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CoLe Sep 27
Accompany my eyes for the words never spoken
Dab my heart to calm the storm with in.
Quietly whistle the songs that ignite  beneath my skin with chills
As my nose flawlessly lets in the calm seduction of your presence.
As my eyes close to meet you in my dreams.
In the depths of the dark sea.
In the valley of broken trees.
A gentle wind started to flow.
To watch me fight, bleed and grow.

The wind now dances with my dark hair.
As the birds go to sleep pair by pair.
It is dark now and I'm free.
Like every night on the valley of broken trees.

I'm addicted to your gentle smile.
But I can only make you cry.
Its like the heavens gave me wings.
But took down my sky.
Zack Ripley Jul 5
I thought we'd be together forever.
But now for worse, or maybe someday, better,
I will let go of my dream I had for you and me, and sign this letter.
Zephyr Limns May 28
Will you listen me,
if I speak to you in silence about silence ?

Will you talk to me in silence
when words no longer wake in my mind ?

Will you hear the silence of your heart
which speaks about me to you
or the silence of my heart which sings
the rapsody of our togetherness ?

Will you be the silence I seek in my silence ?
Or Will you be the silence, which silence me silently ?

I chose to sing about me in silence,
for in silence I dont feel any barrier.
But when I chose to read you in silence,
the silence you did offer was not heart warming.

I sit with unquiet mountains
to realize my fondness towards it.
I run with rivers to sense my spirit running before me.
I play with wind to hear the lyrics of my heart.
I lean on trees to listen its stories.

The pleasure I seek in silence
and the agony, you sprayed to
embrace the silence aren't the same.

I then pray with the moon to silent those silences
that wakes in my mind to silence me.

Beloved will you believe me,
if I say, not all silences are same ?

Some silence could break silence
Some silence could heal silence.
And some silence can build silence.

will you buy my words if I say,
not all silence can heal and
not all silence can hurt ?

Also, will you let me to listen
your silence, this time
to handle your heart ?

Will you, my love ?
AestheticAbi May 7
You and me

Were meant to be

Because you’re the one piece of art

forever in my heart
You are beautiful
Inside and out
You are reserved
for my
My first start
My first way
My first chance
My first dance
My first kiss
My first half
My first wish
My first love
My first laugh
My first hug
My first heart
My first day
My first night
My first right
My first…

© Feelings Coated
Isn't such reservation better!! Do it exist?
Mr Siri’s reservation for Ms Alexa
Rifqi Kim Sep 2019
The sun sets upon the horizon
The moon shines bright along with the stars
Another night to spend with you
It feels like an eternity by your side
I'm always happy when it's your time
You are irreplaceable
I'm brave when I'm with you
Nothing else matters
It's just us
And I still can't read my own feelings
But a smile says it all
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