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Waking up to place
Faraway from home
Meeting new faces
While I roam on my own

Sound of silence
Palpable in nature
Singing a melody
Like flowers growing in a bomb crater

Its a dream or reality?
For I don’t know
But I wish its a dream
That waits for me to arrive
For I want the world to know
That’s where I will hide
Bryn Kennell Jul 15
Geese fly away
She ran away
Like stars from the day
When darkness fell
She made a wish on a cattail
Parin Jun 20
I am lifeless
Such as a dry falling leaf
Dead from inside
Yet restless and rustling
In the wind
As to go far away
To separate itself from it's roots
And never to come back from where it once left.
Victoria Jun 1
You ask me,
how can you be happy and sad?
Or Joyful and mad?
All at the same time

It’s pretty easy, I say,
Easy as seeing my parents
In the screen everyday
for my city I fled
and I don't get to hug them

But they're fine, you see
and that makes me happy
and my friends live their lives
as well as I live mine
and their news make me smile
make me joyful and then perhaps mad
for I wish I could be there
and I know that can't happen

So, yeah perhaps I'm mad
cause I have no future in my land
but I'm happy where I am
and the contradiction starts
So, I'll make peace with my mind
let my feelings aside
I'll be thankfull for what I got
and shut everything aside
Random Thoughts
dailythoughts Apr 20
To the shores that return,
I see you.

To the shores that never look back,
I see you.

To the shores that are lost,
I pray for you.

To the shores that cry,
I pray for you.

To the shores that are alive.
I want to be you.
Isabella Mar 19
I dream a dream
Of faraway places.
Where I wish to go,
And see the faceless faces.

Silent with sound
Of nature galore.
And I never know
What lies in store.

For I dream a dream
That waits for me to arrive.
And I want the world to know,
That is where I'll hide.
Amna miyath Jan 9
Suddenly you left me in the meadow,
Where I can't even imagine your shadow,
The rare hugging of your love,
Has become the memory of owe.

Why you left me so soon,
Where I always see you in the moon,
You are in my mind,
Where I can't find,
Anyone so kind!!

You always use to fight for me,
In all the time  I  light  the candles in the dark,
You always think am a spark,
Of your art.

Baby why you left me,
In da shift of a dark nest,
Baby why are u so far away,
Even I can't image why you let me so sure!!

_amna miyath _
Missing someone special in my life and writing this to that  specified person out of this world...
Efa Nuryani Jan 8
"Where do you want to go?"

"Far, far away..."

"It doesn't seem right."

"Never it did"

"Was that supposed to hurt? The constant disappointment."


"Your mind is in a dark place and you let them win, don't you?"


"You can't keep it all inside. You're torturing yourself."

"I always end up getting into this situation."

"Stop doing a damage to your ownself."

"You have no idea what I've been through, do you?"
Nina Oct 2019
It doesn't matter how far you are
I will still love you for you
Even if we aren't physically together
My feelings won't change
It will never fade
But what worries me is that
What if I'm the only one
That will keep on loving you
From a far
When you're out there
who knows
What you are doing
Loving someone one
Which is not me
The fear of you having someone else out there
Worries me
But regardless the situation
I will still love you
So i beg
Deep inside
That you will love me 
Only me
Til the end of time
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