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There is a light that shines-
Blue bright light-
Where Genies and magic-
Explore worlds of delight-
Hearts are Patched to the core-
Never lands to explore-
Deep from the meaning-
Good morning no war-
No doubt that the fire-
Still burns in his soul-
Poetical King just fishing for more-
Alone is the pain-that one should never bare-
Aliens to this planet-are more common than rare-
Willing is the hunt-for a calmness of game-
Laughing is the cure-Awaken ailments of pain-
Though it may never be said-
Though it may never escape-
Off to Ork we must go-
To close this chapter of fate-

17 years-

I can still picture it-
Your love for your kids-
How you always made sure-
There was a good standard to live-
You never varied from what you had to do-
Worked like a man-
To help everyone else’s dreams come true-
I know it wasn’t easy-
Probably more hard than not-
But you always made sure that they had a lot-
And now they have grown and I know they think about you each day-
Sad day, not really sure what I can say-
Except for I love you and I miss you more than you know-
17 years you have been gone but your memory melts the snow-
Say hello to them up there for me-
As here on earth we will continue the family tree-
Gabbi-my uncle-my dad’s best friend-  
The father of my cousins-
Simply a man-
I miss you-I hope heaven is treating you well-
I know one day I will see you , up high above the clouds-
Where smiles rain free and pain is no longer allowed-
This family misses you, today is darker than most-
Tonight I pour a glass and to you I toast-

I love you!
True beauty like yours can never be matched-
It’s the ones who aren’t that beautiful that need all these apps-
And I grasp when I see you wake up in the morn-
And praise those lucky stars for the day you were born-
And girl-
I’m only speaking the truth-
Because all their trying to do is look exactly like you-
Don’t ever get twisted-
Don’t you ever forget-
The moment I saw you I almost broke my **** neck-
You’re a knock Out-
A queen-
A dream-
You’re perfection at its finest without needing a thing-
You’re beautiful-
So now I’m standing at the brink of my fate-
Looking for the lime light looking for escape-
The fear you set in me is slowly releasing-
And I am no longer a prisoner of your vile thinking-
My hands have been cut loose and I am now on my way to the top-
Wither it be money or fame or family-I won’t stop-
No one has the power over me to make me flop and if for a second you think that you got –
The ability to crush me-
I assure you-you should stop-
Because you’re beating yourself into the ground-
Trying to take my soul and turn it around-
Turn my insides inside out-but I can tell you know your luck has run out-
So this is a goodbye to all your negative ways-
And if I have to say it again it will come in a ******* wave-
Because these are my days and my life and if you can’t evolve with me-
Then maybe this is goodbye-
16 Years Ago-

I was sitting in class when that note arrived-
I looked up at my teacher with a tear in my eye-
He said “Richie, grab your stuff your leaving for the day”
I knew at that moment I would be out of words to say-
I walked to the parking lot and there stood my Dad-
Leaning on his white Volvo looking so sad-
We didn’t say much as we made our way over the hill-
We both knew what was coming-I didn’t think it was real-
We arrived at the hospital and everyone was there-
Your Daughter was pregnant-Your son was scared-
I looked around the room tears were singing like songs-
I reached for my Grandfather’s hand-
He told me “Be strong”-
My dad leaned in and by your bed he was at your side-
For one second longer he told you “open your eyes”-
To look around the room to see us for the last time-to know we love you-
To know its time-
You opened your eyes and I still see them to this day-
You past so fast here are something’s I wish I could say-
I would like to say thank you for all that you did-
Taking care of so much, your brother and your kids-
I know it wasn’t easy and I understand more now-
You went through so much-
I want you to know now-
That everyone is well-
Your son is being a man, and being a friend-
Your daughter is good-Your Grandsons are men-
So another year has come and another year gone-
I’m looking at the sky and because of you I’m smiling all day long-

We miss you-
Richard Itskovich
I will fill the world with my heart-
Show them darkness ends and where love starts-
I lurk in the shadows of despair-
Where the glare takes the air-
Right out of your lungs-
Where you pace back and forth-
Singing the song that’s been sung-
High strung-Hung high at noon-
Consumed the devils-
Closing in on the room-
Break free from the chains-
That hurt me so-I grow-
Larger than pain will ever know-
These shadows play no part-
I will fill the world with this illuminated heart-
Who knows what you know-
Who knows what to say-
Who lives in your world-
Who do you count on to save-
Who will be there when it’s time to go-
Who will love you when you are just so low-
Who will help you-when you feel all is lost-
Who can guide you-
Who do you trust-
Who will smile-When the smiles are gone-
Who will dance-at the end of the song-
Who do you trust-with the last beat of your heart-
Who is you lightness-that aluminates the dark-
Who is the question-we all search to find-
Who is the love-that no longer leaves you blind-
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