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Dumb Baby Jan 2014
12:00am. . . 1:00am. . .2:00am. . .
In the cutting silence
Theres nothing to distract me from myself
Words stuck in my throat
Attempting to coerce my lips to separate
They never succeed
And these words drip down my esophagus
Back into my soul
To be repressed
Until 12:00am again
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
Wake up
Get my son ready for school
Say goodbye to my husband
Walk my son to the bus stop
Walk home
Sweep. Mop. Scrub.  
Go out and get my tire pressure checked
Stop by the post office
Go home
Walk to the bus stop
Walk home with my son
Schedule next PTA meeting
Cook dinner
Husband returns home
Eat dinner
Put son to bed
I kiss my husband
We are too tired to get intimate
We fall asleep next to one another
Both proudly grinning

We've done it
We've destroyed the sanctity of marriage
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
The cocoons cracked open
And these beautiful creatures
That resulted from metamorphosis
Fluttered around their new home
In the wife's stomach

"I am going to pick him up"
She kissed her daughter
Whom also had insects
Fluttering inside her 9 year old stomach lining

720 seconds were spent in the station-wagon
Dodging the  potholes the city refused to repair
720 seconds were spent
Taking her to see him.

His flight landed
360 seconds after she arrived
And they embraced one another
for 180 seconds
Before she guided her camouflaged warrior
Back to the station-wagon

Sweaty palms gripped the steering wheel
Salt water streaks on her burning Scarlett cheeks
Bleached teeth being advertised
To her camouflaged warrior


As the wife turned to the rear window
Fearing she hurt one of God's creatures
Frightened she had innocent blood on her hands
Inadvertently disobeyed the shining red beacon ahead of her

Screeching metal violating airwaves
Burning tires sliding against asphalt
Glass fractals orbiting through the sky

Beneath the Mylar balloons
Waiting patiently under the "Welcome Home" banner
Sat a daughter with fluttering butterflies
Unaware the balloons would lose their helium
And the insects inside her would decompose
Long before she would be reunited with her parents again.
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
There is always a finger flirting with the trigger
A word
A phrase
A visual aid
All aphrodisiacs to the finger
Which induce the ******
Of a pulled trigger
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
1200 minutes were spent traveling to see you
I only held you for a night
Before I had to travel 1200 more minutes
Back to reality
Now I spend every second alone
Because 1200 minutes wasn't enough
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
I found your love in the white lines
In the dancing trails of smoke
In every fallacious euphoric injection
In every prescribed cheap thrill
In the depths of the golden sea
brewing inside of me
I lost myself when I found you.
Dumb Baby Jan 2014
With the mind of Dali
And a lack of fine motor skills
Art  has always been my greatest disappointment
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