The night has come that she has waited
to prepare for her lover in the mirror...

The music would be soft and low
never ending sound in the shore
as his hands finds her body
as moans comes from passion...

When he held her and their lips met
a breathless longing for the other
to night would be such a delight
with all those fleshly, raw sensations...

How they would kiss the earth
Loving traces of their mark
Glowing all through the night
Waiting for the sunlight’s spark

The mirror showed so much
hearts crying for the other
she stood in the breeze
of the mirror for him to see...

She could not back down now
she waited so long for this
the mirror and her lover
her flesh would settle for his kiss...

Ah yes, the kisses were so frantic
that put their burning thoughts to a whirl
the passion from his hands
put her willingly in deep sensations....

A potion of her lovers ******
demanding her attention
she should share it all the way
through the course, he must have it first...

They are lovers in mirror
he taunted and teased her passion
as she dreamed and moaned
for the love that was in the mirror...

one of my sensual poems.. ...
Walking Along The Vine
So many walk along the skinny vines
scared to look down among the rolling seas of want
are the lives of so many that created their dreams
that was buried inside this body of mine..*

with trepidation on this tightwire act
no safety net lies below
and where the heart goes the body follows
trusting kindred souls to catch us when we fall

We have this shelter above our heads
from auto pilot to cruise control we speed along
being stuck in the rat race from nine to five
exchanging time for money of a life that is dead...

surrounded by a violently swirling
and turbulent , tempestuous world
trying to find peace and dignity
in a passionless and brutal place
we have only ourselves to run this race

In all moments of silence come the breaking news
I let you see the authentic me, the release of my destiny
lifting me to higher vibration, is my poetic contemplation
In this very moment ,We are free....

free to be, or not to be
but freedom is relative
as all at this event horizon can plainly see
waiting to be drawn into the singularity
where all is one and one is we

The sweetness of your smile, your look of love covers me
it makes me walk a mile, and the more time we spend talking
the more I start to feel your warmth, our intimate moments
last all night, as I sleepwalk through your dreams....

as Morpheus guides us along that ethereal plane
drawn toward what we do not fathom
a glittering paradise, resplendent with the dew of tomorrow
journey, do we, hand in hand to the edge of then
and open to possibility

Deborah and Wolf
Thank you again Wolf spirit aka quinfinn.. you are an awesome wonderful poet.... you honor me by writing with me
May 2015 · 340
She Walked
Her heart is gone, So broken with time
As she said good bye, Leaving on a dime!
Words generating with Pressure
Building in  time, Of nothingness sublime!

From long ago, Tumult ‘every day
A life of chaos, building up and away
In the stillness of the night
With no end in Sight!

She was laying there, Crying, Feeling like dying
Hoping upon hope, This would be her last
Creaks and groans, Were heard
And she knew she wasn’t alone from the past...

Was that a voice calling her name or was it a lie?
Her heart trembling like a frightened bird!
Don’t be scared, fear only hears the overheard
Walking,  As she said  goodbye!
a woman frighten and running for her life. Need I say more...
You arrived suddenly in my tangerine bliss
with my heart clinched in your fist
you touched me... and the dance started
with a gape of spontaneous combustion
you swirled me around the dance floor
dancing cheek to cheek....

we skipped the light fandango
fox trotting and waltzing to the beat of tango
the big band broke into a swing
while the love light shone as a crystal disco ball
jitterbug jive and a reet beet
dance macabre and so light on our feet

You lead me by the hand bodies musing
all the while... you lead me out by my hand
and made way into the galaxy for our feet
as we danced like fine wine...becoming intoxicated
by its beauty~ you danced me into Shangri-La
with my eyes wide and full of imagination
we danced through tangled forests of light

like Fred and Ginger
tiptoeing upon the backs of stars
dipping into galaxies and twirling on quasars
i hold your hand as you pirouette
upon the moons of a mystic world
as our romantic lambada is unfurled
forbidden planets and forbidden dance
the secrets of whirlwind romance

we were like Phoenix that had risen
dancing into the morning dew and nectarine
and I kissed you as the tangerines fell
from the sky~ dazed with a trial of stars
and then oh yes then.... I pronounced myself
as we escaped to paradise
dancing all the while.....cheek to cheek
as you gave me the Tangerine Kiss.....

tangerine kisses, tangerine dreams
sipped of the nectar of the gods
the fruit of creation in the form of love
a blessing from goddess, earth and above
we dance the steps of swoon and lean
and sweet nuances of tangerine
with every blessing in between

I felt a kiss upon my frozen cheeks
a clear promise of all our tomorrows
as I sleep with love within our hearts
your sweet tangerine kisses and dreams
are part of our creation... straight from above
My heart is dancing and dreaming
with you always a blessing from God.
What a joy and what fun to write collabration with awesome poet wolf spirit aka quinfinn
May 2015 · 637
Deep In My Mind
Here it is a little after dusk
deep in thought and I must
tell you what I feel~

You see my heart breaks this frightening day
I swallow the misery that lumps my throat
looking for a memory or two
waiting oh waiting~just for you~
looking at my sadness
inside out
fighting one so near so far
fireflies blooming in the twilight so near~
kissing the other so playful dear
glass of wine my tears do fall
choking my heart in misery it seems
sadness, madness, flows to my human nature
blue eyes streaming silver and gold
there is no one to blame
but me it seems
my thoughts are scambled
so many come in the twilights
yes, nights without you are so hard
gripped by desperation I guard
that leave me to my dreams so real
the only hopes I have to tell
sitting at the window straining to see
the bright lights that used to fall
around you and me~
darkness deepens so many more
leaves me to dream my memories
enveloping  like a plague and so many for sure
is what's left of your heart tonight?
attempting to douse my inner life
a turbulent storm rises from the east
trigger unknown so mighty deep
the wind starts to swirl around the trees
bringing my life all around me
the window is is my protection as I strain to look'
maybe oh maybe, you are looking at what you took
my heart was there for you to have
branding me that cuts my heart
and pesters my spirit so deep~
I will never belong to your faithful few
you will be always gone to me
your hurtful words I hear, I cry
deep in my mind you'll always be
Reaching into my deepest heart this night
you are deep in my mind
oh my love, I am fearful and full of fright.

He inundated me with an ocean of kisses
reflecting all back in the middle
mmmmm kisses stretching into my desires
with waves of kisses elevated by our LUSTFUL touches. ..
Kisses are my sanity
kisses from you make me melt
into your waiting arms
give me your kisses.

every moment she gave me
just a kiss away
each new yearning and pleasure
swimming in her eyes, dancing upon her tender lips
begging to be adored
her kisses are my reckless abandon
such tender mercies of sanity and calm combined
if this is madness, let me lose my mind
pray, kiss me crazy...if you're so inclined

Kisses painted silver and gold from your mouth to mine
kissing in the hues of ecstasy elevated
melting into our canvas in the heat of May
framed by your special kisses in the dark depth of my soul
captured forever in the bristles of our lust*

kissing casual and flirtatious
kissing sensual and salacious
kiss my soul with your fondest wishes
kiss you where you're most delicious
lover, shall i linger there?
kiss your treasures with loving lips and tongue
drink down your nectar when you come undone
and revel and slather in the love we have spun
a real honor and a sheer pleasure
to collaborate with the very talented and gifted
Wolf spirit aka quinfinn
thank you! I had so much fun writing this with you...
May 2015 · 1.2k
The Music Plays- Lets Dance
Her eyes pull you to her.. her lips kiss the air you breath
you feel the notes falling around your mind
and you can't wait to take her right there
where she stands... Let's dance .. and then
you take her to the moon...

She sings so seductively  ~~ come let's dance
the music sways through your bones
her hair plays around her face
her lips beckon to please come on
swaying to the music on the radio
her body would become the dance
her hands would follow every inch
of her love you longed for every inch of her....

But dont break her heart.. you would tremble
you would cry for her...she entices you so long
you would ache and know she is falling fast
as you tremble, the music plays and she pulls
you along, don't be long man, you are where you belong...

You feel her breath on your cheek and you sway with every feeling
as your body molds into hers.... you take her on the dance floor
your body cannot take it anymore...

This is dedicated to my friend Evanthia Bilionis /and her songs... she sings so wonderful and seductively listening to this song.. I could imagine me singing to my love and him taking me right then and ..oh I can dream right??
May 2015 · 721
Your Name Was My Love
My delicate pen has a mind of its own
your name pops up as if it belongs
each single letter entices my heart
as I scribbled it,  thousand of times, it cannot part~

My paper got crumpled dropped up and down
thrown on the wall and fallen to the floor
your name followed me where ever I would go
your name was my love I wouldn't let you know~

I could feel your breath needing down my spine
your lips running along my jaw... making me sweat is all I know
I crave the feelings that follow me ....I knew you were mine
when you would fall off my fingertips into my brow...

Your **** eyes would tell me you want me now
but i was afraid to lick the sin from your lips... ohhh I would sigh
no matter how many times I pray to my God
your my tempation, I could never refuse~Oh My Oh My....

Your name was my only love, you kept coming up in my life
never followed the rules I knew, your a law I wanted to break
your my very sin, please come and help me give in
my muse is very much in love~with every single letter ....strife....

Your Name Was My Love...I dont want to win....
Please help me....I have to give in...

May 2015 · 1.3k
Taste The Moon
Taste the moon, my friend

listen it will sing at night

a generous portion of love

with dark colored  sun filled glass

causes this somber sad expression

fills this anguish of mine

to melt my tears of hate....

Let me feel the moon in my bones

behind my wounded heart of mine

a ballad, oh moon, you do sing

from the deepest part of my mind

harbors past missed opportunities

of events through my lifetime~

The moon is raining my tears at night

feeling the sadness of many a years

bounds to my very soul

to take my pain of the disturbed peace.....

The world has gone mad

my life is your equalizing song

rain moon rain, with all your might

Let me radiate in your light....

Let's taste the moon tonight...

Debbie Brooks
May 2015 · 328
I Listen For The Door
I sit here in the middle of nothing
reaching and reaching for the end
now that you are gone, it has been very long....

Moving images, oblique surroundings dim my senses
tears flow to the scheme of things
nothing will ever be the same
since death took you in its strides...

Your healing embrace and the pose of your mind
your strong will, took no prisoners
our journey as lovers kept me captive
shattered... shuddering, trembling
tears racked my very soul...

My cherished lover,  in passion and dreams
as I sit here and listen for the door..

Debbie Brooks
I miss someone ...
May 2015 · 272
The Garden Of Love.
Come sit in the garden for a while
See the flowers smile
They will give you love
And a few flowers for thee and me
You will have such peace
From their loving place
Of their delightful sounds
With treasures to be found
Their sweetest songs
Come from wonderful thoughts
They will bade you welcome
From the deepest soul
Kindness overflowing
That sweetly flows
Fond of life’s joyful noise
‘Come, come.’ They will say
‘Sit awhile and find your fate!’
Full of love your find at the gate!
Foes and friends
Will last the night
Their beauty your see
Will give you such delightful
Beautiful gardens full of flowers
Toads running amuck
Among the hours
The kitchen cupboards
Filled with sweets
Holding firm that we can dream
The sea lays calm’
At the side.
The moon is fair
Sitting with mom in her chair
Heaven by light is great to see
The paths she takes a delight for all
Never tirelessly will succumb
But will always be the mom
We love!
From Your Daughter Deborah Jo...
May 2015 · 284
Dear love...
I want your love your special touch that finds my soul,
That holds my tears in your eyes,
That kisses my breath in your mouth.
My ******* long for your matador,
And the moon at our backs,
Hiding your hands,
Holding me in your embrace
With lavender folding around our bodies,
Kissing the dew of tears one last time...
Oh darling,
How you rained down on me slowly in poetry
Now snow white rays of clarity that shows
That bed of river flowing in our quietude here..
I love you darling,
Oh so much
May 2015 · 9.3k
Weeping Your Poetry
Inside of us you should always reign
with poetry given the main game
the lamenting heart of a stars heart
like chorus in a distant land
echoing through your star lite chamber
Compassionate parts of poetry of tomorrow...
Capable of infinite sorrow
expressive eyes that see
such kindness
as much as me...

To be special in an indifferent world
makes no difference in your million years
In the mire of your worlds
you hang on to every syllable
when hurt comes in shades
you write and weep in your poetry...
A poet's life, not understood
many shake their heads and go
as each poet's days on paper are born
carrying a message to another's day
the immortal message maker of beauty
fires the souls of God's art, that cries for me...
Through my poetry my heart has grown
contacts are many that share their life
seek their poetry through each strife
sweet to all our visions giving air of love
surrounded by a blazing sphere of sweet doves ..
May 2015 · 452
It was but a forenight and a year or two
we traveled so many journeys
that brought me straight to you...
the day was long and yearning
tears had built the soul, but with no relief
until the day I saw your face
and you felt my love...

Kisses were exchanged
as I drifted away,
but your sweet words
kept me by your side...
Darling, it was a year or two
it was my heart that cried
it was the time I sinned
to make you one of mine...

Dreams have drifted back and forth
what might have been, are reckoned
truth be told. its silver songs
that made me love again....
But darling, there you are
smiling once again
offering hope where hope
was always hiding me....
May 2015 · 987
MY Dearest Darling
I send you my heart, in the words of this poem
please catch my dreams, in the starry sky
they are straight from my heart,
did you see the moon crying out our names
knowing our desires from afar
hanging from our sleeves
do you see Venus calling our souls
oh Dear Darling, what my heart did to me
when you had to leave...
Did my heart mention that I was foolish and cried
I was mistaking you for a star... I do not know why
except in my eyes you shine so brightly, I worship
you from afar...
My mind was clouded my eyes could not focus clear
for they had the tides of Neptune so concentrated
within a tear...
You see my darling, my love is true, since I met you
I fell in love that very night, when you said hello...
I want you with all our unbridled desires
in my innocence you once said, that arrives
with the springtime and just like our forbidden fruit
please become my final meal....
I try and compose melodies in those red creases of our hearts
as I remain inspired while I awake your awakening
even my skin lusts for your explicit touch...
As murmurs of combined passion become tidal waves
our souls are the split between the framework and doors
and I wonder unescorted through our Fragant Gardens of life....
My Darling, I send you this letter tucked inside my heart
I love you dearly I hope you see~

Deare­st, I answer your words
Your heart is dreaming a beautiful dream
With moon and the stars in your eyes
Your mind is filled with ecstasy
You are a woman in love - no alibi's ~
In the garden among the blossoms
You make the flowers blush .
In the bedroom you exhibit innocence
Until as a woman you experience the ultimate rush.
Lust is a powerful force
Awakening the beast with two backs
Sometimes giving you the courage
The other woman in you lacks -
Today a letter came from your world
Words of love shining like wet ink on the page
You wow all of my senses
Graceful - like a star on my stage ~
Your Love~
Feb 2015 · 874
You Surround me
You Surround Me

I find in your aura
a mighty tide of emotion
into the long hours of every night
with an endless yearning of joy and light.....

The time does not permit to have you with me
you bolted and ran after the ******* was over
why did you leave and find another, the canvas is gone
your muse i lost, in the faraway lands of tomorrow
your tender touch has faded, the devotion
I had for you, makes me wonder what could
be could be....

Your aura surrounded me, your passion for life
astounded me, as the tears flow they know me
as your presence had drawn my face....

Within the strokes of your artist touch
your inevitable emotion brings me to my knees
you were the sweetest heaven i knew
now draws the tears as they flow
to the scented candle so low...

You may be gone, our passion destroyed
but love yearns for you.... through you I know
and maybe you hate me, maybe you despise ...

I was caught in a current of surprises
melting upon the current of my tongue
drawing the strings of love
that held me captive....

You surround me even though you are gone....**

Copyright Deborah Brooks Langford ® ♫
* No part of this poem may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the author.
Jan 2015 · 473
Our Dance Goes On Forever..
Do not be afraid

She heard him say

“I am here to hold you dear”

Her stillness became acquiescence to her still

It’s nice to have you home for Christmas they may say

But her heart knows the better

The disgrace was still the footnote.

The night wind made a faint whisper

Telling her over and over

The time has come and gone

Forget the pain of evermore.

Dancing took her to a time

Her feet would fly and fly

Sweeping steps of every beat

To see those days that would go by;

Just to remember his words so clear

To clear her mind of pain

The slightest motion of his hand

To kiss the smiles she used to have

The sound reverberated through the crisp autumn air

Klung, klung, klung of the wood

Reminding her he was there.

She remembers his words although,

As the faint breeze lifted her veil

But the face she saw was the one captured of long ago;

With black skirts and pine needles that she wrote

The songs were sung to her heart

Etched forever more this day

With colored hair ribbons all so new

Ponytails askew;

He took her hand to strange places that were so few

On Saturday nights to kiss the kiss

She remembers the words he spoke

The bell tolled once and then twice she heard

Sound exploded and glass flew.

As her life fell around her like needles ever so slightly,

The pain of it all gone so far

Just to remember the words he spoke;

The farther and farther he tolled

The longer and longer she was gone

So now the years have passed

The pain is as she remembers


Was so light

That it still tore her heart.

As she danced.... she became a memory..

Debbie.. Kisses and hugs
I want us to be forever!!!!!

to my sweet Love...
Jan 2015 · 340
I Cry
Sitting here sitting alone
the loneliness grows long
you got a secret, and you left me
this night...

How do I cry?

My eyes still rove over my sicken heart
vanishing amide the wild scenery of life
the light was yet there
a constant sight grows in the background .....

Oh I want to cry.....

Shining dim, but constant in the rain
drips with a sounding bound
where the dry soul breath goes dry
follows by the dusky hill ....

Please let me cry....

It doesn't matter, the truth be told
my night was wretched, tried hiding
but the pain followed me wherever I sit
wetting me, afresh on my skin.....*

Debbie Brooks 2015
Jan 2015 · 4.8k
Tasting Her Lips

he was kissing her dreams,
holding her heart
taking her lips
loving her form
from his manly smell
he envelops her
and kissed her love
as he gives her daisies, roses
and brings his soul to her,
he picks her up
and gives her a loving surprise
and loves her like there will be no tomorrow
as he lays her in his dreams.

He molds her body with his hands
as lips dance all over her
then lifts her to new heights,
giving is he,
and fast falling in love with this man.

He takes her hand
and leads her to his domain
he whispers in her ear,
I will always love you
and his loving is slow and long
holding her in his position
his lips tingle her all over
his tongue explores every inch..

Her body is tingling
wanting more and more,
as she cries his name
he whispers in her ear
as she moans
he kisses her flower
she falls into her dream state
of passion and complete love ...

Debbie Brooks 2015
To My Love
Jan 2015 · 362
Distance So Far
Walls so long, hold heartache in
distance so far, tears have fallen
nasty words, flow between
mouths that hurt so many new
can't find some kindness today
I guess it all blew away
distance comes, distance goes
friends seek others I know
blasted hearts do not care
what has befallen others it seems
people die, fall down and cry
oh tell me, why oh why?
Stardust falls, and falls again,
lighting flashes so much when
storms a brew what a delight
that flashes life all about

So it seems, life doesn't care

who hurts, or grasps for air ....

Debbie Brooks 2014
Jan 2015 · 341
Finding You, Finding Me
As teardrops fell that lonely day
as hearts broke so long ago
the light I was wearing wore out
closing the last door behind me
losing myself in the moment
was the day I found you ....

The stories of the times
always made me cry
searching for love in the wrong places
never seeing a Pladrincs, wondering did they exist
waking up in the mornings wondering
what was to come, and there you stood ...

Like a stature of a god, with a light of gold
highlighting your smile that melted my heart
with a pen of gold your wrote my life
but never to have you hold my soul...

You were my man, the day I found you
the day you found me, I was your woman
now there is only death, facing us
as the day has transcend time and space
that is hidden in the gods that we seek ...

That was the day you found me and I found you
then it was gone...*

Debbie Brooks 2015
Jan 2015 · 727
William Shakespeare - baptized in 26 April 1564, was an English poet, playwright and actor, widely considered as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

His extant works, including some collaboration, consist of about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, two epitaphs on a man named John Combe, one epitaph on Elias James, and several other poems. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright.

If you want to learn and know more about William Shakespeare’s bio, history and best works, please go visit

One of the best poems of William Shakespeare:

Carpe Diem

O mistress mine, where are you roaming?
O stay and hear! your true-love's coming
That can sing both high and low;
Trip no further, pretty sweeting,
Journey's end in lovers' meeting--
Every wise man's son doth know.

What is love? 'tis not hereafter;
Present mirth hath present laughter;
What's to come is still unsure:
In delay there lies no plenty,--
Then come kiss me, Sweet and twenty,
Youth's a stuff will not endure.
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