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sushii Nov 2019
Frightful and paranoid
The fear begins to set in
But then I remember
There is no one outside
There is nothing within.
neth jones Mar 2019
You know you are wrong
when you bed me in our own litter
and The Feaster raises its head
to feed our relations with its attention
We persist
and you're having none of my boring objections
This bed has become a field
of mammal ply and spell craft
We sign out glyphs
in energies and positionings
In The Feasters eyes
we have meaning
we are positive
we glow for it
Feathers from air
we tap out
with a shared vocal hark crash the mind ;
plan flown on
an excercise of oblivion
Criminal tide rising
to feel upon the doggy moon
When The Love has only known The Night Time
with little illumination
the revealed is a frightful thing ;
a Medicine and a Leviathan
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Boredom can cause you to do

That causes hair-raising
and spine-chilling thoughts
to appear in your mind.
Yet they never seem to hurt the bee,
only the bird.
This poet decided against  
becoming a measly minced meaty morsel

undetected inauspicious augury
     assigning  adept
     aqueous ace AOL amphibian,
     who surreptitiously crept

to the secret crypt (guarded by
     foo fighters and amazing dragons)
     said gendarmes did except
special fluid scrip as egress into
     heavily fortified
     (with USDA recommended allowance),

thus when the configurative motley crue
including thyself (a bono fied doo
bee brother - long given up for lost,
     which "FAKE" oracle

     misinterpreted by a goo goo
doll, and cross dresser named Hugh
played being took a vow el,
     and hence consonantly knew
all along, i dwelt peacefully
     in a soundcloud loo
immensely spacious with ooh
dills of survival trappings

     purchased from  Peru
laborers treated by free pact
     guaranteeing a socially
     conscious shopper to rue

painstaking indigenous stoop labor,
     now stamped imprimatur could allow,
     enable and provide means to shoe
each formerly eczema dappled,

     cracked bare foot
     ah, a glimmer of hopefulness
     (upon this crowded house of a planet) view
which youtube snapchat ting

     reddit as joyous outlook
     sans linkedin shutterfly,
     twitter ring tender flickr ring shoots
     communicated an instagram message
     of hopefulness kickstarting optimism

versus the initial thread of this poem,
which to set this got off track
     (hinting at goal to be
     a paperback book writer wannabe)
rather than ending up as a byte size snack

     for a limbering beast, into whose tumblr
of one jagged razor sharp teeth
     like daggers lined up along a rack
     of reinforced steel maw,

     which bang for the bite did pack
leaves no room for bing a survivor
     as fierce jaws clamp down
     worse than getting steam rolled by a mack

truck, but subjected to thee yield,
     whence thousands of pounds
     per square inch of pressure  
     on par lambasted from Donald Trump flack.
Paul Jones Apr 2017
To venture into     darkness is frightful
but I know that that      is where light is born.
10:15 - 30/04/17
HS Edwards Dec 2015
From music grows wild, beautiful, frightful things of untamed splendor and immeasurable strength.
Here it is a little after dusk
deep in thought and I must
tell you what I feel~

You see my heart breaks this frightening day
I swallow the misery that lumps my throat
looking for a memory or two
waiting oh waiting~just for you~
looking at my sadness
inside out
fighting one so near so far
fireflies blooming in the twilight so near~
kissing the other so playful dear
glass of wine my tears do fall
choking my heart in misery it seems
sadness, madness, flows to my human nature
blue eyes streaming silver and gold
there is no one to blame
but me it seems
my thoughts are scambled
so many come in the twilights
yes, nights without you are so hard
gripped by desperation I guard
that leave me to my dreams so real
the only hopes I have to tell
sitting at the window straining to see
the bright lights that used to fall
around you and me~
darkness deepens so many more
leaves me to dream my memories
enveloping  like a plague and so many for sure
is what's left of your heart tonight?
attempting to douse my inner life
a turbulent storm rises from the east
trigger unknown so mighty deep
the wind starts to swirl around the trees
bringing my life all around me
the window is is my protection as I strain to look'
maybe oh maybe, you are looking at what you took
my heart was there for you to have
branding me that cuts my heart
and pesters my spirit so deep~
I will never belong to your faithful few
you will be always gone to me
your hurtful words I hear, I cry
deep in my mind you'll always be
Reaching into my deepest heart this night
you are deep in my mind
oh my love, I am fearful and full of fright.


— The End —