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Millie Jul 2019
For no reason
When I have friends
Emotions attain no logic
Alex Mar 2018

Danielle Mar 2018
A soul, a skip, a time, a page.
Twill and twine, butter me up.
Bowler hat, dapper gray.
Tea and twist, slap it away.
Hatpins stab and teamice snore.
A soul, a skip, a time no more.
The rhythm got stuck in my head for days and wouldn't leave me alone until I have written it out.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
Adopted one, Not a poetry, it's the Mood.
closing claws
ripping off the flesh
of a shadow
saved in a corner
of a single

no room for an S.O.S.
in this glass jar
filled with despair
in hermetically

closed, closure, close,
such hilarious
list of words
suitable for both
love and

no reason available
in words or gestures
or thoughts or mimics,
but a single feeling,
a painful thirst
of freedom,

but this closing
every breath
is closing
every exit,

like alcohol vapours
surrounded by flames,

in a single
Trying to get into the core of despair itself, in order to better understand severe depression. As difficult as it sounds, being in someone else's shoes has never been so eye-opening, so started throwing words together, maybe it will be of relief for someone at some point.
Baylee Oct 2015
They say, "if you love something,
let it go" and that, "if it returns,
it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was",
but does that saying apply to people?
Because I don't want to let you go.
I don't want to let you walk
out of the door to my life.
You won't come back, but it's not
because you never were mine.
It's more because you don't have family here,
and once you're gone you wont have a reason
to come back here.
And it's expensive anyway to fly across the country
just for a visit with someone.
But I'll miss you. I don't want to let you go.
*I don't want you to leave me.
JayceeJellies Aug 2015
Curled up in a ball on my bedroom floor I never could've imagined myself putting on such a per-form-ance.
Tears smothering my face as I hide it beneath my own hands I'm blinded, no one truly will ever understand my feelings and that kills me for some unpleasant reason to be understood is what I'm needing.
Tell me why are we humans so arrogant and selfish at times? In the end we all do what we truly want there is no one out there who surrenders for love not even the most dedicated of love birds would do such an exquisite task. Because truthfully we're all wearing a mask.
*or at least that's what we want you to believe.
random Jan 2015
This isn't living
This is dying
Everybody is craving
For either leaving
Or staying

You wake up
And try to make up
A reason to stay up
Which probably is to break up
The responsibilities', built up

You beg for mercy
And try convince yourself that you're worth it
But you know, you're feelings, you wrap it
Wrap it away to keep it
And to hear it
Kasey Lee Nov 2014
When someone asks,
"How are you?"
It's actually a difficult task
To look up and respond "I'm fine."
Seems simple, right?
Well look at it from my point of view.
Everyone's leaving me,
And the walls are caving in.
No ones around,
And my mind is full of sin.
Whether 'twas me or someone else,
I still feel responsible.
There's so much unnecessary guilt.
And I'm fading within my thoughts.
But did I do anything wrong?
Did I hurt them the way they hurt me?
I don't deserve it.
That's how it seems.
Why do we even pretend to be okay anyway?
What's to gain?
When all is lost,
And there's only so much strain.
Every hour of everyday,
I think about this.
Is there a reason we feel like this?
What happened to the days
When the monsters were under the bed
And not in our heads?
We're all like a cult.
Never leaving the group.
Even when everything seems to halt.
Maybe there's a good side to feeling like this...
I've learned so much...
That now I can see through the lies.
I can sense the broken pieces of your shattered heart.
I knew from the start.
Don't look at me,
And say you're okay.
I know better.
Inside, you're cold a bitter.
It's a shame we feel like this.
We haven't done anything.
Is there a reason?
Can we find a reason?
Why is my life a living hell?
Take it from me,
You can make it very far
With just a bit of empathy.
So take a closer look.
Don't let my smile fool you.
Right now I'm hurting.
Like a character in a book.
I'm not in control.
I don't hold the pen.
Maybe someone else is writing my story.
This is how my emotions work.
They change all the time.
Is there a reason?
We'll never find a reason.
We love on, and we're hidden well.
Behind fake smiles,
And phony laughs,
It's hard to tell.
You won't ever know
Who you could save
Just by being a friend.
With you around,
They know they do not have to be brave.
Always think before you say anything.
You could make,
Or break a person.
And me, I stay hidden.
In the shadows.
No one noticed me.
Until you came along.
You looked into my eyes,
And past my facade.
You brought me peace.
And now I know.
What you say can make,
Or break a person.
There really is no reason for anything anymore. Just take chances and don't question it. Cherish your life and hold on to love. Don't dwell on the past. You won't get anywhere. Trust me
Elfor ECH Jun 2014
It’s like, when
She’s gone,
My world
turns dark,

Isn’t a
Reason to
Stay up
Any longer.

Now there’s
No reason to
Make my bed
Without her
To keep
Me warm-

No reason
To prepare
For sleep
For I am

For without
There is
No reason
To stay
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