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  Oct 2016 Slug
By the way we've proceeded, I've gathered
Up hints like raspberries in a basket
The fruit is sweet, but the thorns are sharp and the dye stains red
My fingers are crimson and I'm not mistaken
You don't want anything to do with me
I'm sorry these poems seem so sad, I'm really not sad, just contemplative, I guess.
Slug Mar 2016
I want to think of you right now
You are gone, but you are here always
Around me
Surrounding me
How i love, how i love
Loving you
Every moment I love you is the most beautiful truth I have ever felt
I really want you to know
But you must know already
Or so you would probably say
Loving you is my heaven
If you see will see
It's these moments
That show me
You're the other half

— The End —