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Nina Oct 4
I knew that I'll lose you someday
And that day
Has already past
It's been 2 weeks
Since i last saw you
And it hurts to know
That we are back to being strangers
And yet
I still keep your photos on my phone
And still smile at them
Knowing how happy i was
During that day
When i was with you
I was so happy
But all i can afford to do now
Is to smile
At those memories
Even though
Its hurting me deeply inside
Millie Jul 23
His smile was plastered
And I had an eerie feeling as he waved at me
Whisperer Mar 21
I know you love me ,
You said so your self

I know you're trying to heal me ,
You didn't say so but I can see it in every effort you make

But it's difficult to un-break me
So I'll just act like I'm alright

I'll give you a fake smile
Hoping you won't see straight through the lie
Thank you for trying
Ivette Mar 21
Listen you don't need a Therapist

Sure they help you but do they really help?

They're never there when you are looking at the mirror and calling yourself disgusting, and that you're hideous.

They're never there when you are on the verge of tears when something impacts you dramatically.

They are never there when you want to cut yourself so bad.

They ask how you are doing, they ask what you want and need.

But do they really care? You just get money out of me do you want to help or do you want the money to survive.

After this you always go back to your happy home planning the next family vacation

But I always go back to the loneliness, the dark room that doesn't shut out the screaming behind the walls.

I go back to feeling like I'm nothing and that I'm unwanted
Sure maybe some of us have a therapist that actually helps us and makes us feel better and secure.
But there is this part of us that always goes back to feeling this nothingness
Whisperer Mar 8
She's too tired to cry
So instead she fake smiled....
Spoiler - She's me
Whisperer Mar 7
Don't hide your scars from me
Don't bottle up those tears
Don't give me those fake smiles and "I'm alright"'s
Don't cover up those wars you're fighting
Don't hide those poems, that tell how much you've burned
I'm just trying to make you feel okay..
Don't look away
I'm just trying to make you feel okay
But all you do is walk the other way...
Mothsome Jan 25
Darkness has a strong fragrance.
People who are already going through can sense it behind your smile.

~be careful~
You are not alone...
Daniela Nov 2018
The mask comes undone.
Once and for all; the rhinestone covered face breaks. Tiny pieces of glass, falling.

And behind it was a face that no one had seen. One that no one would've imagined.
How could such a beautifully painted smile lie in pieces now?
As this fragile girl stood crying. A wave of sadness overtook the atmosphere. And suddenly they knew her suffering had become too much. They saw the heartbreak in her eyes, and the scars on her body that never healed.
Feedback welcome please, I feel like this is unfinished but if you guys like it as is I'll keep it
If not I'll either get rid of it or add onto it:).  Currently feeling defeated.. just needed to get some feelings out. Hopefully everyone is well
Ellie Jul 2018
she's an angel
her wings are wings of the devil
her smile is inspiring evil
her glare was piercing , furious
hiding behind a mask
lacking affection
seeking love
that broken little heart
that poor little girl
a deafening noise
a blinding light
rose her head
a warm perl ran through her cheek
a sarcastic curve on her face
kept walking
yet walking towards a wall
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