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Jan 26 · 598
your slow steps
your slow steps
move you away from me
they stole the music
all that's left  is the rain
Jan 26 · 347
your slow steps
your slow steps
move you away from me
they stole the music
all that's left  is the rain
Jan 25 · 1.2k
YOU interrupted.
                                            your skin
                                            your eyes
                                           your heart
                                          your tyrant
                                        too much love
                                          your mate
                                          closed eyes
                                            my fault
                                           my useless
                                             silent cry
Jan 24 · 455
be a man
i love you
i can't love you
i'm here for you
be strong
say yes or no
be a man
i know what i want
is just you
what is your choice?
Jan 22 · 363
I palpated happiness
I’m no daughter
I’m no mother
born under a cabbage
only worms
as my fellow cradle
I crawled
on barren land
my ***** and scratched  skin
covered with calluses

I’m no daughter
I’m no mother
born under a cabbage
I fell
the icy water took me
but I was colder than it
the current  carried me away
I climb on the bank
I was clean

I am mother
I became  daughter
I palpated
Daughter of no one
Jan 3 · 1.3k
it's forbidden to write about you
it's impossible don't write about you
i need to write about you
getting out words
is like getting out pain...
to write about you is my pain
it's forbidden to write about you
it's forbidden to think about you
you are forbidden to me
Jan 3 · 1.0k
fake stars
in the sky
fake you
in my mind
fake all around me
Nov 2018 · 270
beginning or end?
the beginning ...
is the end of something
the end ...
is the beginning of something
a thin line
painted by our mind
between fear and hope
nothing is defined
a confused beginning
of an endless end
shaded shadows
of the same moon
Nov 2018 · 477
time of truth
when the heart
decides to speak
it yells out
and the truth lights  the sky
when your heart
decides to speak
it scares
it can hurt
just another heart
can answer
and the truth will be light or dark
the time of truth
changes all things
Nov 2018 · 513
like a red leaf
slipped on the street
beautiful and melancholy
apart from you
beautiful and melancholy
doomed to dry up
Oct 2018 · 293
the only way to survive
it's letting you go
let you go
it's like dying
denying  the thought of you
it's like living in the dark
I’ll become blind
I’ll become dry
but I'll be alive ...
will I ?
Oct 2018 · 113
right now
write me
seek me
call me
love me
right now
I can only wait
Jul 2018 · 175
the colors of love
you are the thousand facets of my soul
you paint me with all the colors of love
you are heart and pain
you are hope and despair
you are sweetness and passion
you are the red of the fire that burns me
you are the white of the light that reassures me
you are the whole  thing
that wipes out my nothing
for yiou ... it's always for you,  as you're my diamond in the rough
Jun 2018 · 372
you are
you are pure emotion
you are more than what I dreamed of
you are like the infinite that holds me tight
a breath that accompanies me
sliping  through my hair
immense and intense
you are the deepest part of me
you are the love that smiles
caressing my soul
and when you left me
you are a tear that comes from the heart
i love you so
Jun 2018 · 393
golden waves
wind slow
the leaden sky
smells like summer
the fine rain
smells of land and of you
the great willow
is our alcove
our moans
invade the air
your heat fills me
and satisfies me
your eyes invade me
interweaving of legs
and sweaty bodies
smell of rain
smell of  land
smell of you
panting hearts
heavy breaths
under the great willow
two souls  touched each other
and defeated
May 2018 · 403
my nostalgia my need
your hot body
your slow breath
your smell
being intertwined with you
my nostalgia
and my need
i miss you so
May 2018 · 175
when you are not here
when you are not here
nothing is
it's waiting for you
it's muffled sounds
it is blurred shapes behind a veil
when you are not here
I am
not here
May 2018 · 988
you said I'm gonna *******
I heard I love you
you said you're hot
I understand you're beautiful
you slapped my ***
I felt a caress
you said it’s over
I opened my eyes
you said get away from me
I felt cold
no one can be as blind as a woman in love
Apr 2018 · 647
The day
This is the day
I knew
My limits
This is the day
You broke my heart
Mar 2018 · 602
lost and found
Mar 2018 · 368
exchange of souls
a huge moment
a thrill under the lashes
the explosion of a thousand fragments
an exchange of souls
nothing has been the same
you and I belong to each other
Mar 2018 · 529
a dream
that's you are
just a dream
nothing else
I believed it, I believed you ... and I was wrong
Feb 2018 · 877
I'm cold
the hooded man
came in without knocking
kept it away
frozen terror
flows in my veins
I'm cold
I'm so cold
Feb 2018 · 1.9k
I’m crashed
against the wall of solitude
the flight of waiting
inexorably went down
I'm not even worth a no to you
only silence
[ ]
I’m alone in my lonelyness
Nov 2017 · 245
could I?
could I
.... finally be?
Nov 2017 · 307
anthology "im-perfect love"
red shoes
cracked heel
a woman
folded in the shade
or roughly interrupted

it was a caress
it was a kiss
it was a hug
it was love
it's a punch
it's a grin
it's scary
it’s infected love
my blind love
your sick love
it was air and light
it's metal flavor in my mouth
kicks in my belly
vomited words
our guilty love
hypnotic poison

you can!  
**** me.
**** me !  
my eyes close
in the eternal darkness!  
line to me  
I need the darkness in your eyes  
please !  
give me  
a last beautiful oblivion!

I lie
cold dirt  above me
badly thrown with the ****
by tears of those who loved me
your tears
your guilty love
there’s no more light
for me cold corpse
a flower into my hand
food for worms
my end
your          END

                                       you, interrupted
                                            your skin
                                            your eyes
                                           your heart
                                          your tyrant
                                        too much love
                                          your mate
                                          closed eyes
                                            my fault
                                           my useless
                                             silent cry
no more
                                                       I wait
                                                       I wait
                                                       I wait
                                                       I die
Oct 2017 · 173
a red sky
over me
iced blood
inside me
Oct 2017 · 789
loving you
loving you is so hard
the right way is no way
just now
and ever
i know
the right way
is ..
loving you
noway  ...  only love, inescapable love. you.
Oct 2017 · 417
love song
singing your name
dreaming  your scent
smiling at nothing
loving you
#itisjustyou  #theone
Oct 2017 · 301
infected love
it was a caress
it was a kiss
it was a hug
it was hope
it was love

it's a punch
it's a grin
it’s a chain
it's scary
it’s infected love

my blind love
your sick love
it was air and light
it’s smoke in my eyes
it's metal flavor in my mouth
kicks in my belly
vomited words
our love is guilty
just addicted
by our hypnotic poison
Oct 2017 · 241
I lie
in this mahogany coffin
wrapped in  purple silk
cold earth above me
badly thrown with the ****
by salty tears of those who loved me
your tears
your guilty love
there’s no more light
nor heat
for me cold corpse
a flower into my hand
food for worms
my end
your     end
Sep 2017 · 227
true love
is a song for  two
is my eyes into your eyes
is our indefinite boundaries
is one soul into the space
shining like the brightest star
true  love
is a soft beating growing into my belly
Sep 2017 · 790
no more
Sep 2017 · 966
a long trip
like a wave
crosses the ocean
to break on the beach
and finally
I through
my entire  life
to arrive
one day in your arms
and finally
feel at home
Jul 2017 · 760
I say go
but I mean stay
I say enough
but I mean again and again
I still love you
I love you
I say enough
I move away without turning
waiting for
your hand should hold me
I say enough
your silence screams
.. enough
Jul 2017 · 284
smell of you
smell of you
on the road
it touches me
a shiver passes me
I look for you
green eyes in foreign faces
smell of you in the night
I stretch out my  hand
looking for your hot skin
under the cold sheets
smell of you
invades me
pursued my senses
I caress it
I hug it
because I can’t hug you
i miss you so
Jul 2017 · 404
I, must
my need for you
is unbearable
it's physical
it’s mental
you invade my mind
you own my body
the expectation of pleasure
vibrates inside me
ephemeral lie
I hate
the awareness
I cannot have you
my hunger will not be satisfied
I’m smashed
from the promise to let you go
unable to move
I'm tormented
full of you
just of you
I can’t
miss you
I can’t
I must have you
is I must  breathe
you're my "must" forever and ever
Jul 2017 · 286
new distances
old silences
"come-hither" gleams
I can’t touch you
I can’t feel you
a mound of distorted truths
is separating us
we were just two steps from the top
our fingers were about to touch
but we fell
in the frosty mud of exhaustion
I  saw the light shift
concealed by ruthless grudges
rediscovered enemy
illusory belief of a yes
Jul 2017 · 483
my way
defeats me
you own me
no free will
you are my way
Apr 2017 · 705
you don’t talk
yet it hurts me so much
your silences
badly concealed truths
Apr 2017 · 596
a unfinished binary
the hands of a clock
locked to three
an old music box
covered with dust
a woman folded
into the shadow
or just interrupted
Feb 2017 · 640
the dawn tinged the horizon
and the illusion sprouts
like a gem
the ides of  March
it blossoms and grows
in the hourglass
time slips
the beat of my heart speeds
my breath is severed
the last grain of time
has settled on the load of my nostalgia
and the wait ends
every chimera collapses
in the emptiness of your absence
and the sun sets
darkness fascinates me
the numbness of sleep raises me
until the morning
and the vicious ritual
and again
and you
you're not there
Feb 2017 · 737
is you
every whisper
every wish
every tear
every smile
is you!
my entire life
all my feelings
all my moods
the best part of me
is you!
I don’t know why
I don’t know how
I don’t know when
I know
this is our sentence
and our nirvana
you are
my perfect half
and I’m yours
wherever we’ll be
whatever we’ll do
we’ll feel each other
two pieces of one
deep love
true love
nothing else
you are away for such a longtime .... but you are always on my mind..on my heart ... I'm waiting...  you are my destiny
Jan 2017 · 680
three letters
three daggers
Stick in my hearth
Jan 2017 · 880
a sharp sense of unease
growing inside me
an icy grip
is rising up from my guts
I perceive a liquid flowing
relentless in my tissues
is crushing  my lungs
compressing  my heart
the space available to me
become narrow
the horror
arrives in my throat
taking my breath
my dry mouth
bites of a thousand pins
irritate my skin
I have to run
I must run away…
I need some air
a scream invades my mind
I don’t know why
I still don’t know why
but I feel it!
I hear you!
you call my name  
you say you love me
I feel helpless
life that lets you down
an icy mantle
covers me
I slumped to the ground
a distant voice
calls me
but I know
I know it all
I love you too
I whisper to the shade
slipping away
you are inside me .... forever an ever
Jan 2017 · 524
a gesture
a look
infinitesimal interlockings
of thoughts and dreams
lightning awareness
to love you
and be loved
Jan 2017 · 466
sensual pleasure
I’m drunk on you
I’m crazy for the love of you
of it
Oct 2016 · 792
loving monologue
I ask
I answer
I nod
I get angry
I yell
I love you
I cry
I get excited
I suppose
I survive
in an loving monologue
or finished?
where are you? Do you think about me? I miss you so...
your silence is a perpetual pain...
Sep 2016 · 506
right choices
at the wrong time
bad choices
at the right time
that change your life
unexpected consequences
leading you
in arduous paths
which will condition
your trip
that turn against you
of which you will regret
every moment of your existence
you have not completed
lack of courage
that you will regret
until you run out of breath
leaps into the void
that define your being
Sep 2016 · 791
inevitably you
every fight
every intention
inevitably you
as flush in my mind
no relief from you
not the evening
my free thoughts
to wander in the dark
run to you
not the night
in flights of my unconscious
I drown in your arms
not the morning light
my eyes closed
my heart awake
every single weak heartbeat
is consumed in you
inescapably you
to me
your thick scent
gelatinous shell of every atom of me
persistent hum
every fight
every intention
surely you
sweet poison
poignant languor
eager anticipation
of an instant
of authentic
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