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some people feel anxious a lot
some people feel overly tired all the time
some people have anger issues
some people enjoy life
some people are happy, or sad, or mad
but i am numb

when i wake up, i am numb
i stay in my room because i feel numb
i cry to try and feel something, anything
but i suddenly stop because feelings are exhausting

i hate going to school because my friends give me ****
i already get enough at home, i dont need it here too

its like everyone has their place in this school and im floating around groups
its hard to be happy when you work so hard to make everyone else happy
its hard to laugh when youre always making sure everyone else is laughing

they dont realize how easy it is to fake a smile
to tell a lie for the sake of their feelings
to act like you are just fine

they dont realize that when i look the happiest is when i feel the numbest
an easier, less painful way to live
Everyone may see me and think I'm fine  
But in reality I'm not
What is fine?
All I feel is numb inside
I hide behind a fake smile to hide how I feel
People think I'm doing just fine
But behind my fake smile
I am far from fine
I feel lost in my mind
Searching for answers
But get none
Why can't I be fine
Why am I never going to be fine
ask me if I'm happy
don't stop at the smile
ask me if I'm happy
go beyond the appearance
ask yourself if you're happy
the real smile is not seen
it's tattooed on the heart
Skylar Russo Aug 27
A smile,
That was alluring,
A smile,
That was amusing,
A smile,
That was understanding,
How was I blind when you came to stab me with that stunt?
Was this yet another trick of the blunt?
I’ve lost the meaning of true friendship...were all people raised this way or were their parents neglecting their children?
*Thanks to ApoorvaNV for suggesting to change the word “Mist” to “blunt”. Much appreciated.
Khyati Aug 7
There's so much to say
Yet so less to speak
Hundreds of things to scribble about
Yet not a drop of ink blotting the white sheets.

The scars of her soul, the pain in her teary eyes
So much to express, honey
Yet she hides it all
Behind that charismatic smile!
Khyati Jul 10
Oh! look how beautifully she uses her smile
as a shroud,
to hide the gruesome scars her soul endows!
Tompson Jun 23
Everybody always telling me
That I’m young
That I can do anything that  I want to
Should I be excited? Right?
But I can only think that I should die high

I’m so afraid of those feelings
Why I still killing me
Don’t leave me alone with me

If you stay by my side
I’ll break you so hard
So go away,
go away
I don’t wanna make you feel my pain

Don’t worry baby, I’ll be okay
Living with my fake face
My fake friends

I’ll be okay
TyeniWrites Jun 2
She smiles in public
But cries behind closed doors
Scary what a smile can hide
And i am here;
Silently gasping in this thin air.
Everybody's on the other side,
Looking at me with a carefree smile
Thinking i got life handled just fine.
When i am nothing but an absolute chaos,
Barely grasping on to dear life,
Praying for my sweet end every night.
Whatever struggle you're dealing with right now, i'm so frickin amazed by how strong you are. Look at you, still surving despite all the hardships. You're a badass and a real fighter!
AstralPotato Feb 19
It was easy to cast a smile anytime,
Hiding beneath those wordless mimes.
It's hard to see what those smiles meant,
Because it's harder to express a soul's lament.
I'm okay...
But not really
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