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Mark Nov 2019
Sometimes I wish I was a spirit.

I would be able to drift:
From place to place,
Person to person,
Event to event.

I would be able
To visit
Past, present, future.

Memorable and
Forgettable alike.

I would be able to witness
The creation
And the
That humanity has
Inflicted and gifted
Its earthly palette.

I would be able to see
All the beautiful people,
And their beautiful smiles.

Every single one of them.

Everyone would be beautiful;
For I would not
Have an eye
Through which
To behold them.

I would be able to
Absorb moments
Without corrupting them
With my presence.

I would be able
To condense
Into a droplet
I could drink
Mark Oct 2019
The night is perfect.

Cold air relief
From the loud
Heat of the bus.

Beyond the road
People laugh
And embrace;
A perfect soundtrack
That ignites the silent stillness.  

I don't know where
You're coming from,
So I look both ways:

A headlight!

Every time
An approaching car
Announces itself
Through engine and gravel,
I turn and look up as
A speedbump throws light
Flaring through my retina,
Obscuring everything,
So that for a few seconds,
I have no idea
If it's you or not.

And with each passing car,
My anticipation
And my excitement

I am happy.
Mark Oct 2019
Flower bloom, Summer's end.
The past looms, no wounds mend.
Vicinal tomb. Please pretend
All is well, everything' fine,
And there is enough
Time is a flat circle,
Not a straight line...
Seasonal shift. Darkness find.
Self-cannibalistic, sequestered mind.
Life and death, nature's rhyme.
Final breath; peace from mind.
Mark Oct 2019
I feel it.
I feel it.
Deep inside.
I hear the shadows,
And taste the light.
I feel it.
The crushing weight
And the transcendence
Of existence.
My skin, my flesh
Cannot contain this
Velcroed spirit.
I feel it all.
Mark Oct 2019
I am asleep.

I awake slowly, half-heartedly
At a sound you make.

Quiet early exit,
Not wanting me
To wake.

Creeps through
My window.

The sun rests itself awhile
On my wall.
Instant joy,
No longer does my skin crawl.

My eyes light up
When I realise
The sun has graced me
With its company,
And with its light and warmth
Has filled up my cup.

No longer do I want to
Gouge my eyes out,
Pull my hair out,
Throw myself about,
Take medication,
Scream in desperation,
Or go on a permanent 'vacation'.

You could have traced
The smile on my face.

Instead, you left.

I understand,
And honestly,
It's grand.

I just wanted to ask one thing
Before I went back to sleep;

Take my sunlight with you.
But don't take it away from me.

— The End —