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“Nip and tuck” her surgeon says,
crow’s feet on the run

Tighter skin on feathered whims,
botox zero-sum

An ageless wonder creaks inside,
bones preserve the tale

And when she smiles her lips on fire
—wanton to regale

(The New Room: December, 2021)
Nature—Lord of everything
its blizzards and its droughts

Talking back to a hurricane,
you whisper as it shouts

Your treasured possessions lie in wait
for floods to take away

That rumble heard beneath your feet
to swallow as you pray

Those things you grow and seeds you plant,
the locust comes to claim

As tidal waves begin to form
—you powerless to blame

(The New Room: November, 2021)
It doesn’t matter who it’s to,
it matters who it’s from

The sender based in deeper snow,
whose tracks forever come

It doesn’t matter what you say,
it matters what they thought

Intention shouting loud and clear
—once given never bought

(Dreamsleep: November, 2021)
said the river,
refusing to run

“The mountain’s
on fire,
snow all but gone

or ending,
  truth is the same

“The start
in the finish
—loss in the gain”

(The New Room: November, 2021)
With little to gain
and much more to lose
the soldier reloads
no longer to choose

A fate most uncertain
all outcome in doubt
his soul placed in Limbo
—too late to back out

(The New Room:  November, 2021)
You can’t wash away loneliness,
it lurks and it spies
a stain on tomorrow
where destiny cries

You can’t keep what’s been stolen
or find what’s not there,
alone and deserted
—the soap of despair

(Dreamsleep: November, 2021)
but ennobled,
the soldier came home
his two limbs
traded for the
of a deeper peace

in completeness,
his braces held proud
each battle
in the memory
—of his finest hour

(The New Room: November, 2021)
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