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Harmony Sapphire Jan 2018
You call me old.
You left me in the cold.
Sometimes you call me a *****.
You act like I'm made of money like I'm rich.
Do you even realize what your doing?
Why were you even pursuing.
You act cruel.
Because you said I must of broken some rule.
Will you ever give me a copy if your key?
Maybe someone else but not me.
You tell me to stop complaining.
But besides you who else should I be blaming?
This circumstances are ridiculous.
When I'm gone will you even notice or miss?
You never even gave me a hug or a kiss.
You said you love me and that you care.
You don't like my shedding hair.
You say I get your tub *****.
I can't even ****** you if I get flirty.
This is unnecessary torment and neglect.
I am the only one this had affect
Harmony Sapphire Nov 2017
His pillow is so soft & mattress & bed.
It's where I rest my body and head.
After I bathe and get fed.
Sometimes I get so tired I feel dead.
Sleep is more important food.
I hope he stays in a good mood.
I don't want to get kicked out to live again in the car in the cold.
I feel tired and old.
Sometimes he calls me a ***** or stupid and ******* when he gets mad.
It hurts my feelings and makes me sad.
He will probably  be angry when he finds out I don't want to go to school.
For a week he can't have visits or phone calls in jail I wonder for breaking what rules.
He says we are friends & I'm family.
He calls my daughter a ****** because she don't talk and can't work  full time.
I do complain and whine.
He says we smell like wet dog because we are white.
He better treat us right.
I always tried to help.
With the curse we been dealt.
We're feelings felt?
He says he wants to marry another.
Is he more like a brother?
People thinks he used me.
That I can not see.
This is not how it should be.
In January he will be free.
Harmony Sapphire Sep 2017
His brown eyes peeping.
Beside me his sneakers be creeping.
A victim of circumstance.
Mesmerized in his trance.
He can't swim or dance.
He says we're going to be together.
In his bed warm against the weather.
We give each other happiness & pleasure.
A joy nothing else can measure.
Jealousy boils and festers.
We are kindred spirits who share the same sign.
Destined to meet in this space and time.
A love lucky to find.
A true heart mended.
A friendship heaven sended.
Lasting and never ended.
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
he said we all need each other.
find another love.
if I could I would give you the world.
I am insatiable.
what you need is some real loving.
you need to find a love that's gonna last.
here we are face to face.
nevermind the past.
get ready for the breakdown.
I am the one you want to see.
welcome to the million dollar show.
I got some France on the south side in case you care.
when you cry I become an emotion.
I love you but I don't trust you anymore.
his music spoke volumes.
his lyrics seriated.
his hips girated.
his genetics migrated.
his death never waited.
he was taken to soon. gone from us and this earth.
if there is a heaven has there been a rebirth?
what is worse?
a death and a curse?
to have stolen all that you are worth.
to never change or diverse.
skipping a verse.
to be the last or the first?
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
died without knowing the truth of what happened.
the past unforgiven and never again forgotten.
memories lost are now found.
no justice in a world that is round.
a sadistic amnesia with repair to the damaged mind.
my heart breaks with what I find.
remembering a soul mate too late.
when it mattered the most.
I now stalk his ghost.
a bodyguard untrusting.
a sickness was lusting.
evidence remembered but undiscovered.
a last will and testament in the wrong hands.
npg was his band and 3rdeyedgirl became his new world.
he found me when I could not remember.
after he died my memory returned.
my heart cracked and burned.
his essence cremated.
his assets debated.
his legend unfaded.
my soul forever waited.
a destiny outdated.
an image unhated.
a body degraded.
now extinguished.
pure intentions never mentioned.
to bring him back a miracle I wished.
I would give anything to make true.
to restore his life new.
so together we can be two.
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
old people waiting to die.
reflecting on what made us cry.
never knowing how where when or why.
extending lives money can not buy.
forever searching but never finding a soul mate that is the right guy.
nobody to ever talk to no one says hi.
staring eyes that pry.
boredom sighs.
Harmony Sapphire Jun 2017
I was created in his image.
A life unlived.
Mortality outlived.
An existence you can't repeat.
You can not rewind and take a seat.
It doesn't matter if you take a number.
Waiting to die.
Destiny you can't buy.
Promises you can't even try.
Nobody knows why.
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