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Mykarocknrollin Jan 2022
the time when you are just seven
the time when you just know odd and even
the time when you don't breakeven
missing that year seven
where we are not mistaken
where we are not longing for affection
where issues are not getting worsen
can we begin again
Arrow Jan 2021
Some days
I simply don't exist

My body moves
But I'm far away

I text with friends
But my mind is elsewhere

I eat and drink
But I'm still empty

I show emotion
But I feel nothing

I have a reflection
But I don't recognise them

I'm still me
But I'm not
shipwrecked Nov 2020
the further you go away, the less I can breathe
who has this agonizing grip on my heart?
and where can I speak to them, to ask them to let off?
i haven't felt pain this demanding until now
11/11/20 | 10:45am
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2020
make me believe
you are such a relieve
make me trust
you are a must
make me yours
you call me for hours
make me love
you are the one
and make me say
this is
what make you
and will make me
this is
meant to be
just you and me

Angel Nov 2020
I think about the years
that have passed with no words
that have escaped my mouth regarding
the fire that’s always burned my heart
I think about the years that have passed that I never got you & hope that I’m
blessed enough in this life time to love you
Chandan Shersia Jul 2020
Waking up to place
Faraway from home
Meeting new faces
While I roam on my own

Sound of silence
Palpable in nature
Singing a melody
Like flowers growing in a bomb crater

Its a dream or reality?
For I don’t know
But I wish its a dream
That waits for me to arrive
For I want the world to know
That’s where I will hide
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