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Blackenedfigs May 24
It is so strange
to see someone else
reliving one of your past lives,
spitting out the same words
you once spoke.
Head spinning
Ears ringing
Skin tingling
You sleeping
Me existing

Another stolen night
Another hotel room fight
Another hotel room ****
Another run of bad luck
Another bottle of scotch

I watch your torso fall and rise
Remembering the lust in your eyes
Listening whilst you told me lies
You “Love me” what a clichéd surprise
Yet, still I cannot say to you “goodbye”.
01:45 GMT
Philomena Jan 2019
Well what can I say
I'm not her
I don't have her warm eyes
Her thin waist
Her cute laugh
Her smart brain
I'm not perfect like her
I'm not even close
I lack her sense of peace
And her immense love
I don't dream like her
See like her
I will never be like her
What more can I say
I'll never be beautiful or perfect
Never see clear or pure
I've ruined my chances of happiness in this world
And how can I blame you
She dances in the light
And I dwell here in darkness out of sight
She is all that is good and right in this world
And I'm all you should fear
So go ahead
Get out of here
I suppose I'm just frustrated. But can you really blame me, I'm the daughter of a monster and nothing can erase that path I've followed. So no I'll never be anything quite like her.
Whoever said
All is fair in love and war
Must have been soaked
In a pool of misleading naivety
For nought is fair to the
ONLY girl in the world
who now is the
OTHER woman in the picture

©Belema .S. Ekine
lili of darkness Dec 2016
She still doesn't know
The things you said to me
The way you lied and used me
The way you said the things that we could be
How you made me feel?
Like was any of that real
We lied and acted like family
While secretly you wanted to bang me
If she knew would she hang me?
I bet she would be mad
But honestly I find this sad
The fact I can't tell her
The fact I still after all this time care for her
She's still like a sister
Even if she's with a crooked mister

(This is for a friend of mine and how she feels. Sabrina I hope you get over this guy girl is been months. He obviously chooses Melissa)
For Sabrina
Kat May 2014
I gasp every time
Mine meet with his cold blue eyes
For a moment the world stops
The air grows foggy with sighs

Now they say he's with another
Precious ******, dressed in white
Swallowing his tales like candy
Does she pray for him at night?

Does he hit her too
Or is she made of glass?
A cobweb covered beauty
Living somewhere in the past

Pretty angel
Even Satan can't deny
She said that I seem sweet
"She's ******* ******," he replied

Well you're a hypocrite,
And my only question is-
Can you worship Mother Mary
Whilst blood is dripping from her eyes?

— The End —