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"Omni, Do tell"
A sunless sun...
a cloudless cloud
are the same in one?
Dear Omni, without your help I fear that
I'm done!
Do tell or I wished I'd never met you from day one! ~Venjencie

Ven, venae toward the heart
How can I end what you have start?
Light and dark
each spinning round
Dear Ven, this, only once around
It starts
If you really knew me,
you wouldn't want to know me
at all.~Omni

Dear Omni, because I ink ****** words as a broken poet, We're blood from the same neck of the woods. Is a wingless bird free? If you end it then that's what I will be... a wingless bird that can never fly free. VenJencie

Omni  Oct 6
If the woods be too high, climb down then fly. A flightless bird knows no envy. It too knows it is free. I, Omni do tell, only because I've seen it as well. Dear Venjencie, even the woods be broken, but still they grow.

My dearest Omni, maybe you're my harmony,
So do tell something I need to know,
Will you disappear after I whisper my sin into your ear;
(whispering), I'm not devious but I'm very much envious,
For my beauty can never compare to the beautiful colored wings of others,
I fear the woods will cease to grow,
Then my very life will cease
...being wingless you know,
If the woods burn down,
Would you try to rescue me after I made my sin
of jealousy known? ~SacredInkedblood
©2018 Venjencie Arnold

Omni  5m
Only in flight, are we less, but no lesser than any until it is of the mind. I tell you, you soar! Your words take flight and maybe, just maybe, your words save me. Wings need no envy nor want of shame. They take flight in the heart and sail in the expanse of the brain. There are no borders for envy and jealousy for they will always be, and so too we. Your wings mightily open and quench the fires of the forest with a single and simple flutter. There is no need for rescue. Your sin, be it as mine own, is safe with me.
-Omni ©2018

"Omni, do tell"
Rights credited to Omni and Venjencie Arnold
#Omni please do collaborate so that we can put together this one. Then we can each re-edit as one. Your credit will remain your copyright credit and for me and mine the same. I'm anxiously waiting for your reply in collaboration. Thanks, dear friend and writer. -Jencie
P.S. I'm still glad that I met you. That was added for drama.
Life moves all that I breathe. .
Threads of eternal life it would seem
Makes it seem it's time to die
But last night.
My heart fell for you
Overtaken by a storybook romance
A fairy tale love stole my heart,
I lay bare in the temple
With my heart on my sleeve
Each beat, wanting another
Your kisses blessed my hands so still
As I turn my eyes inward, I am saddened to see
You walking away...
Down corridors of heaven that bless thee,
Our burning passion that burns so deep
That once touched my soul
Deserts me..


This life, a piece of cloth
Stitched by each breath
Death is merely a pendulum’s sway
While life seems so far away
Last night...
The heart that you wore on the sleeve
Lies abandoned...loose
But that is just what gives life
A cause to take another step forward
To keep that heartbeat pulsating
A search for an anchor, a sail
Guiding the heart’s boat through storms,
The passion that once was...
Is weft and warp of the fabric
Called life..

Thank you Dee for a great,.... collaboration
You arrived suddenly in my tangerine bliss
with my heart clinched in your fist
you touched me... and the dance started
with a gape of spontaneous combustion
you swirled me around the dance floor
dancing cheek to cheek....

we skipped the light fandango
fox trotting and waltzing to the beat of tango
the big band broke into a swing
while the love light shone as a crystal disco ball
jitterbug jive and a reet beet
dance macabre and so light on our feet

You lead me by the hand bodies musing
all the while... you lead me out by my hand
and made way into the galaxy for our feet
as we danced like fine wine...becoming intoxicated
by its beauty~ you danced me into Shangri-La
with my eyes wide and full of imagination
we danced through tangled forests of light

like Fred and Ginger
tiptoeing upon the backs of stars
dipping into galaxies and twirling on quasars
i hold your hand as you pirouette
upon the moons of a mystic world
as our romantic lambada is unfurled
forbidden planets and forbidden dance
the secrets of whirlwind romance

we were like Phoenix that had risen
dancing into the morning dew and nectarine
and I kissed you as the tangerines fell
from the sky~ dazed with a trial of stars
and then oh yes then.... I pronounced myself
as we escaped to paradise
dancing all the while.....cheek to cheek
as you gave me the Tangerine Kiss.....

tangerine kisses, tangerine dreams
sipped of the nectar of the gods
the fruit of creation in the form of love
a blessing from goddess, earth and above
we dance the steps of swoon and lean
and sweet nuances of tangerine
with every blessing in between

I felt a kiss upon my frozen cheeks
a clear promise of all our tomorrows
as I sleep with love within our hearts
your sweet tangerine kisses and dreams
are part of our creation... straight from above
My heart is dancing and dreaming
with you always a blessing from God.
What a joy and what fun to write collabration with awesome poet wolf spirit aka quinfinn
He inundated me with an ocean of kisses
reflecting all back in the middle
mmmmm kisses stretching into my desires
with waves of kisses elevated by our LUSTFUL touches. ..
Kisses are my sanity
kisses from you make me melt
into your waiting arms
give me your kisses.

every moment she gave me
just a kiss away
each new yearning and pleasure
swimming in her eyes, dancing upon her tender lips
begging to be adored
her kisses are my reckless abandon
such tender mercies of sanity and calm combined
if this is madness, let me lose my mind
pray, kiss me crazy...if you're so inclined

Kisses painted silver and gold from your mouth to mine
kissing in the hues of ecstasy elevated
melting into our canvas in the heat of May
framed by your special kisses in the dark depth of my soul
captured forever in the bristles of our lust*

kissing casual and flirtatious
kissing sensual and salacious
kiss my soul with your fondest wishes
kiss you where you're most delicious
lover, shall i linger there?
kiss your treasures with loving lips and tongue
drink down your nectar when you come undone
and revel and slather in the love we have spun
a real honor and a sheer pleasure
to collaborate with the very talented and gifted
Wolf spirit aka quinfinn
thank you! I had so much fun writing this with you...

— The End —