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Behold, the air is cool and
Damp with fallen dews,
And my blood still ran cold
Whenever I remember
The terror of the
Sleepless night ahead,

Ah, my dear has still
Not returned with my love,
For the shrill silent cry
Of the insects have even
Penetrated the silent night,

My Perspex *** of love
Is virtually empty,
Oh no, it is empty indeed,
Which petite can go
To the Offin river side
This day dedicated to the Gods?

I sent the fast tortoise,
But she is not yet back,
May be, the dusky looking
Moon has enlightened
Her irreligious hope,

Fetch me a drink,
Oh my only Perspex ***,
Hold your breast with
Your reincarnated hands,
To stop them flapping
Noisily against your body,

Run dear, run!
For my heart is gazing
In your infinite direction,
Like a hen whose only
Chick has been carried away,

Awake, O north wind,
And come, O south!
Blow upon my heart,
That its spices may
Flow out impatiently,
Can the bat hear this?

Let my beloved come
And quench her garden,
And eat its pleasant honeydew
Fruits dropping from my lips,
My bank of scented roses,
My dove, my Perspex ***,
Come and fill my heart.

My dear kabutuwaa,
A true beauty called Yaa,
The wonderful wave
That noise can pay,

The beautiful cave
That voice can say,
It was thee that pave
The dove’s way
To save my love’s ray,

Now, portray
Thy loving ice
So I can pray
For thy living justice

Grab the date
Of my love star
And let my crab mate
Thy love nectar.

The fingerprint of life
Sounded very good,
And the flash of death
Appeared very dim,

Yet the sparrow led me
To the mighty stream
That has no source,

Yes, the appearance of the
Stream was very good,
Yet she came around
With her immaculate ***,

Yes, she was in a flabby
Kente cloth which looked very dense,
Yet she came around
With her pleasant beacon,

Ah, look again,
This mighty tree has no roots
The shadow that can quench
The darts of the true enemy,
Has created a new wave of love,

See how I have grown to read
Between her apron white teeth,
For her bark looked black,
Because white was not yet beautiful,

This story must be told,
Oh yes, she must be known
By the ancestors and the Gods,
She is indeed the true
Likeness and image of Kabutuwaa,

Stir straight down the valley
And observe how beautiful
Her emperor Majesty of Ethiopia is,

Indeed, Montewab , She that bears
The eternal edible fruits of Africa
Is the fir of life,

Now that I have found
Empress Berhan Mogasa,
I am assuaged to rain against drought.

Hogbetsotso is once again with us,
But I have not yet found my arm,
She is on her way once again,
Oh yes, I must know the truth
Behind her lovely convex hips,

When was she hatched?
For the merchants have not yet
Arrived with their good news,
Can anyone behold the Volta

Lake trembling at her sweet voice?
Can anyone behold her divine blackness
Brightening the hearts of the
Men upon the horizon of Dzodze?

The chief priest is said to have hidden
This truth from the ancestors,
For her hymns are nothing
But eternal love and beauty,

Now see how green and glorious
Her savoury dusky bark looks,
Are the naked Gods permitted to
Create a beauty like unto her image?

My imagination cannot even define
The secret behind her beauty,
Neither can a basket full of words

Betray my secret thoughts of her,
For the beads around her waist
Has been a snare to great kings,

She is an Ewe indeed,
Daehafi, the exceptional beauty
That brightens the watching sun,

The mighty wind that refreshes
My fearless daily hopes,
In fact, her precious eyes flashes
Glaring fire with her breath of flame,

My dear Daehafi,
Go and persuade the sea wave
Not to break into pieces,
And kiss me once again,

A last long kiss,
Until I draw your soul within
My plum lips and
Drink down all your love,

In fact, she is the only prim
And proper Black beauty that
Weighs her love before
Given out her heart.

Welcome my Princess! Oh Heavens,
For the queen of my heart
Is about to offer to nature
Her complete beauty of Africa,

Give her the Kente cloth
In its rich, natural and splendid array,
And offer her newborn feet with
The golden sandals and diamond beads,

Behold! There she descends from the
Unapproachable eternal flames of the sun,
With the divine firmament
Fizzling at her flammable tune,

See how the precious fragrant branches
Of the clouds covers her lovely feet,
For the clouds have gathered and there is
Nothing more to expect but the storm,

Oh yes, I have found a ****** woman,
The beauty among the daughters of great men,
Whose eyes are as brilliant as the star

And as delightful as a sugarcane;
Behold, her face is as bright as palm wine;
Her hair sleeps like a slender thread,
And her stature is as that of a pawpaw tree,

She is called Obaahemaa Kabutuwaa
And truly she is Rasses Kabutuwaa
Whose eyes are those of the faithful dove,

Truly, Kabutuwaa whose
Gods is like that of bees,
Slim, black and full of sweetness,

Truly, Kabutuwaa is obedient and wise,
Truly, Kabutuwaa for whom
All men felt love in their hearts!

Come! Oh my unveiled one,
And expose thy soft and loamy face,
For the nations shall seek and
Behold thy enviable eternal beauty,

Ah, the proud effeminate shadow of Africa,
Please show the angelic face of
Thy love to my perturbed soul,
For thou art an African ****** indeed.

I cannot perceive my past,
Neither can I behold my future,
Yet my heart will go on,

The native doctor has cast
An evil spell on my gun,
Causing poverty to become
My greatest confidant,
Yet my love will go on,

She has left me
For the energetic farmer,
Indeed, he who has corn
Has no problem owning fowls,
Yet my heart will go on,

Nature has frown
Her face in darkness,
Whiles the sky is
Weeping in tears of dim stars,
Yet my love will go on,

My dead palm nut tree has
Decided not to reproduce
Tasty palm wine any longer,

Knowing very well that
My gourd is extremely thirsty,
Yet my heart will go on,

Life has been cruel
To my youthful teeth,
Having no pity for
My taste and sight,
Yet my love will go on,

The cruel Gods have brought
A great calamity on my land,
Causing my rain drop to
Hold its peace indefinitely,
Yet my heart will go on,

The Aburi mountains are
Lying flat on their bellies
Whiles the Shai hills are

Looking ghastly at my pains
Yet my love for Frimpomaa
Will forever go on.

How beautiful it was
When I beheld the cool
Morning breeze singing,

For my soul thought he
Heard a rhythmic
Thumping from the market,

But it was my heart
Applauding the prospect
Of an unexpected fellowship with
The untouchable rose flower,

Here are my
One-night-stand rules,
For I remembered the passion
When I forgot the sweetness,

But wait and let her listen
To my wailing heart full of love breath
That stretches up to the stars with
Leaves that have never been shed,

Ah, my only falling rain,
The mother of many nations,
The beauty that remains prosperous,

The starling shall not cease
To express my sincere whims to
Imprison thee in my heavy heart.

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