Puking and depression
Coughing and anxiety

They go together
Like sticks and stones


The sticky tar
And the wretched gasoline

You can't get rid of them
Because they stick to you

The tar becomes your clothes
And the gasoline becomes your perfume

They become a part of your life
Affecting where you go and what you like

And sometimes the tar is so thick
Or the gasoline is so strong

That you can't even get up
And so you're forced to stay in bed

And until the day comes

The day where you can peel that tar off
Or rinse that gasoline away

You will forever
Be set aflame

Just because I'm not alone
Doesn't mean I'm not lonely

Because loneliness isn't being alone
And being alone is not being lonely

Loneliness isn't a choice
But being alone is

All my life
I lived in fear
And cowered away
From the light

But the light
It wasn't the refreshing light
Or the light you're happy to see
After being in the dark so long

This light was different
It was the light from people
The people who judged you
If you lived in darkness

Because darkness
It's associated with death
And despair
And sadness

And sadness is associated with weakness
And if you're weak
Then you're not worthy of living

And so you shy away from that light
That damned light
Afraid of being discovered
Living in the comforting darkness

And once you're discovered
You get sent away
To a place full of bright lights
And supposedly soothing voices

They hand you medicine
But to me
It's like they're shoving it down my throat

And every night
When I take that pill
It's like I'm swallowing my life
Drowning it

Because the medicine doesn't help
It makes me irritable
And angry
And serious
Because I can never see
With that horrid light shining in my eyes

They took me out of the darkness
Because they thought I wasn't happy
But then they trapped me in the cursed light
Where I am now petrified

You don’t want to wake up
Because of the harshness
Of the thing known as “Life”

It makes you bedridden
Hidden away from the world
Like a hamster in a cage

You stay in the cage because you can’t leave
There is a higher power over you
Trying to protect you

But you must rid that higher power
Dethrone the so-called God
Because you were going to take it back

And once you’re free
It’s like you’re drunk
Drunk on living

And you realized that the period
The period of which you were lying in bed
Was just a horrible hangover
From a drink called “Life”

Anger is a feeling that we all possess
It’s a horrible beast
A hungry beast
That feeds on stress

It roams through us
Softly biting
And then painfully gnawing
Until we combust

We lash out
Yelling things we don’t mean
Yelling at people we love
Just so the beast rests it’s snout

Our anger is like a plague
Spreading to and fro
But it’s so much more complicated
The beast is vague

We need to kill the beast
And if we can’t
We should tame it
At the very least

The sunflower's shimmer
As the sun hits the droplets
Of water, which were drying
Due to the sun, causing it to simmer

A child leans down
Staring in awe
At the sunflower
And the small water crowns

"Momma, look!"
The child cries
The mother looks, asks the boy "Why don't you take it?"
"Because momma, I don't want to be a crook!"

The mother throws her head back and laughs
"To whom would you be a crook to?"
The boy frowns at her
"Nature and it's crafts!"

What's wrong with a little cold?
I really enjoy it
But then again,
I'm strange, I've been told

So yes, winter is great
It's like my safe haven
Christmas, cold, snow...
There is absolutely nothing to hate

But then there are the people
The people who hate winter
They cry and complain and carry on
As if they're a child who has a splinter

There are enough warm days
Yet so little cold
Why can't there be more?
Yes, I'm strange. I've been told.

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