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Rajinder Mar 27
I just learnt...

god and devil
are never divorced
Rajinder Mar 27
We never walked together
Or matched steps.
The walkway lies
so do the shoes, we bought together.
Rajinder Mar 27
Prostituting radiance
a shameless sun
seduces skies. Birds spurt.
Rajinder Feb 15
We never walked together
or matched steps
the walkway lies, so do
the shoes
  we bought together.
Rajinder Feb 15
How can one enter a story?
Like gaps in words,
emptiness between breaks.
How can one crawl out of a plot
stealing a character?
Rajinder Oct 2018
Lovebeams of the night long gone
shedding dew-laden wings at dawn, I depart
leaving a kiss for you woven in the screen
Rajinder Sep 2018
a heart tumbled
a dream fell
a life drifted
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