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G. government
O. organization
O. ogle


..yes you are so interesting or threatening to the government that they feel compelled to watch you all day, every day, constantly and a tech company is aiding them in violating a core principle of freedom; the right to privacy.

A tech company is complicit in a tyranny against freedom and individuality while selling you knowledge?

I hope Trump finds the courage to start hanging traitors because Google will be the greatest weapon against freedom ever created by man.

    There is not such a thing as democracy.
    There is no such a thing as freedom.
    There is no thing called capitalism.
    America is a myth.

Styles 12 Aug 2018

secrets at dusk
tasted vigorous as
Coltrane blues

in a smokey nightclub
under mysterious saxophone seas

this style is not my own
but it helps me swim better

I decided to adapt it
curious why it tugs ruthless
on spit fire sleeves

deliciously drowning me free.

forest moons at night

help you drop it all
bags of unwanted programs
flung from broken chimneys

violet threads pass perfect
through kitchen chipped glass

moth wings burning summer up
like her eyelash fluttering innocently on some other guy's cheek

shattering divisions snag
on moonlight betrayal dance

enormous sea hooks chop in
helpless lips seduced
mad quicksilver rush

reserve this room for my only friend

we have private letters to write
on a future night when
god dreams come true.

This is for you.

My only friend.

What weighs heavy is certain light
how it pierces
through troubled waters.

A million traces of faces
lit up in every beam.

One night I felt it bleed through me
using rivers of sun-fire tease.

Volcano poetry spoke without a sound.

Jim Morrison breaking through doors
under spells of hypnotic waves
wild vibrant shimmering
on multi-colored sheets.

This style is not my own
but it helped me lava streak
across bitter shores.


my voice strays away.

Gone hunting

a broken well voice
picked up by an old cracked bucket
leaking simple worded wishes

deciding to voluntarily borrow her
stolen forest eyes.

I heard them speak translucent leaf
on a summer day
when clairvoyant kids
heard God speak

on pathways of brilliant blue lake

when sunshine
whispered us
in scintillating ripples

right before our astounded,
washed feet.

I am dripping funeral summer sweat
under tombstone studded trees

smiling while choking in
liquid clouded dark.

Alone but not alone.

Mighty Ghosts of heaven
holding my head up

making sure the Nile
doesn't gush out while
I still cannot even write or speak

turn my notebooks into confetti
nothing describes this mysterious sea

a new species of saxophone waves
has belted its killer wonderland
sound out across an entire broken stage.


I can picture us
walking barefoot
on star contacted sand

gazing out
under champion chandelier wonders

walking on Texas Lightning storm colors
full on Rumi soul food

our secret flames
burning up
plastic playgrounds

violating propriety
on some nuclear guarded beach

schools of fish cut
by saxophone hooked seas

blasted by vaults of unwrapped poems
someone else wrote perfect
in our dreams

we hope one day
the unpredictable silence
of simple worded wishes

will help us

extravagantly bloom
new spring leaves
rain stamped on tender delicious works

after winter is done
savagely wishing us dead
we are touched by other worlds.

For Drew
Riz May 2017
our society revolves around a
chauvinistic cult
where men
are not manly if they don’t show preference
for *** and **** attached
to a brainless body

society has
no care for
you are inbetween the cracks

you distinguish who you are
in your body
and mind
yet this permanent mask
is pasted onto your face
as you live in fear of violence
of exploitation
and of the darkest shades of humanity

you are a monster
you are a sickness
and undeserving of love

the pigs in society
squeal it into your ear

they wish you weren’t human
as you are unfit for their constraints of love
and you express it in ways that panic them
they are pathetically
scared of you

you are corrupt
you are a disease
and full of hedonistic mistakes


and change is scary
as with change, their reign
will drop
from them

do not believe they wish to help you
their crocodile smiles
are **** *******
all over you
...that's if **** could ****

they are wolves dressed as lambs
with an exasperating desire
to detroy you

how dare you threaten the old ways
how dare you threaten
the old ignorance

is it a dark truth
that you will fight your
enitre life
to get your respect?

well **** them
you are a fighter
you always have been

pin your ears closed
to their
bone violating words

be a moon who
cannot be broken
and can control the tides

be a sun
who is bright
and can radiate our lives

you may fight your whole life
and fight for what is your respect

but you will win

you will

A response to 'the shocking comments homophobic people have made about those who have died in the Orlando attacks and also those two ******* on sky news that Owen Jones walked out on.'
Rajinder Sep 2018
Violating a placid spirit
Memories transgress  
desecrating the sacred.

Memories are
the dark side
of a full moon.

Memories are unsatiated desires
couched on sorrow  
entangled in time
a perennial wrinkle on the soul.

Memories are trespassers
possessing neural atrium
wading saline sockets
slithering in to throbbing veins
tiptoeing to hollow spaces
burying all under their eerie weight,
Memories are an inescapable affliction.

In fragmented mindscape
Memories are violent winds
littering the past.

Lurking behind aches  
in ethereal garbs,
Memories are assassins.
Or sema
of a swirling dervish.

Hurtling within, Memories
is an avalanche
pounding the abyss
choking the void
one gasp at a time.

Memories are
nameless apparitions
fused as shadows
to the very being.

Memories are an assault
on identity and belonging.
I wanted to
Call your name
So that nobody
Would have
To live without  
Those holy
I never wanted
To speak again
So that no voice
Would linger
But yours
And in my heart
When I’d pray
With your voice
God would bless you
I grew hungry
but my lips
could not bear
to touch a thing
these figs
on your land
these juices
that do
not belong
that wish to
wash away
your kisses
this breath
that passes
between valleys
to carry
your scent
the pollen
of this land
exhale, breathe
your breath
is myrrh
your eyes
sufi's wine
pour me a glass
I am whirling
to your drum
thum thum thak
my lips want
to dance
kirk Feb 8
The five year mission continues, Mr Spock has got the conn
A shuttle craft is in pursuit, cos Captain Pike has gone
The illusion planet Talos Four, the Keeper there awaits
It's there in the captain's log, with other known star dates

Sent on a secret mission, Captain Kirk is on the bridge
Federation space left behind, we're too far from the ridge
Violating enemy territory, now our crew is on its own
The Enterprise Incident three Romulan ships, crossing the Natural Zone

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, half black against half white
The Gamesters Of Triskelion, three brians gambling on the fight
McCoy had to use the Teacher, knowledge he had to gain
Medical procedures so advanced, to reattach Spock's Brain

We must feed Vaal The Apple, because it's our forbidden fruit
Gem could heal with just a touch, The Empath who was mute
The City On The Edge Of Forever, is where Edith Keeler Died
Did Kirk cause Ben Finney's death, a Court Marital will decide

If its The Way To Eden, then why have we found **** ?
Can we survive The Immunity Syndrome, an entity that's one cell
My thoughts to your thoughts, melding the ties that binned
An ancient Vulcan technique was used, in Dagger Of The Mind

Elaan Of Troyius potent tears, will make you fall in love
An endless fight where no one died, in Day Of The Dove
The ultimate threat The Doomsday Machine, a dangerous planet killer
A Parallel universe bearded Spock, beyond the Mirror, Mirror

Is Kodos the mass murderer, in The Conscience Of The King
A Taste Of Armageddon, is what computer wars will bring
Playing cards with Fizbin rules, for A Piece Of The Action
The Cloud Minders needed filter masks, to gain clean air extraction

The virus in The ***** Time, made the crew go wild
A baby was delivered, and it was Friday's Child
We've seen This Side Of Paradise, Spock's emotional from the spores
Flintlock weapons were introduced, for  Private Little Wars

Who Mourns For Adonis?, When there's no one left to grieve
The White Rabbit was late, when the crew was on Shore leave
For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky
Doctor McCoy was terminal, and thought he was going to die

We've explored the planet surface, red shirts have been deployed
All life has been extinguished, Cestus Three has been destroyed
Get the ship away from here, engage Warp factor two
The Enterprise we cannot lose, or any of her crew

Can Scotty change the laws of physics, when we all boldly go
Seeking out new civilisations, for life that we don't know
It's not life as we know it, but it's worth investigating
Mr Spock may raise an eyebrow, when he finds it Fascinating

Is There In Truth No Beauty?, when the galaxies edge is reached
Can Kollos the Medusan help, now the barrier's been breached
Kelvins have took over, it's By Any Other Name
Hurled from the Andromeda Galaxy, but the barriers the same

Psionic abilities were enhanced, as well as Mitchell's eyes
When we went through the barrier, with the Starship Enterprise
A silver glare is all it takes, to control the ship
The Phaser rifle has been sent, to loosen Mitchell's grip

We're leaving Delta Vega, where is the next star base
The Warp drive is offline, after the barrier in space
Heading back on impulse power, the engine's have been wrecked
We need emergency repairs, cos there's other Stars not Trekked
Due to the positive response to my last Star Trek Poem I have written this sequel, as before many episodes are referenced throughout these being:

Season 1:
The ***** Time
Dagger Of The Mind
The Conscience Of The King
Shore leave
Court Marital
A Taste Of Armageddon
This Side Of Paradise
The City On The Edge Of Forever

Season 2:
Who Mourns For Adonis?
Mirror, Mirror
The Apple
The Doomsday Machine
Friday's Child
The Gamesters Of Triskelion
A Piece Of The Action
The Immunity Syndrome
A Private Little War
By Any Other Name

Season 3:
Spock's Brain
The Enterprise Incident
Is There In Truth No Beauty?
Day Of The Dove
For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky
The Empath
Elaan Of Troyius
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
The Way To Eden
The Cloud Minders

I did say that there are always possibilities, it seems that possibilities have now presenting themselves.
The first Star Trek poem was intended to be a one off and this poem would not have been written without the support of you the readers and the positive reactions to my last Star Trek poem, I would therefore like to thank each of you for your continued support and maybe at some point we will beam back to these adventures. . ?
kirk 2d
Different words we will seek out, some are new and strange
The Enterprise has left dry dock, she's the only ship in range
We'll explore the distant galaxies, find other new life forms
There has been stars and nebulas, and hostile ion storms

The star ship Exeter has been found, orbiting Omega Four
Only uniforms remain, and the crew they are no more
They have suffered a disease, No one is left on board
We must beam down the landing party, lives we can't afford

Captain Ron Tracy has gone rouge, violating the Prime directive
While in pursuit of long life, this was his main objective
Crystal remains of the Exeter's crew, was it the planets evolution
The Omega Glory can be solved, with the American Constitution

If your not of the body, then brainwashing could turn sour
Mr Sulu is in paradise, just beware of the red hour
Hooded lawgivers are out there, for the bidding of Landru
Waiting for The Return Of The Archons, another Starfleet crew

Stella would chastise Harry Mudd, but he didn't get annoyed
Finally having the last word, with his special wife android
The arrogance of Harcourt Fenton Mudd, with a touch of eccentricity
Many androids created in I Mudd, a planet of multiplicity

Is Professor John Gill guilty, of a prime directive violation
Advanced technology has been used, to create a **** nation
The Planet Ekos is contaminated, evolutions set off course
Zeon pigs are off the street, to evade Patterns Of Force

Trelane wanted fun and games, It was time to make a stance
An ancient duelling pistol, may be Captain Kirk's one chance
Challenging The Squire Of Gothos, who is the sharpest shooter
War games against four federation ships, with The Ultimate Computer

The Mark Of Gideon was Kirk's blood, and Odona was infected
Kirok experienced The Paradise Syndrome, before the asteroid was deflected
In the body of Mr Spock, Henoch didn't have no sorrow
Will the essence of the captains mind, Return To Tomorrow

Plato's Stepchildren used telekinetic abilities, to force an interracial kiss
Zefram Cochrane's in love with The Companion, in Metamorphosis
We are stranded on a planet, something's threatening our lives
Body cells are being disrupted, so protect That Which Survives

A Requiem for Methuselah, Flint is part of ancient history
Miri is a young woman, the Grup's disease is now our mystery
Klingons in Errand Of Mercy, tried to take Organian's turf
A warhead in the past was detonated, in Assignment Earth

The Lights Of Zetar invaded the body, of Lieutenant Mira Romaine
Bread and Circuses gladiator sacrifices, a fight to the death again
Lost in the past will we get back, from All Our Yesterday's
Lazarus is positive and negative, The Alternative Factor's split two ways

Was the creature made of rock, we didn't know for certain
A fight with history's greatest foes, behind The Savage Curtain
Janice Lester captured Capitan Kirk, he could not elude her
She took over his body and ship, in Turnabout Intruder

An impostor is on board the ship, Kirk has been separated
Men have good and evil sides, but now there segregated
Does passive need aggressiveness, a malfunction caused their sever
Transporters need to be repaired, to splice Kirk back together

These are the voyages of the crew, of the enterprise
Many officers have died, and we've said our last goodbyes
Missions placed in the ships logs, along with crew memoirs
Our adventurers may continue, with our trek to unknown stars. . .
Back by popular demand is this the third Star Trek poem, featuring the episodes :

Season 1:

The Squire Of Gothos
Return Of The Archons
Errand Of Mercy
The Alterative factor

Season 2:

I Mudd
Return To Tomorrow
Patterns Of Force
The Omega Glory
The Ultimate Computer
Bread And Circuses
Assigment Earth

Season 3:

The Pardise Syndrome
Plato's Stepchildren
The Mark Of Gideon
That Which Survives
The Lights Of Zetar
Requiem For Methuselah
The Savage Curtain
All Our Yesterdays
Turnabout Intruder

These 22 episodes represent the last episodes that appeared in The Original Live Action Star Trek series. With my previous 2 poems based on this subject, this completes a trilogy of poems which cover the whole of Star Trek The Original Series originally aired from September 1966 through June 1969
Other adventurers and missions do feature Captain James T Kirk, First Officer Spock, Doctor McCoy and the crew of the Original Star ship Enterprise some known some not so well known all of which are a continuation of the ones outlined in my poems.
I am not sure these will materialise in any form in the future but other dimensions may indeed reveal further adventures. . .
Daisy Jan 2
Alright, I confess it, honey,
That I am making your life ****, only for money,
But my intentions are good,
and I don't wanna sound rude,
But it's what it is,
Call me betrayer but it doesn't change that you’re a ******,
There is no way in this world,
To go away from you,
But I have my hazy planning and so do you,
I am a devil in a clever and innocent disguise and you also have an issue,
It's a torment to survive,
But hope keeps us alive.

Your obsession is a pain,
Well I don't regret Yelling at you,
You are violating me, aren't you?
Your dolly, a nymphet and a little harlot,
Tell me tonight what you got?
Your weakly obligations and my duty,
I'm tired and you're fruity.

Ok I confess I had a little crush on you,
But I never thought it'll end like this,
It's not an ending and that's an issue,
Give me a dollar if you want a ****** kiss,

Sometimes I wonder,
What my life has become?
Traveling like a Wanderer with no purpose,
Reading magazines and everything is so murderous,
Murdering my innocence,
You so crafty and villainous.
I was a Daisy fresh girl,
Living my life in my little world,
Law is killing me, and you know it,
Got nowhere to go except to be your ***** kid.

Our little ***** secret is our end,
Why do you love me so much, I don't understand,
Is there any day when I don't have to pretend?
Why you don't like my friend?

Orphan is what I am,
Lame is what you are?
When I grow older, would you love me the same,
I know that I'm going very far.

Tell me hum
Do you like my sarcasm?
Get me bubblegum,
If you want it tonight, then that's not a problem,
You are welcome,
In my temple, or whatever you want to call it handsome.

Dancing step and step,
And you watching me like a creep,
Listening to the radio while I'm reading my newspaper,
Sitting on your lap, bee coming in, ecstasy taker.
You giving me breakfast after I do my obligation,
That's how my day starts, no need to mention.

— The End —