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Jun 2022 · 263
Chain of pain.
Pain for me is a cracked vase
It holds dead unwatered flowers.

The flowers were vibrant now they’re faded
Jaded and deflated

One crack lets out water and pain floods into me
sensitive souls suffer silently and experience pain profoundly.

I wanted happiness but got pain and accepted that as an extension of life.
May 2022 · 417
My Pane
My pane of glass allows me to see the farce that is my life.
Remember that song lyric “I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me”?, well, I’ve never been to paradise and I’ve never been me.

Me, a person is too much to try and describe, let alone the life I’ve lived and hid.

My skin is a skein wrapped tightly over my remains
My brain what of it works is a profane stain, it cheats at life and keeps me looking through that pane at my pain.

My pain makes me stronger, my pain is my armour, my pain is a ball and chain choking me down whilst I try to retain order.

I’m never mundane and always entertain myself with the next charade.I’ve portrayed and played many parts, paid my dues and rued the pain that started in my heart.

Happiness folds in on itself
like a piece of paper.

Can you be jealous of a time?
I can. I am.
Like salt in a wound I sting at being absent at my own life
Pain screams at me and I smile back
Wales BST 02:30
Jul 2021 · 449
The smile on my face is for no one but me
A mirror, a smile, as wide as can be

Take a look at its curve, a half moon of red
You’d never believe all the things that it’s said

You’d never believe how easy parting lips can be
The sound of satisfaction, lapping at me

Go to bed with a smile, go to bed sated
Never go to bed with a smile unabated

Dream deep this night and don’t take fright
When I visit you in Lethe with my lethal red smile
00:44 BST
Mar 2021 · 358
Modern Life (spoken piece)
Do you ever get one of those days.
Where you forget the Fitbit, drop the mobile, turn off social media, disconnect from the connection, slow down on coffee consumption, turn down the traffic of information?
Then looked for a free hotspot?
Wales GMT 04:07
Feb 2021 · 132
I fall in love and cry
Cry for those who can’t
Wales GMT 02:30
I came so hard I shuddered and deflated
Breathing erratically I noticed the chips in the paint
Old peeling paint, the thought tickled me and I laughed.
That paint was as old as me, it was mid life paint.
I laughed harder and felt the liquid leak from me
Can paint have a crisis?
Why not?
Its bloom is off the rose, so to speak, dull, faded, tired and dull
Ergo, mid life crisis.
Wales GMT 02:30
Feb 2021 · 144
Half of Myself
Half Me iS MiSSing
I’ve decided to part with my left side
So you could say ‘l’m alright’
But I’m not
My own brain decided plaque was a great accessory
So, the flak I took, and then I shook, literally
Not in an Elvis way more, Acorn Antiques Mrs Overall way
Hunka  hunka burning love became itchy, scratchy burning leg
Then my arm it did take, along with my gait
Now, they see me rollin'
They hatin'
Patrolling and tryin' to catch me ridin' *****
But hey “f*ck the PIP”
Mashup of Chamillionaire and N.W.A there
Getting down with my bad self, just don’t expect me to get up
Vitamin D robbed me of thee; SLEEP
Yet come midday mid Judge Judy I’m asleep
No, no let me clarify, I’m unconscious
I did not get to see if Shamicka or Le-Toy-Ah got custody of a Pug
My brain is like candy floss on crack
It’s invented new pains for me to try
Currently experiencing, single **** cheek numbness
Never been happier owning an hitachi wand
Yet, time to start the day, I’ve still got a lot for it to get
I’m fat.
e offers infinity
And takes
Sep 2020 · 161
I’ll welcome him
He brings the longest caress
He offers infinity
And takes
22:57 BST
May 2020 · 158
I wondered today if anyone was recording in high definition this World in caution? kisses banned, so’s holding hands, but wash your hands a lot or you might miss to ‘Out that ****’d spot’.

How apt, a spot, a circle, a corona, isn’t that a beer? Let’s all now cheer for key workers, clap for nurses the NHS, let’s forget what started this mess, was it China? A pangolin? A Mandarin?

Conspiracy theories abound, they’re all doing the rounds, oh look it snuck back in, abound, around, they’re all circular sounds, circle back to the start, wash your hands.....’Out that ****’d spot’.
20:41 BST
Jan 2020 · 141
Hotel Whore
Head spinning
Ears ringing
Skin tingling
You sleeping
Me existing

Another stolen night
Another hotel room fight
Another hotel room ****
Another run of bad luck
Another bottle of scotch

I watch your torso fall and rise
Remembering the lust in your eyes
Listening whilst you told me lies
You “Love me” what a clichéd surprise
Yet, still I cannot say to you “goodbye”.
01:45 GMT
Jan 2020 · 129
Two to one
Sing me a song without any music
Cook me a feast without any taste
Touch me without any feeling
Look at me without any chaste.

Draw me with smoke
See me with touch
Whisper me words
Caress me in your clutch.

Ignore me at your peril
Acknowledge me at mine
Sculpt me in your body
As you and I entwine.
10:15 GMT
Sep 2018 · 407
Butterfly road
Come take a walk with me and satisfy an old woman’s dignity
by assuring her there are gentlemen still.
Take my hand and let me lean upon you as we move our bones
down Butterfly road.


A dragonfly is lazily circling the pond, see how he catches the sun?
Like a stained glass window at sunset,
casting colours into the dim nave; lighting the unscrupulous knave
and his hyperbole


Silence can be heard young man, but first you must still your blood
Amplify the silence, deafen your passion
In return you’ll demystify the sirens lullabies and nullify lies
Whispered in sensual bedevilment.


Drink in this scene young man, the lazy end to summer
soon she’ll be chased and embraced by Autumn’s leaves
Raked away into a crisp pile
allowing regeneration to begin.


Young man, soon my walk with you will end
but you’ll carry on, up and around the bend
until you feel the chill air
and need to be somewhere warm.


Nothing evokes feelings like those known to the senses
The feel of your love as you hold them,
the sound of their heartbeat rushing in your ears
the heavy scent of *******.
The look of sated happiness in their eyes
and the taste of salty tears as they cry.

Yes, young man all things end.
This talk. This walk.
This summer. The butterfly.
02:35 BST
Sep 2018 · 274
We once were one
We live so close to one another
I sometimes have to wonder
Are we destined to always meet?
Are we always just going to greet each other as friends?
Smile and talk about the weather while both wondering
whether we were once one.
I know you, you know me
We joke, we smile, we share wit and banter
Yet, all the while I see you as me and me as you.
And as you I want me.
01:25 BST
Aug 2018 · 4.0k
Kissing Colour
Every colour has a melody
Every song has a hue
Every kiss has a story
Every scar is true

A soldiers strength
A lovers tenderness
A mothers love
All warriors true

All endings had beginnings
All beginnings will end
All starters will finish
All rainbows will bend

Every love will taste hate
Every hate will love taint
Every tear will see a smile
Every smile will feel great

Every colour has a melody
Every stranger is a reminder
That you paint your own pictures
And kiss them with colour.
20:18 BST
Jul 2018 · 427
I lose myself in memories past
Watch scenes on a loop
Run these memories through filters so that
Brighter, softer, more muted hues speckle the reminiscing
Harsh lines now resemble an impressionist painting
Harsh words now a poets tongue become
Harsh actions a noble deed to overcome a harsher pain.
Harsh words fall soft from the tongue
Diluted memories in ombré hue
Gradually blending and shading
Until only an impression of a memory remains.
03:42 BST
May 2018 · 340
Alphabet seasons

In (turn)

Quarry (and)

01:15 BST
Look about you; and what do you see?
A group of people like you and me.

Some are fat and some are thin
All are just covered in a layer of skin

Shall we go deeper into the flesh?
Take a look at what they possess.

Anatomically defined, humankind
Mankind intertwined, designed thus, us

Are we good are we bad?
Do we want all that we have?

Do we need or is it greed?
When we proceed to overfeed

Unrestrained indifference to consumerism
Leaves us open to malfeasance, and our skin wrinkles.

But fear not, the answer is to be found in a ***!
Only £€$¥ 9.99 and that wrinkle is smoothed.

So, buy today and it will go away.
And all of us will one day die and turn to dust.

And all we buy will fade and rust
And love will never be enough
17:07 BST
Mar 2018 · 361
Nights silence
Hides the days noises
Nights darkness
Covers the days brightness
Nights sky
Yields to days sunrise
03:05 BST
Feb 2018 · 2.7k
Let it Snowdrops
Snow fell today and cleansed the ground, in a shroud of white.
As quickly as the snow came it disappeared.
As quickly as the ground was made clean
it was dirtied by the living.
Dirt, fumes and car tracks sullied the linen white earth.
Nothing stayed today,
not the snow,
not the footprints,
not the cold wind blown faces of children.
Nothing good can stay.
But, for an hour the ground and day became pristine.
A cold, weak sun shone on the glittering snow
Like the first winter snowdrops promising a spring,
weak  winter sun promised better days.
Snowdrops the striking bloom of the winter months,
lifted up their delicate heads in a blanket of blue white drops.
So, snow fell like spilt milk, and snow melted away.
But, the snowdrops ‘milk flower of the snow’ stayed.
28/ 02/2018
02:00 GMT
Feb 2018 · 361
Bi-Polar Flower
Roses are red, they’re also pink
Which led me to think are violets blue?
Never the first choice at valentines,
shrinking away under their many hues

If I were a violet I’d leave the flower bed
Get a horticultural shrink to diagnose my head
No one wants violet they just want rose
Whatever Happened to Flower Violet?

Pretty in spring
Forgotten in summer
Discarded by autumn
Dead in winter
04:04 GMT
Feb 2018 · 249
Valentine #2
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Let me sharpen this knife
I want to gut you.

03:44 GMT
Feb 2018 · 1.7k
Valentine #1
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My love is a gun
And the bullet’s for you
03:44 GMT
Feb 2018 · 318
At the bizarre bazaar a dark star was born
In the Stark night its spark put out the light
of other white stars and
beneath the brooding sky strange shadows danced
dressed in their finest black lace,
from the grave in brocaded camisoles
they blazed a trail and set sail for the dark star.
03:58 GMT
Feb 2018 · 334
He’s reclined the sofa
Eyes closed as he listens to music
I don’t like his music
I love him
He’s relaxed his body
Eyes closed and far away in the past
His past
I wasn’t there, he didn’t know me
So different
He’s reliving a time before me
Can you be jealous of a time?
I can. I am.
Like salt in a wound I sting at being absent
I’ll distract him soon
For now he’s lost to me.
00:49 GMT
Jan 2018 · 616
Doors and their ways
I stepped through the door
Knowing you were no more
I was no more, I was less

No more in this veil of reality
Knowing there were thousands more
Of different hues, different airs, different seasons

This door leads to OZ
This door leads to freedom
And this little doorway goes all the way home

This doorway is occupied
A stranger sleeps fitfully
***** hands clutch its vestments

This door is open and singing can be heard
This door is closed, knock it might open
Open Sesame, Open says I

Duck through this doorway
A wardrobe door, is Narnia waiting?
Doors, doors everywhere and not a lock to pick
04:30 GMT
Jan 2018 · 395
Will I still be your wife in the afterlife?
Will you still stare at me and swear you care?
Will we still declare our love?
After we both know
it was my hand in the glove
that held the knife
that ended your life and stilled our love.
04:10 GMT
Dec 2017 · 535
Do you love me?
Slick with sweat your silhouette framed in cigarette smoke
I feel intense jealousy like a bayonet run through me
Just moments ago we were a duet,
until a crescendo made us still
Watching you take a drag, hair ruffled and stubble on your cheeks
Makes my heart skip, this image, this place and time are mine.

You turn and look at the crumpled sheets,
note our clothes in a heap
You stand and stare at me
Passion has waned.
Reality is returned.

“Do you love me?” I ask
A hiss of, what impatience, annoyance? Sidles my way
Statue still you stand and glare
“I thought this was just an affair” a glib retort
“It is” my reply is spry on my dry lips

You move cat like to the bed and as you lower your head
Positioning for a kiss
I hear the question from him
“Do you love me?”
And with a practiced grin I lie.
04:10 GMT
Dec 2017 · 374
I knew you’d be there without confirmation
I felt the tingle
I felt the sensation
I smelt your aftershave and
Without hesitation I condemned myself to damnation

I watched you stride down the nave
Watching you was a violation
A violation of my promise
To be faithful, honest and true
But, I can’t keep my pledge,not with you.

I quietly follow
Beyond the curtain I go
I sit and breathe deeply
You, Wood, and incense fill my heart
“Bless me Father for I have sinned. I'm in love with you”
00:12 GMT
Dec 2017 · 584
We once were one
We live so close to one another
I sometimes have to wonder
Are we destined to always meet?
Are we always just going to greet each other as friends?
Smile and talk about the weather while both wondering
whether we were once one.
I know you, you know me
We joke, we smile, we share wit and banter
Yet, all the while I see you as me and me as you.
And as you I want me.
04:51 GMT
Nov 2017 · 332
When did we become finely divided?
When did we get to the hinterland of love?
When did we divide into particles finer than silk?
When did our love become bland?
We are sand.  
We are non renewable.
03:24 GMT
Nov 2017 · 480
Almost you
I watch him sleep and trace his face with a finger
he could be you, but he’s better.
His hair is a deep chocolate brown his eyes like caramel
his smell is clean like washed cotton on a breeze
and I am seized of a deep ache.

I loved you once.
A pure deep love.
A painful love that never left.

He stirs and his face creases into a smile
I want to follow his dream.
To sit in the curve of his lips and watch the images unfold.
Knowing that within the circle of his dream, I hold his focus.
I want to spiral down and burrow under his skin,
to be owned just by him.

He’s not you.
He loves me.
He’s caused me no pain.

I enter the crook of his arm and silently exhale
Knowing my kisses are printed on his body
My love upon his heart
He’s not you,
He’s better.
19:57 GMT
Nov 2017 · 535
My fault?
The lights were dim,
and the noise was loud,
crowds of people all around.
I lost my way in the throng,
bourne along on the beat of the night.
Cigarettes needed, I left the bar
suddenly there you are.
You tried to chat I wanted none of that
just my smokes and a familiar face,
I tried with grace to let you know
move on, just go.
Just then I I knew my mistake,
you grabbed my arm and hissed in my face
“My name is John”
I tried to smile use some guile,
but you were hell bent, and all that I did seemed to provoke.
I choked the fear down, when I realised we were alone,
how did you get me here?
Wedged between the wall and the cigarette machine.
Croaks were all that I could summon as you undid my buttons,
frozen in fear, switched off from here.
Fight or flight?
Neither just fright.
I remember your smell, your touch, your words
I wanted to scream GO TO HELL but nothing came out.
The kisses were the worst,
no matter how hard I tried to move my head away
your lips, your tongue found their target.
Bruising me, pushing me, grabbing me, groping me
As you pinned my hands behind my back, I gave up,
Just like that.
02:20 GMT
Nov 2017 · 318
Naked Flame
We lost the game.
No scores to be had.

Living was copying motions
of same old ways,
from bygone days.

Immolated landscapes
Unconsecrated ground
Land now sand
Silence the only sound.

People as mannequins
shackled to consumerism
now free to be human
humanity is dead
turned to dust and ash.

Charred trees, charred bones
Libraries and ossuaries
Rock, paper, scissors
Sinners, readers, builders
All on bended knees
Pillars of salt blown away on the blast wind.

Flame extinguished.
02:21 GMT
Nov 2017 · 419
Dent de lion
Floating like Dandelion florets caught upon the breeze
Thoughts scatter to the four corners of the world
Lucid dreams dragging ecstatically at the seam of self
Unpicked nightmares rearing up and roaring
A lions roar, a cats purr fangs floating in a pool of perfume
Cannot obscure the golden tower of blow *****
Seed dispersal through rosettes
Disturbed paw printed earth receives seeds.
01:36 GMT
Aug 2017 · 437
Making love?
Sentences are words making love.
Filling paper or screen with letters of adoration
Meaning and content overflowing
Descriptions and senses brought together in words.

Yet what is making love?
Can you manufacture love?
What does making love feel like?
Is there a difference between a **** and making love?

Love, that profoundly tender passion
Love wants attention
Love wants commitment
Love wants,and wants and wants.

Love is not just a noun it is a verb to be acted upon
Love is commitment
Love is creation
Writing is creation.
01:28 BST
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Mono no aware
Spring has sprung
Weeping cherry blossoms
Waiting to scatter
Like memory fragments
Upon the ground

Sad wistful blooms bleeding life
Beautiful mortality
Accepting of its volatility
Bursting into being
Destined to scatter

Blooming en masse like clouds
Accepting of karma
Accepting of blooming
Blooming as flowers of death
Exultant in scattering a beautiful death.
Copyright © JLB
20:00 GMT
There's a promise brought on the wind
A whisper that speeds to a shout
50 days of sand walls heralding spring
The promise of new beginnings
First as payment for this new birth, Mother Earth
Blows grains of sand into the eyes of humankind
Suffocating and choking all in the barren land
Spring is heralded by a claustrophobic cyclonic dust storm
A new beginning, fresh and clean
Above the howling rising sandstorm, spring is sprung.
Khamsin is a hot southerly wind, varying from southeast to southwest, that blows regularly in Egypt and over the Red Sea for about 50 days, commencing about the middle of March.
Copyright © JLB
Mar 2017 · 514
I hear the whisper of rain,
I strain and can hear the heavy droplets talk.
The sound of raindrops hitting liquid caused by bubbles of air oscillating underwater.

Underwater, overwhelmed, baptised in a torrent.
Rolling, churning, bubbling, flooding
Flooded with the now roaring rain.
Silence is underwater, peace is underwater, I am underwater.

The talking rain droplets lied
They weren't talking at all
They were shouting, words like heavy water fell
Fell upon my ears and whispered, "I had died".
Copyright © JLB
03:49 GMT
Oct 2016 · 929
Whiskers round the light
On a cold night look up at the street lights
Its reassuring glow dancing off the snow
Look at how the light so bright delights
The watchers down below.

But can you see the light as it shivers?
The light dancing in the winter cold
Crystal shards of ice, blue and white
Dance like whiskers round the light.
Copyright © JLB
01:27 BST
Jul 2016 · 1.9k
Life is a prefix
Copyright © JLB
23:52 BST
Jul 2016 · 539
The Dry Pen
The ink on my nib has run dry.
The cursor is flashing, giving me the evil eye.
Shakespeare, Longfellow and even Poe; know.
Know the loneliness of a dry pen.
At least they were spared the "tic,tic,tic" of the accursed cursor.
Mockingly it baits my thinking, sending me round the bend.
Poe had a Raven send him mad, I've got a cursor.

(In computer user interfaces, a cursor is an indicator used to show the current position for user interaction on a computer monitor or other display device that will respond to input from a text input or pointing device. The mouse cursor is also called a pointer, owing to its resemblance in usage to a pointing stick.)

The curse of the cursor.
That's what I have, not a dry pen, but an impatient line blinking.
Always blinking. Does it go to sleep?
It's the refrigerator light of doom, you try to catch it unawares;
but NO.
It still blinks.
Copyright © JLB
03:12 BST
May 2016 · 458
Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever seen?

Have you ever heard?

Have you ever screamed?

Have you ever touched?

Have you ever felt?

Have you ever asked?

Have you ever received?

Have you ever lived?

Have you ever loved?

Have you ever even noticed?
Copyright © JLB
01:50 BST
Mar 2016 · 630
The line is long.
Am I in the right queue?
Why do they use those stretchy barriers?
Why does the queue next to me seem to be moving faster?
Security checks. Everywhere you go, look or turn, a security check.
Look at the cameras and the border control officials, do they have to queue?
Shuffle movement up ahead.
Tinny old time music playing on a loop.
How many times do I have to hear "The wheel of fortune"? It goes round, I get it. Unlike this **** line, it's not going straight, curved, zig zag or anywhere, I swear if Kay Starr doesn't shut up about that ******* wheel I'll staple her to one and roll her down a hill.
No, wait, she's dead, ******.
Wait, the line is moving, yes!
End of the queue coming up, oh look a poster "Anything to declare?"
Does boredom count?
If yes follow the red line,if no proceed through the green exit.
Yes, finally, green for me.
NO, I've nothing to declare, stop, take me back to the green exit.

The wheel of fortune goes spinning around
The music stops, a tinny voice is heard
"Welcome to purgatory. Your stay is dependent upon truth, honesty and atonement. Please conduct any queries or questions via your religious belief system and representatives"
Copyright © JLB
03:03 GMT
Fifty shades of Grey was a movie I watched today.
I'd read the book so thought I'd take a look.
I wish I'd stayed away.
Copyright © JLB
01:40 GMT
Feb 2016 · 789
Deep down in the depths of my ****** veneer,
I hear my name.

Do I answer or just stay here nestled in the vapour of Lethe?
Oblivion has merits, concealment of self in still water.

Aimlessly, carelessly swirling in drowsy drug fuelled forgetfulness.
Before we die we drink this water and pass on unhindered.

Ties are undone, people and places, completely erased
to be reincarnated, entering flesh again.

My name again is called, and with this sound comes memories.
I want to stay on the shore of Lethe. But, no.

Selfishness pulls me back to sight and sound
I am dead amongst the living.
Copyright © JLB
03:08 GMT

In Phaedo, Plato makes his teacher Socrates, prior to his death, state: "I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, and that the living spring from the dead."
Dec 2015 · 438
Countdown (10W)

Copyright © JLB
21:58 GMT
Dec 2015 · 647
To be free would be fine

But then we write a line

And we are tied to ink

As babies are by milk

Images dance behind eyelids

And words are formed, onto paper they slid

Slid through the ink to the nib of the pen

Not knowing when images and words are unbound again.
Copyright © JLB
16:18 GMT
Dec 2015 · 709
Outside, In.
I've not been outside for 100 days.
100 days of self imprisonment,
like a bird in a cage, though the bird was forced,
I have sentenced myself.
I try to go out but the outside wins,
it whispers warnings on the wind, it rustles its rudeness in the trees leaves, it sends a crow to caw, telling me to close the door and stay in.
Copyright © JLB
14:34 GMT
Dec 2015 · 708
You reap what you sow,
even if that's only woe.
Copyright © JLB
02:24 GMT
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
You shout this to the world, and the world turns still.
How dare the rain fall, a relative call.

How dare the earth turn, while you still yearn
How dare they laugh, while you still ache.

How dare the sun rise and night fall,
while you have no relief from the grief at all.

The wreaths are dead.
All has been said.
Copyright © JLB
13:30 BST
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