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no reason
just lies
my heart is waiting for you
my eyes are looking for you
my dreams live you
I only need
Someone saying
I'm here for you
No questions
No judgment
Dark days, it’s never light
I have the lights on all day
Night is starting to close in at four pm
At least it’s a quiet time of year
Nothing is stirring
Typical November
No sun, no moon, no stars
I opened
a beautiful mysterious closed vase
A deep  punch
Crashed me into darkness
you showed me love
you taught me the beauty of forgiveness
you taught me to laugh
but your eyes don't smile at me anymore
they're enveloped in a suffocating fog
this emptiness weighs
I can't find words
That can cover the silence you left
Your eyes don't see me
I talk to you and you don't hear me
I can't reach you
A layer of rubber covers you
I would like to tear it up
and yell at you
All my love
All the love you gave me
My pain feeds on
your unwitting words
Fragments of you lost
One tear at a time
Fragments of me torn
Thrown into your oblivion
A crumbling rock
I fight with a sword of nothing
I can't win
I can't save you
I can only love you
Miss you so much
ask me if I'm happy
don't stop at the smile
ask me if I'm happy
go beyond the appearance
ask yourself if you're happy
the real smile is not seen
it's tattooed on the heart
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