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MindMooring Sep 26
You are reserved
for my
My first start
My first way
My first chance
My first dance
My first kiss
My first half
My first wish
My first love
My first laugh
My first hug
My first heart
My first day
My first night
My first right
My first...
Isn't such reservation better!! Do it exist?
I can’t help but want you the same way the ocean reaches for the shore.
The way the rain begs to fall,
The sun needs to shine,
The words thirst to be read.
I want your lips,
Because they remind me of when I was finally allowed to love you.
I can still feel them, I hope that never fades.
I want your hands,
Because they held mine all the times I couldn’t stop shaking. When I laid on the ground with tears streaming down my face, they took all the fears away.
I want your arms,
Well, I wish I could be completely wrapped up in your arms,
Because they were soft & safe & made me feel like I could breathe for the first time.
I woke up terrified four times that night, each time wanting to scream and cry and throw myself off of anything high.
But I opened my eyes and saw that you were still holding me. The next time, the next time, and the next. You never moved. Each time the fear got stronger, your grip felt tighter.
Sometimes I’m so cold in my own loneliness,
But I wouldn’t mind being cold together.
I couldn’t imagine being warm any way else.
I surround myself with people and distract myself in any way I can, but I’m still just as lonely until I see you.
I never stop thinking of you.
When I’m working,
When I’m grocery shopping,
When I’m cleaning,
When I’m driving,
I just want to be next to you.
I want you to infinity, to the millionth degree.
I would give you every. part. of. me.
I love you, but more than just getting to kiss you.
I love the way you live your life.
I love when you have to pop your hip in, even though I know it’s uncomfortable.
It’s funny. Because it’s a part of you.
And I love every part of you.
I love when you’re unbelievably high maintenance,
When you drive around with no plan in mind,
When you go off on crazy rants and tangents,
When you repeat your famous quotes for the millionth time,
When you make me try crazy things,
When you’d laugh because I ate the steak faster than you.
I love when we talk, but I don’t mind when the long drives are silent, either.
I just like to know that I’m with you wherever you’re going.
I’m always up for errands, too. Anything to stretch out the time just a little bit longer.
I love watching you drink nasty egg whites, ruining your coffee, because I know it’s making you healthy and better. It makes me calm knowing you are okay.
I love when you whistle to your favorite songs,
When you stand next to the water and let the salty air fill your lungs, and the setting sun cure your eyes and sway you to sleep.
I love your fluffy hair and tired eyes when you wake up.
The morning I first saw that on the day we all went to the beach, I thought:
“Oh my God, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”
I ran off on the shore and cried so hard that day, just hoping I’d feel arms wrap around me and know it was you.
When you walk in, my heart beats differently.
Everyday I drown in your ocean
Sinking as deep as I can,
Filling every inch of my lungs
With every drop of you.
How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear all the things that go on in your head.
I would give up my whole life for you,
Go live on a ranch in Ireland in a cozy hut eating so much butter and living the simplest life.
Wake up slow.
Spend days long.
Spend nights longer.
Let the cold weather keep us inside all day,
Let the warm weather travel us all over the place.
In company together, in isolation together.
The thing is though, I wouldn’t really be giving up my life for that. You’d be giving up yours.
I’ve never seen you cry, but I hope you never do because of me.
I will never be angry at you, just as I will never call you the source of any pain.
Don’t you know?
You are the only reason I stayed.
Every single time I wanted to **** myself, you were the first person I thought of. By just the mere thought of you, you stopped me.
I want you but I can’t have you.
And in ways, that makes it seem impossible to live life. In other ways, it makes me want to flee the country and start everything over and leave everyone behind, but I know I’d wish I could just be close to you even if it meant I never get to give you my love again.
****, here come the tears.
I finally get why they say “if you love someone, let them go.”
Because if you really love them, you’ll want what’s best for them. For their family and their job and their life.
Your happiness means everything to me.
I will listen for your voice in the distance,
Keep you in my pocket,
Carry your smile with me everywhere.
I smell early morning you
Every time I drink tea.
I take a pause before I sip,
Thinking of sleepy cuddles.
You fill my lungs and I gulp it down.
I smell late evening you
On the cloth of my backpack.
I take a pause before I throw you over my shoulder,
Everything you are I breathe you in,
And carry you everywhere.
I update my playlist at night
With songs that remind me of you,
Tunes that sway me to sleep
Because you can’t be here to.
Your arms are missing,
So I grab more sheets, now I'm held tight.
The fan blows to replace your steady breathing,
The soft exhales on my neck.
I have my pillow a little higher
To fit your arm underneath,
I've got your body,
Now all I need is a sound.
Something to be the heart that isn't here.
I can almost feel you,
But not enough.
So I update my playlist,
It's the only way I'll sleep.
Wow, they really do write novels about this.
I just love you, okay?
And I know I’m not supposed to.
So I will do everything I can to make sure you don’t fall in love with me.
I will protect you and everything you’ve built until the day I die.
But I will always dream of you and wish you were mine.
Ok that rhymed. That signals the end of this novel.
I love you.
Kim Rifqi Sep 7
The sun sets upon the horizon
The moon shines bright along with the stars
Another night to spend with you
It feels like an eternity by your side
I'm always happy when it's your time
You are irreplaceable
I'm brave when I'm with you
Nothing else matters
It's just us
And I still can't read my own feelings
But a smile says it all
Eliza Prasai Sep 6
Retracing my way out where I belong,
Re road mapping the roads I walked,
Under the sun, beyond the clouds
Below the light, away from the dark
A piece of the soul,
An intensity of delight,
Stream of thoughts, forthcoming thoughts!
A puzzle solved. (Period)
Walking ways
Twisted, yet simple
Playing parts.  
A piece so small, an impact so big.
No words,
An umbrella covering the void,
Makes no sense, but can be felt
No completeness for the sake of the surrounding
Neither none or everything. ✨
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
Seven billion people in this world
A universe with infinite choices
Given a chance to live
On a planet called Earth
I chose you
An angel sent from above
Your beauty and grace caught my eye
I see a bright future ahead of us
Just.. I don't know how to express my feelings to you
I just hope one day you'll notice me
Seeing you makes me happy
My heart races
Butterflies in my stomach
Thoughts are running wild
But I still don't want anyone but you
You're the only one I want to embrace
I believe you're the one for me
One day, we can fly away into the horizon together
I know you'll be my happy ending
Jaygielyn Jul 8
Sa apat na sulok ng kwarto,
sa sarili lang na kwento
sakit na na engkwentro,
buhay na sayo lang sinentro.

Kaya pa bang tupadin
ang pangakong hangarin
na ako lang ang iibigin
na sakanya pa rin binaling.
Hi. Nag emote lang ako ng mga oras na yan.
Pero ngayon okay na ko.
Sa lahat ng sinabi mo, masaya ako. Lahat kaya natin, basta magkasama tayong dalawa. Walang bibitaw. Happy 9th Monthsary, Vince.
Mahal kita.
Tayo na forever ha! <3
Kayal Jun 1
You may not be
The moon or
A star or
The sun
Beaming vision to the world.

But to me
You are
The cute little
Casting hope in me.
Ankita Gupta Apr 12
Sunburnt skins and moonkissed hearts, Pouring rains and heel-clicking walks.

Rough edged pages and unplayed tracks,
Carved pumpkins and ever burning lamps.

Unkept hair and pretty sundress,
Cold meal and unheld hands.
Go west with me 
                               In our hearts my love                              
We will live alone
   On the wide prairie
The earth beneath
   And the sky above
And no one there
                                                      ­         you and me

No crowds to talk
   No one to stare
And none to steal
   Your eyes from mine
No one to mock
   Or to compare
To make you feel
   They dim your shine

But in our haven
  Face to face
Your heart will ask
  And mine will answer
In deepest gaze
  And dear embrace
We sway to our song
  A single dancer

The world will smile
  When the west wind blows
The whisperings of
   Of our ever-after;
From distant miles
  The smell of rose
And the sound of song
  And a baby's laughter

And they may come
To try the lock
To enter, share,
  Or peer and pry;
We will not hear
  Them when they knock,
So far away
  As you and I.

Go west with me  
  In our hearts, my love;
Where the sunset burns
  And the wind blows free
The earth beneath
  And the sky above
Too small for the love
  Of you and me.
We will leave them all behind. They interfere; they do not define us. We may walk among them on the outside, but in our souls, we will be far away--we will build our own future, our house of dreams.
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