Julia Mae Jan 8

that we do
no longer
if it isn't
with each other

Sethnicity Dec 2016

You missed me
As if your words were bullets
and your lovely intentions
invisible suspension
I'm lit
and your words mean shit
Like Neo
no longer consider
myself a hero
because I absorb the hit
Your actions tha hatchet
everything you wanted
you came & snatched it
Steadily voices echo
You know
she ratchet
But I'm being Supreme
Scission from the dream
from Your, destruction
no physical eruption
just disjunction
Son of Atom
We split
I spit


Well, I didn't miss you.
Julia Mae Sep 2016

i want to start something new
with you i was childish and a fool
yet i can't deny that that was ever me
so honest and fragile but never truly free
clung onto you too tightly for security and peace
i feel a change of pace
that i don't have to remain that way
but oh god, on some days
on some days ...
i'd give anything to be that me again
i'd give anything to be that madly in love with you again

giving up on love, will that make me better?
Isabelle Aug 2016

If I run from the other side of the earth
And you run from the other half of it
And then we meet somewhere in between or in the end,
Does we prove that the world is round?

Love, i'd rather believe this,
So that you can't run away from me
My love will be just right inside the circle
No escape,  just a cycle, round and round


Imagine if the earth is flat,
If I walk away to the south
And you walk away to the north
How can we see each other again?
Phantasmagoria Jul 2016

there are no stars
in your eyes
there are no sparks
in your moves
there is no hearty laughter
in your breath
there is no compassion
in your action
there is no enthusiasm
in your being

with me.

There is no me
in your love anymore.

Isabelle Apr 2016

Loving you is~

A cycle of mistakes and forgiveness
A cycle of honesty and lies
A cycle of fights and sweetness
A cycle of promises and broken promises
A cycle of love and pain
A cycle of you and me
Loving you is a cycle, unending

A cycle of You and Me
Never to end, let us be.
Saint Mel Batac Apr 2016

When i am old and grey
my heart is still the same
you and me spend the day
sharing of memories is our game.

KittenJesus Apr 2016

It is now our
First year
Every second
Had been worth it
I love you, James
Thank you for popping
That question
One random
April 8th


KittenJesus Apr 2016

I'm crying once again because of you
I'm considering once again because of you
I'm dying for the first time because of you

raine cooper Mar 2016

i want to be the reason there is light inside your eyes again. the reason you worship the sunrise, instead of clinging red knuckled to the end of each dying day.

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