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Shadow Oct 2020
Emotions race
And thoughts begin to follow
Happiness is ripped away
In just one second

Back and fourth
Inside the mind
Like a scale
With the heavier
Always falling to the bottom

The positive wants to be there
But the rest wont allow it
It seems like it is showing
But in reality
That is the mask

The feeling of lonliness
Cannot be shooken
No matter the strength used

He just wants to feel belonged
But life is quick to show
The others that are
While keeping him in the dark
Shadow Sep 2020
The is the escape
The only one he seems to have
And yet
He can't find the time
To get out
Shadow Jul 2020
A bottle
Its where he feels most comfortable
Without feeling anything at all
It helps him escape
Without ever escaping
What a terrible ******* cycle
Shadow Jul 2020
Feelings race through
Leaving a constant swirl of emotions
Stuck in his head

The lonliness
Is almost overbearable to him
But he seems to hide it well
Because most that see him
Don't ever really seem to tell

Anger affects him different
It comes randomly
For almost no reason at all
Makin him explode at the littlest ****
With the feeling of almost no control

The depression is the worst
Due to the others constantly
Increasing its intenseness

It stays with him
Never leaving and always waiting
Waiting to put him under its spell
And keep him there
Away from everything else

He is stuck with this everyday
Along with many others
Each just trying to make it
Through each day
Shadow Apr 2020
Hands everywhere
Of all different sizes and colors

Each one
Goes into another perfectly
Its what they were meant for

While many have another other hand
One they can hold onto
Not me
Im stuck without

Feeling like a little child
Wanting to hold mommy's hand
And never let go
Except its not mommy's that I want
Its hers

I want it so bad
But am no closer to having it
Then when I first met her

Sitting here
Stuck between wanting to be with her
And finding it hard to talk to her

My whole life I've struggled with
Being able to express my emotions
So I do the only thing
I know
              And write
Shadow Apr 2020
Laying in sweaty stained sheets
With the ground below
Covered in empty tin and glass

A shallowness
Starts to grow inside
But is pushed to the darkness
Faster than it is able to grow

"No one can see that." He thinks

Positivity sparkles the outside shell
That inside
Holds putrid and lorn feelings
Hidden deep down
Not able to be seen by anyone

Everyday it gets harder
But the "smile" never retreats
Because if it ever were to
He'll feel complete defeat
Shadow Apr 2020
Sun brightens the early morning sky
Blue skies cover the earth like a blanket
But something feels different

The streets are bare
And little to no cars are seen commuting
The world has checked out
With no close sign of returning

The normal we have been used to
Seems like an eternity ago

What we need now
Is positivity and courtesy
From everyone we can
Because we can't get anywhere
Without cooperation

The world may be shattering to pieces
But with the right mindset
We can get through this together
And make the world
Just a bit better
Than it was before
Just my thoughts on the current pandemic, we need to lift eachother up through these times... I love you all my hippies✌
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