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Ash C Dec 2019
He's there
Reaching that hand out
In disguise of a fellow man

Grabbing you into his world
Shinning that smile
That hides his cynicals

His eyes full of wonder in the person you are
His lies locked behind what seemed to be truth in those gems of irises
Longing in a sickening desire

Love burns you alive from what seeps from him
Painless, numbed by the blindness of love
He holds you like you've never had before

He's there
Glimmering shards of white lights
The pits of fire in those wonderment of eyes
Vemon seep from the tounge.
I found this in my files, having no remembrance of writing it, but it was in my files, so I guess i wrote it. Never finished it. Not even sure what i was really going for besides a man who lies behind perfection.
Enotions Mar 2019
I’m running low on supply. My system is weakening, I can no longer be of service.

It’s an emergency!! I need to treat myself and return equipped for a better appointment.
I’m shutting down. I’m running out of time and will power.

It’s an emergency! Is there anyone who can help me regain strength? For this appointment is exhausting.
I’m looking for a durable support system that would never run dry. This one is squeezing the life out of me. This one is rendering me “dripless”

It’s an e-m-e-r-g...
it was a caress
it was a kiss
it was a hug
it was hope
it was love

it's a punch
it's a grin
it’s a chain
it's scary
it’s infected love

my blind love
your sick love
it was air and light
it’s smoke in my eyes
it's metal flavor in my mouth
kicks in my belly
vomited words
our love is guilty
just addicted
by our hypnotic poison
I lie
in this mahogany coffin
wrapped in  purple silk
cold earth above me
badly thrown with the ****
by salty tears of those who loved me
your tears
your guilty love
there’s no more light
nor heat
for me cold corpse
a flower into my hand
food for worms
my end
your     end
mosquitoism Jun 2015
I feel you in
Every drop of sweat
Dripping from my body
this salty
this moist love
my only remedy
every time we touch
I rejuvenate
I'm a newborn baby
and ready
for new woes
new sarrows
for mind slavery
again and fain
my death
shall be by your hands
**** me softly
with your lust
your passion, your desire
until I leave you out
out of my memory
Rose Mar 2015
i remember the dream, it was
the heart of summer's heat
stars played across the sky
you pulled a rifle from your
grandfather's cabinet
and shot your ex in the chest

i still wish that was real life
a dining room table and a swing set
wood paneled parlor and a king bed
two hearts dancing in the kitchen,
the world in their hands at last

— The End —