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The view is always better
from the highest road,
the joy of looking down

Vision bestows
as gravity flows
—beyond the here and now

(Dreamsleep: December, 2020)
Sometimes love just isn’t enough,
as destiny calls within

Orphaning passion, emotions untether,
lost to Cupid’s whim

Never requited, alone and denied,
the search begins anew

Feelings repackaged and searching for more
—to do what love can’t do

(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2020)
The price of love
is loss

Its bill
both old and new

A cost
that must be paid

With feelings
torn and strewn

(Dreamsleep: December, 2020)
You climb up a mountain
for the beautiful view

Its challenge seductive,
a call to renew

The higher it takes you
the farther you see

With freedom the distance
—that lies in between

(Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: December, 2020)
I can no longer afford
what my folly has purchased

Return not an option  
—my bank account dry

(Dreamsleep: December, 2020)
Up is not a direction,
but an intention

Down is not an intention,
but a reflection

Across is neither
intention nor reflection

Towards—a new connection
better bred

(Dreamsleep: November, 2020)
Death failed to show up for work one day,
the clock remained unpunched

Hospital’s waiting, graveyards on call,
all coroner’s out to lunch

Death took a holiday without checking in,
the pecking order stunned

Like a deer on the highway, all headlights turned off
—awaiting what’s to come

(Dreamsleep: November, 2020)
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