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Cant we quit to see this world in a labour or conservative view?
And would justice adjust to a world better for the better people?

Listen, fools, which we all are.
Wouldn’t fall for this political stylizing conservative values.

Heck, who are cheat
And who will lie.
Who indeed tends racist more?

Under the church,
a stained 7 colour window
Can we halt to see this world from and black and white view.

More than agree with who? ——
Yes, there are other hues.
Who need to  therapy?
Yes, the world only comes together
when we try to make it better.
By Angel. XJ. 13/12/2019
G. government
O. organization
O. ogle


..yes you are so interesting or threatening to the government that they feel compelled to watch you all day, every day, constantly and a tech company is aiding them in violating a core principle of freedom; the right to privacy.

A tech company is complicit in a tyranny against freedom and individuality while selling you knowledge?

I hope Trump finds the courage to start hanging traitors because Google will be the greatest weapon against freedom ever created by man.

    There is not such a thing as democracy.
    There is no such a thing as freedom.
    There is no thing called capitalism.
    America is a myth.

It can always
into your skin
but unless it kills you
                                       it will not change you?
Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
Yes, I am angry, *******,
******* and spitting
For people who annoy me
And really deserve hitting.
I rage against people who
Never did a thing to me
I want to jail some of them
And never let them free.

I’m angry because here I am
Getting older and I’m paying
For loafers and immigrants
Do you hear what I’m saying?
Trump said it right out loud
We pay more taxes than anyone.
So we can have a lady president?
Only fools would want that done!

Women and swishy guys
And bums in the streets.
You gotta be kidding me!
Wouldn’t that be sweet?
Taking all my money so they
Don’t ever have to work.
What are they thinking?
That I’m some kind of ****?

And here I am driving in
A ten year old automobile
When some welfare mom
Is driving brand-new wheels?
And now they’ve got colored folks
And gay shows on our TV.
That sounds like communism
And socialism to me.

So, yes, I am super mad
That only the GOP cares
Dems makes up lies and create
A bunch of libtard scares.
Our country seems worse to me
For the past ten years
And is busily pulling our great
Country down around our ears.

(I wrote this because I know
By first and last names
Acquaintances and family
Who preach this kind of shame.
They get their news from outlets
That are financed by the few
That give the gripers false issues
Then they do what they're told to do.)
Basil lee Jan 2018
It all makes sense now
The world is ending as we sit on this hill
Pretending everything is just alright
The men with guns may just end it all tomorrow
They all act like its about time
They treat their money like their heart
All covered in an ignorant green slime
They are all happy in their dark minds
They don't want to change.
Why would you want to change what makes you so fat with greed?
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
Sometimes I just have to admit it.
Things are happening and I don’t get it.
What the hell is going on here?
Is an explanation from anyone near?
It makes a kind of sense, if you squint
But soon it caroms off on another bent.
I mean, it’s all in my native language, true,
But so much of it feels like visiting a zoo.

My life can turn into a monkey house
And without a decent kind of warning
And suddenly I’m dealing with issues
That weren’t there in the morning.
Some batch of politicians on the right
Are busily trying to steal my serenity
And maybe even trying to imprison me
And at least take away my dignity.

They say they are doing all of this
In the name of holy Jesus Christ
But it still works as a ripping off,
And an indecent but legal heist.
I may not be an attorney myself
But I was also not born last Tuesday.
These rotten scalawags in suits
Are trying to take my rights away.

It makes a kind of sense, if you squint
But soon it caroms off on another bent.
I mean, it’s all in my native language, true,
But so much of it feels like visiting a zoo.

It always amazes me that these jerks
Somehow manage to sleep at night
Because it’s plain enough to see
That what they do really isn’t right.
For example, for two hundred years
It was legal here to own negroes.
But that it was an sickening atrocity
Was as plain as their white nose.

But they held cotillions and soirees
And treated slaves like breeding stock
And sold off the black babies which
Seemed to happen around the clock
Because it made sense to these Christians
To ignore everything that Jesus said
And treat these people barbarically
From their birth until they were dead.

Sometimes I just have to admit it.
Things are happening and I don’t get it.
What the hell is going on here?
Is an explanation from anyone near?

There are plenty of modern references
Like treating immigrants as villains
When every white person in the USA
Were immigrants, most of them willing.
But rich people here are so upset
That these people are not the right kind
And that gives the rich white people
An excuse for them to be rude and unkind.

I could go on and on with this complaint
For pages and chapters without end.
I’m still waiting for someone to tell me
“Enough! We conservatives agree and say 'When!'”
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
The Right believes it is right
And so by default we are left
To fight both day and night, bereft
Of the loving eye of Propriety.
Denied by those with single site
Those who once believed in divine right
Even though that was never right
Never really acceptable
Mostly reprehensible
Spouting their religious twaddle
They were always ready to fight
For what they were told was right.

The Right listens to entertainment
And claims they are news shows.
And regard the truth with amazement
But that is just the way it goes
When you are raised by dunderheads
Who think education is a waste.
Listening to people like that
Will always leave a horrible taste
For those who prefer research
And knowing what is going on.
But don’t expect the Right to see
Charlatans and say “Move on!”

The idea is to listen to the words
And find the ones you want to hear
And then parrot back the lies
Smiling broadly from ear to ear.
Every time you repeat untruths
They gain a bit more credibility
And it matters not one whit
That the words don’t mach reality.
So, the Right keeps up the fight
For anger and hatred to win.
And every time the truth arises
The Right will fight it once again.
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