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Raul M Murray Feb 2022
Contingency - The Medic’s Mesmerism

Their fed up, they laugh that I am fed up
2AM in the morning, radio call alert
While I’m naked, lying in dirt or in some other disapproving fashion
How many times has this a happened?
The strikes to the face, cuts on the skin,
The assault of non registered injections.
The psyche’s medical degree after learning the curriculum
Over 20000 grand spent, and labelling with invented illnesses
Stuck in the middle, the human research subject,
Used as much as the 5 plus years qualified Dr
We have something common…….
Ridiculed, albeit not by the same group, but again, made fun of
I have no recollection of being outside, I have no clothes on
I didn’t see the person who punched me, but I must of opened the door
They cannot complete their orders,
The Medic’s Mesmerism
Has been going on so long now, this was not in the curriculum
Some might even say, training as a crime fighter, this is not in my handbook
But the patient ——— Oblivious, slowly catching up
Patient zero. Trapped! For now by the contingency — the medic’s mesmerism

15 Feb 2022
Raul M Murray
Raul M Murray Jan 2022
I can’t sing so I write lyrics to elevate chi
Words that make your brain neurons
Fire and enlighten your brain, firing like Chung li
Kicks that strikes an emotion
That flows like the synergy of the ocean
Jump in with or without your clothes on
Doesn’t matter, god made us naked
After the fishes eat, they swim for fun
We’re living, lucky, all under the sun
After all is said and done we are one
So let us past on our positive chi
Raul M Murray Jun 2021
I play drums until my drum sticks break
Hitting the melody on every beat that breaks
starting a rhythm of revellers in Harlem shake
Like Kelis, I bring the girls to my yard after a date and a twerk
We flossing to a drum roll, and we clap
kick drum cues the end with a tap of a hi-hat
Wake up in the morning in bed
Wearing a Bugs Bunny onesie and a top hat
Did this really happen?
I don't know?!
Wondering about my pillow
With splinters and the broken drum sticks
Raul M Murray May 2021
Just like the sun
Your hot
Your love lights me up
Just like the sun
You keep me warm
All year round
I rip my heart in half
And give you the other half
I tear my soul in half
And give you the other half
Hoping that we become one
Heart and soul together
Saturday 08 May 2021, 0429
Raul M Murray Apr 2021
Imagining a person in their profession
They’ve been on many a rescue mission
Or have to subdue and interview for a confession
Cannot wait for an intermission
The postman arrives, delivers a box of state ACME Gadgets
What can tetra do PC W5050 & DCI Punter
Police laughs, secret views, lives on TV console, bets
Poor, watching football, goals influenced by crowd control
Referred to the doctor, while the wager spread like a deadly virus
No worries the medical swore an oath, they’ll save us
Artful disorders, coded discussions, with hypnotic waffle
Father’s of lies, controlling the innocents, hiding in brothels
V2k conspiracy plans in victims head, coinciding with conscious torture
Police use to read people’s brain in bed, that is now part of psychiatry’s game
Raul M Murray Apr 2021
I have seem many faces
From the video bases
Transmission from the picture places
Is HD quality of the beauty kisses
That affection is even braver, sweeter
Similar to viewing a world wonder
Every reflection, vision is a perfect ponder
My visions of your vision
Is the perfect completion
This poem has been edited by a unknown person. However the memory of why I wrote remains. I wrote this poem Sunday 10th August 2021 2014. The motivation is the young ladies that blew a kiss to me before my visual cortex was damaged, to show that people cared what I was suffering through mind control torture and experiments and research at my mother's home. Thank You All. God Bless You.
Raul M Murray Apr 2021
Government regulators attempted to **** me
God's angels are the people that saved me
They created the problem buy giving the Dr the key
Escapades that spiralled like a birch tree
To suppress confessions and evidence
People were given unwanted medicine
Some ran but caught by the magnet resonance
Others 6 feet under, blessed by a church eminence
God help! Sadists and cannibals eat patients
Colluding in auditory nerves in acoustic vibrations
They are the nations NHS saviours
When people suffer they have secret celebrations
Looking for the innocent soul
Destroying with false reports and a troll
Exploiting every loophole
Services and public on a sly payroll
Pseudo science disease is a abomination
That of mental illness to the nation
That has brain washed the population
Truth will singe psychiatry to decimation
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