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May 2015
Life moves all that I breathe. .
Threads of eternal life it would seem
Makes it seem it's time to die
But last night.
My heart fell for you
Overtaken by a storybook romance
A fairy tale love stole my heart,
I lay bare in the temple
With my heart on my sleeve
Each beat, wanting another
Your kisses blessed my hands so still
As I turn my eyes inward, I am saddened to see
You walking away...
Down corridors of heaven that bless thee,
Our burning passion that burns so deep
That once touched my soul
Deserts me..


This life, a piece of cloth
Stitched by each breath
Death is merely a pendulum’s sway
While life seems so far away
Last night...
The heart that you wore on the sleeve
Lies abandoned...loose
But that is just what gives life
A cause to take another step forward
To keep that heartbeat pulsating
A search for an anchor, a sail
Guiding the heart’s boat through storms,
The passion that once was...
Is weft and warp of the fabric
Called life..

Thank you Dee for a great,.... collaboration
Deborah Brooks Langford
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