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What, who, or where
the sages portend

What, who, or where
the shamans belie

What, who, or where
the scholars defend

What, who, or where
—not questioning why

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
The only time we escape
the jungle
—is in self delusion

(State College Pennsylvania: November, 1970)
Through a distant awareness
all eyes unmasked
The answers vacant
and fading fast

The horizon changes
from front to back
All reasons caught
within its trap

Time despondent
its seconds tear
Whose reign dethroned
inception near

The weight uprooted  
a seedless fruit
The past, tomorrow
—and present moot

(Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: November, 2022)
The older the prophecy
—the more desperate we hang on

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
To live non-affirming
to live not at all
To hide in the shadows
and creep down the hall

To live uncommitted
new doubts to contend
All time intermittent
repressed till the end

To live without friendship
alone on the rock
A wandering echo
reflections that mock

To live undecided
with doubt your best friend
a future derided
—the present pretend

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
Death was invented
when life tired of the living
Eternity flexing
—the muscles of time

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
Tomorrow’s lullaby
in footnotes to Dylan
Tomorrow blistering
confronting the sun

Tomorrow lingering
while calling your name
Temptation disguising
what’s never to come

Tomorrow’s redemption
the present to ransom
Tomorrow in voices
a chorus of ghosts

Tomorrow forgiving
each sin of unmaking
Tormenting each moment
—you treasure the most

(Dreamsleep: November, 2022)
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