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Shadow Dec 2021
Rivers surge throughout the valley
The grey of the clouds engulfs any light
But in a moment all is clear
And has calmed
Until again
The storm takes hold of the valley
An endless cycle of chaosity
Shadow Jun 2021
Endless sky 
Bleached with orange
And a touch of pink
Scenes like this
Showcase how a beautiful moment
Is only ever temporary
Shadow May 2021
A hollow shell
Lays amongst stained glass
The only thing thing
Thats seems to enjoy his company
Shadow May 2021
Mystical patterns fill the sky
An endless void
Consuming a lost soul
The serpent crowds the screen
And fills the darkness
Not with fear
But with acceptance
Shadow May 2021
A beautiful smile
Radiates the energy of the sun
Green eyes fueling the source
With the shape of a goddess
Oblivious to his truth
And unwanting of his intentions
What is to be done
When there is no control of the situation
Shadow Oct 2020
Emotions race
And thoughts begin to follow
Happiness is ripped away
In just one second

Back and fourth
Inside the mind
Like a scale
With the heavier
Always falling to the bottom

The positive wants to be there
But the rest wont allow it
It seems like it is showing
But in reality
That is the mask

The feeling of lonliness
Cannot be shooken
No matter the strength used

He just wants to feel belonged
But life is quick to show
The others that are
While keeping him in the dark
Shadow Sep 2020
This is the escape
The only one he seems to have
And yet
He can't find the time
To get out
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