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jake aller Feb 10
Love Haiku

Jake Cosmos Aller


1. Thursday Evening
2. Waking Up to No You
3. One Moment, One day
4. You Are My Angel
5. Saying Goodbye for Now
6. Know I Must Say I do
7. I Can Not Get Rid
8. I Float Here and There
9. You Are My Everything
10. One Night in Lithia Springs
11. One Night I Dreamt of You
12. Where do you and I
13. Dream Girl Hanibun
14. Living with Pain Hanibun
15. Hiking Hills of My Youth Hanibun

Thursday Evening
Thursday early evening
Thinking dark thoughts only you
Can you cure these thoughts?

Waking Up to No You

Waking up to no you
Absent in my bed at night
Absent from my dreams

One Moment, One Day

One moment, one day
You walked out of my nightmares
And swept into life

You Are My Angel

You are my Angel
Sent from God up in heaven
To conquer my life  

Saying Goodbye for Now

Saying goodbye now
Is the hardest thing to do
But I must do it

Know I Must Say I do

I know I must say I do
But I don't want to today
Just don't have the strength

I Can Not Get Rid

I cannot get rid  
This angel haunting my soul
Seeing your face in the sky

I Float Here and There

I float here and there
Neither here nor there tonight
Tomorrow will be

You Are My Everything

You are my everything
All my hopes and dreams
Haunting my nights

One Night in Lithia Springs

One night in Lithia Springs
We soaked away our painful life
And again fell in Love

One Night I Dreamt of You
One night I dreamt of you
For seven years I dreamt of you
Until you walked into my life

Where do you and I

Where do you and I
Where do you begin to end
Where do I belong

Meeting Dream Girl

I first dreamt of Angela when I was but a lad of 17 living in Berkeley, California.  It was 1974 and life seemed full of possibilities in that magical year the tail end of the fabled 60’s.

  I fell asleep that fateful day in a boring Physics class. I woke up seeing the most beautiful women in the world looking at me.  I was shocked and did not know what to say.

She spoke to me in a strange language but somehow, I knew that someday we were to be together. I just knew that I would meet the girl in the dream. It was love at first sight.  She disappeared and I fell to the floor yelling, “who are you?”

Then I started having the same dream month after month for seven long years.  I had to decide where to go in the Peace Corps and chose to go to Korea because I knew she would be there.  I looked for her every day knowing that someday she would walk out of my dreams and into my life.

Then one day I had the last dream.  She walked off the bus in front of me.  I was shocked did not know what to say and she smiled at me melting my heart away.  I got her number agreed to meet the next day.  

She came to my class room and we talked at length.
She was madly in love with me and she had to have me.  I told her I felt the same way.  We married two months later.  And that was the beginning of 35 years of happiness.

When I first saw you
Standing on the hot roadway
I knew life began

That was the end game
The beginning of my life with you
A journey with you
senryu and hanibun  based on my true love story. details can be found on my web page
jake aller Jan 22
The Story of How We Met

It all began in Berkeley, California
In the springtime of 1974
One fateful afternoon
I was sleeping in my high school Physics class.

I looked up and saw a tall,
beautiful Asian woman
standing there looking at me.

She was the most beautiful women
in the universe to me
I screamed out, who are you?

She disappeared
as if she was beamed
away from my dream.

I knew that someday
I would meet the girl
In the dream

Little did I know
I would have to wait until 1982

Starting that month
I began having the same dream
Month and month and month.
Always the same.

She was saying something
in a strange language.
Then one day

I had the dream
and knew that
she was in Korea.

So, I chose to go
to Korea
In the Peace Corps,

Somehow knowing
That I would meet her there.
One day

A year after the Peace Corps ended
A month before I planned
to leave to return
to the U.S. for graduate school

That morning early in the morning
I had the last of these dreams.
This time I understood her.

She said, “Don’t worry.
We’ll meet soon.”

That evening
As I was getting off the bus

To go to my class
I saw getting off the bus
The girl in my dream.

It was she!
I was speechless.

I did not know what to do.
Over the course of the evening

I ran into her several times.
Finally, I was introduced to her.

I muttered some lame excuse
About wanting to find a Korean tutor
and got her number.

The next day she came to the gate
Of my base where I was teaching
ESL to Koreans

She said that she
had to speak with me.
I told to wait in the library
for about an hour,

and I would cancel class
and meet her then.

We went out for coffee.
She told me that she was madly
in love with me
And simply had to have me.

I told her I felt the same way.
I proposed five days later,
And got married one month later.

Does she believe this story?
She claims she does not believe it
Because it is impossible to be true.

But I know that there
are other worlds and other times.

In a past life
we must have been together somehow.
And our love was so strong
That it crossed over the barrier
of time and space
She found me in 1974,
But it took until 1982
For us to actually meet.

And it has been 36 years
Since we met in the physical sphere
Or 45 years since the dream began

And I still recall the dream
And meeting her

I had no choice
When I met her
We were fated to be together

Until the end of this lifetime
And the next and the next
Note: This is a true story. For further details see Dreams and the Unexplainable– a Chicken
Soup for the Soul book, published in September 2017.
jake aller Jan 22
Fake Things

We live in a world
Of fake things

Fake Products
Fake News
Fake Calls
Fake Politics
Fake Sports
Fake Business
Fake Leaders
Fake People
Fake friends
Fake sincerity

Surrounded 24/7
By all the fake things
How can anything real exist?

Is it all nothing but fake things
Designed to deceive us all?
note:  will be published in Foliate Oak Review.  I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content.  Go to to check it out
jake aller Jan 22
The falling rain
Of late October
Fills me with essential dread

As I rush about
And end up here
Wherever here is

The rain outside
Seems like the tears of god

As I sit
Crying over my beer

Thinking of lost love
And failed dreams

What went wrong?
And what I can set right

And the rain falls
And the night darkens

The rain is falling
All over this man’s world

And the rain falls
And I sit

Drinking my lonesome drink
Lost in dreams

Dreaming of what
Could never be

Thinking dark thoughts
And so, I sit
And dream the night away
note:  will be published in Plethora. I just updated my blog, the world according to cosmos with a lot of fresh content.  Go to to check it out
jake aller Jan 22
As I sit
Under the lunatic light of the full moon
Of the blood-red lights of the moon

Full of wild passions
The lustful beast stirs again
And starts running and running
Howling at the moon

Riding into the new dawn
On a demented Harley Davis cycle
With two ***** babes on his back

Riding into the sun
90 miles per second
At the speed of thought

He disappears into the lunatic light
Of the full moon
And I wake up
Alone in my bed

Saying, man, that was quite a night
I better not go there again

The wild beast

He has heard that before

And I join
The beast
In howling at the Moon
final lunatic poem today.  I have more including audio versions on my web page, the world according to cosmos. check it out at
jake aller Jan 22
I stood outside
Between the trees
In a field

On the outside of town
Beneath the lunatic rays
Of the blood red full moon

The lunatic lights of the moon
Casts a wild primeval glow
On me

The hormonal chemicals are unleashed
The wild beast within
Escapes it chain

And I howl with delight
A werewolf
Free at last

To run amuck
Free of its civilized restrains
Throwing off its clothes

Stripping *****
Running wild
***** and free

A wild man
Enjoying his freedom
the second of my lunatic poems
jake aller Jan 22
On a moonlit late night
I sat in a bar
Drinking drams of demented, fermented dream dew

Just an unhinged lunatic
Dreaming of howling at the full moon
Watching the world walk by
Looking at all the fine looking babes

Walking by the street
Thinking wild, ****** thoughts
Of endless wild libertine passions

When into the bar
Walked the most beautiful women
In the Universe

So wild, so free
So wonderfully alive
I did not know what to do

As this vision of delight
Sauntered through the bar

In a skin-tight leather pants
Looked so fine
That my eyeballs hurt

And finally, I had to say something
So, I gathered up my manly courage
And walked up to her

And she looked at me
And instantly bewitched my soul
With a devilish grin

I lost all reason
And became a raving lunatic

Unhinged lunatic
Howling at the moon
Foaming at the mouth

A wild, free werewolf
Howling at the lunatic light
Of the full Moon
in honor of the blood wolf moon, I have posted updated versions of my lunatic poems at my web page, the world according to cosmos. Check it out at
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