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kirk Oct 25
I love you my dear sister, I don't want to say goodbye.
Why did you have to leave us, why do the good things die?
Your in my thoughts you'll always be, a glint in my minds eye
A single tear I can't contain, so I won't even try

Whenever I feel lonely, I will search for the brightest Star
I will feel you near me, and I'll know just where you are
Although you are no longer hear, you just won't seem so far
Open wounds will never heal, and always leave a scar

A wilting rose is beautiful, even with a fallen petal
Thorns may scratch a jaded heart, and never will it settle
Jagged edges peirce my soul, they sting just like a nettle
Life is far too fragile, when our health begins to fettle

Mum and Dad are waiting, to take you by the hand.
They'll beckon you to follow them, towards the promised land
I'll think of you in every place, between the sea and sand
But you will have to wait for me, I hope you understand

Tell them both I love them, and I'm sorry to be late
But I will still be with you, as you walk beyond the gate
You will need their guidance, as they know you should not wait
And we will cry the lonely tears, of everlasting fate

One sun has set forever, tears hidden in the rain.
I know one day I'll be with you, and sun's will rise again
Until such time I will endue, cries of my inner pain
We will reforge our broken links, and reconnect the chain

We're fighting for survival, in a battle we can't win
Our journey's end as closer, to the point where we begin
I'll find you at the crossroads, where the road is running thin
We'll join hands and you will know, I love you Sister Lynn
Written for a friend's sister
kirk Oct 7
Do you get a "buzz" from "bingo", or do you need something more?
A "full house" can be a strain, and sometimes it's a bore
You dont want a "chicken basket", uncooked and almost raw
Send it back and clear the room, then lock up your front door

Excitement comes to a "full house", when the fat lady sings
It's tastier with fleshy thighs, that wobble like oiled springs
Her "chicken basket " I would grab, as well as other things?
You'll get a "buzz" from succulent *******, beneath her "bingo" wings
The criteria was write a  poem using the words " Buzz, Chicken Basket,  Bingo and Full House" all associated with bingo.
I thought it would be funnier to use the words and loosely base it on elements of bingo instead of the game itself
kirk Sep 28
There was once a thriving colony,  of staff to clean your school
But that is all but over,  cos you've acted like a fool.
You know that "Duel Toe Urges" only make us lose our cool
If we "Let Sour Greed" take hold, then it's braking your own rule

"Our Geese ****" were cackling once, when we used to have a laugh
All that has been ruined now, with sections on the graph
Why "Steel Our Edge" why alienate and ridicule the staff?
The sad demise is obvious, with the workforce cut in half?

I'm only trying to pay my dues, by earning a few bob
But having a "Rude Leg To Use" is something I would lob
I'd rather chuck the "Sealed Rug Out"  if I am on the job
No one needs a " Used Leg Route",  if you act like a ****

You don't realise what the problem is, why don't you let things be
It's known "Ogle Deture Us ", if that's all that you can see
When it's a "True Log Used" you're completely off your tree
But since I am resigning, then it doesn't effect me
Written for a friend using anagrams of a person's name inside the quotes, the rest is self explanatory
kirk Apr 13
Birthdays come and swiftly go, which doesn't seem that fair
Regrets are often prominent, when none of us are there
Saddness is a factor, but that's something we all share
But nowerdays its nothing new, and unfortunately not rare

So try to have a better day, then ones that went before
Cos life gets so much harder, and emotions are too raw
Years are passing quickly, then there're lost forevermore
A birthday wish could easily mean, age is our biggest flaw!

Regardless of my mental state, I will send my thoughts your way
I often think about you, when my lifes in disarray
Your there at night when I'm alone, and when we used to play
Our childhood dreams were better than, another lost birthday
kirk Mar 17
Age isn't kind to most of us, but Pete you know we care
When quality of life is lost, it doesn't seem that fair
It hurts to see you struggling, and it's more than we can bare
Especially with diminished souls, and the lives that we all share

We suffer from lifes cruelty, fate has a broken seal
Failing health that's far too frail, will fall away and peel
Maybe we are selfish, but as people that's the deal
And dignity is highly priced, when body's do not heal

Time isn't a great healer, it takes as it ticks on
Eventually you will all see, when everything is gone
Where darkness is, it used to be, the place where lightness shone
Life was so much better when, our stars were wished upon

I can't bare to see you suffering, life's one thing you can't cheat
We don't want to let you go, it would make us incomplete
Broken hearts they stay that way, it's something you can't beat
We love you dad you are the best, and loyal husband Pete
For a friend's Dad
kirk Nov 2021
Poor old Uncle Ben, looks like you have been fired
Get off our product packaging, your no longer required
Years of service would suggest, that you were once admired
But loyalty no longer counts, when your status has expired

Once you we're respected, and you didn't have to brag
I don't know why your suddenly, classed as a red flag?
They want to erase history, but their voices need a gag
A disrespect for microwaves, and rice boiled in the bag

Society no longer wants you, that much is surley proved
Do black lives really matter, when it's black that's being removed?
It doesn't make things better, and there's nothing that's improved
You can't substitute your ignorance, in the hope the world gets soothed

Why has he been targeted, why is it so precise?
Uncle Ben has been removed, from long and whole grain rice
Seventy years no way a slave, now he has paid the price
You have no thoughts, you've followed suit, you've taken bad advice

Your face must be offensive, cos they've played the racist card
This is the reason your now banned, and why you have barred
Paddy fields have felt your pain, they've taken the news hard
But it's not just blacks and foreigners, that's emotionally scarred

It doesn't matter what you change, or if old relatives discarded
He'll still be known as "Uncle Ben", he's too highly regarded
Whoever thought of this idea, they must be quite *******
Do you think your being diverse, when the public are bombarded?

Where is your proof or evidence, that the futures more inclusive?
It's not so stereotypical, when that club is non exclusive
You prattle on like pensioners, but your uncle's now illusive
How hypocritical can you be, when nothings that conclusive

Don't cause community divide, don't move things out of sight
Why do you exile darker skins, it simply is not right
Maybe it's your nature, and it's you that's not too bright
I wouldn't out of irony, ship them to the Isle of White

I fail to see the difference, with your product interference
Why are people in minority, scheduled for a massive clearance?
Perhaps you have a dislike, and you love race disappearance
The trouble is your arguments, have no sense of coherence

Who's next on the agenda, Who suffers the next chop?
Can I expect a range of goods, absent from the shop?
I hope "Aunt Bessie" won't succumb, to names that you will drop
Manhandled of her dumplings prove, that this madness should stop

Lunacy is on the rise, with the things that you endorse
Is "Meena" safe from tyranny, will you stop her at the sauce?
Or will korma be victorious, without the use of deadly force
With senseless attitudes of today, we'll find out in due course

I think that in all honesty, you've taking things too far
Even Disney's lost its faith, in Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
"Uncle Remus" can no longer, wish upon a star
Despite the fact they said it makes, no difference who you are?

Your excuses are not valid, so I couldn't give two hoots
Footwear is getting tighter, cos your too big for your boots
I wouldn't be at all surprised, if you dispose of "Levi Roots"
No more music on your food, and there's no real substitutes

Scapegoats come in many forms, through all our uphill slogs
To save us getting in a jam, they ditched the golly wogs
It started many moons ago, with the grinding of lifes cogs
But it wasn't worth the effort, now we've gone to the dogs

Who thought of "Ben's Original", that name is just the worst
It's quite clear that "Uncle Ben", simply got there first
Originality isn't something, that is planned and then rehearsed
Your led away like mindless sheep, and your obviously cohorst

There's nothing wrong with Uncles, or a packet that shows faces
Especially when they depict, a span of different races
I'll only purchase Uncle Ben's, with intact ethnic traces
We don't want contradictory claims, with "Original" as their bases

I think I'll switch to bachelors, or even shops own brand
Cos I can't stand the way you treat, the ethnics of our land
Why drown yourself In petulance, why try to get things banned?
Your attitude just goes to show, that you are underhand

You didn't mind old Ben's face, when you raked in the cash
It seems to me your acting dumb, and being far to rash
Why is "Uncle " so offensive, and the cause if rice backlash?
Your suffering from vindictiveness, and a sense of being brash

Jars of cooking sauces, now have something they all lack
The distinguished face of a man, who happens to be black!
He is a childhood icon, and he should be brought right back
And never mind the unaoriginal, with "Original" on the pack

Don't rip away the legacy, of a man from way back when
Actions taken do more harm, more now than they did then
Take my advice just leave things be, and don't mention it again
Cos I don't think it's very fare, on poor old Uncle Ben
Following the news concerning the change of "Uncle Ben's" to "Ben's Original" I thought I would share my views and as you will see I strongly disagree with the change. I believe it's more offensive by the removel of things that have been in place for years or decades, history should be preserved and embraced not erased. Uncle Ben is a national icon and should be treated as such instead of trying to erase him from existence altogether, attitudes such as this have gone to far and everytime they remove a statue or a word that's suddenly offensive or in this case a face from a packet or product it only draws more attention to something that wasn't even thought about before the complaints started to roll in but once one complaint is received the band waggon is truly on the road full of all the snowflakes and it's about time they all melted
kirk Sep 2021
I've written letters of complaint, and I've made it crystal clear
That constant life insurance adds, are an insult to the ear
A thousand pounds near minimum, I still think that's quite dear
We resent your death reminders, every day and year by year

I'd much prefer an answer, but I'm simply being ignored
Your only interest seems to be, is we all get insured!
We're offered bribes to temp us, if a policy is scored
Vouchers for our honored dead, well that is no reward

A collaboration with the reaper, do you have to get so close?
It doesn't matter if its pure, or if it is grandiose
Biologically it's necessary, but from a certain point it's gross
We cannot deny we've had our fill, and now we're comatose

Larynxes are beyond sore, our throats are stuffed and rammed
Why do the brakes in programming, have to be so crammed?
Material that destroys your soul, should be condemned and ******
Pure profit over sympathy, with the public that you've scammed

Stop praying on vulnerable, stop banking on the needy
The volume of competitors, are getting far too greedy
Cash grabing is hardly fair, it's bordering on seedy
Would we like these adverts purged, the answers "yes indeedy"

Bleak broadcasting is of the scale, it's something we detest
Everyone is sick to death, and I really must protest
Don't you know that your campaign, is making us depressed?
We won't take this lying down, so please lay it to rest

Poor undertakers don't exist, their service price is shocking
Tailored suits don't justify, the dying that their mocking
A sordid quest for your demise, as heavens door is knocking
Caskets and a hired hurse, an expense that sure needs blocking

The pretence of the smarmy gent, his mannerisms are just fake
Pretending that they feel your pain, but their just on the make
Business deals are organised, and its not for heavens sake
Why don't we concentrate on life, instead of hearts that brake

Low cost funerals that's a laugh, who are you trying to kid
You even charge us for the nails, that seals the coffin lid
Twenty companies in excess, touting for your hard earned quid
Con artist's are in your face, waiting for the poor man's bid

It takes more than a few pennies, so don't raise your expectations
Cos in the end your still relying, on family and Relations
Don't waste your time on searching, through the mass of tv stations
It's impossible to get away, from funerals and cremations
As you may or may not know this poem was inspired from one insurance advert in particular the original words are here for comparison purposes only:

We've spoken to our darling dad he's made it crystal clear  
He doesn't want his funeral to cost the family dear
Don't waste your hard earned pennies on a grandiose occasion
I'd much prefer you organise a simplicity cremation
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