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Shaun Yee Jun 25
I thought of you one dark and moonless night,
Beneath our lone star glinting so bright,

My thoughts drifted back to the days of old,
When we cuddled beneath the stars so cold,

We had dreams that we never really shared,
Living apart we seldom showed we cared,

And now your cancer has snatched you away,
Only bittersweet memories will stay,

I hope you’ve found happiness where you are,
I pray you have found your celestial star.

I thought of you that dark and moonless night,
When our  star was glinting very bright,
Shaun Yee Jun 21
The fairies hold their annual dance,
On the fourteenth month of the year,
This is not on your calendar,
You won’t know if it’s far or near.
The fairies’ world is next to us,
Invisible, unseen, unheard,
Their celebrations are all there,
But humans will not be disturbed.
fantasy poem
Shaun Yee Jun 17
Let’s take a stroll along the seaside,
And leave our footprints in the sand,
Watch the beauty of the setting sun,
In the distance where the sea does end

We can enjoy the screeching seagulls,
Winging swiftly in the evening sky,
Let’s stroll along the lovely seaside,
Lightly holding hands - just you and I
Shaun Yee Jun 15
The **** is crowing
Sun has still not woken up
Snooze a little more
Shaun Yee Jun 11
Looking upwards towards the heavens,
Hoping to see a shooting star,
Nostalgic moments flashed across my mind,
Of you who were living away so far;

We had moments once upon a time,
And many stars we shared together,
Till our destinies decided otherwise,
And then -
you were gone forever.
Shaun Yee Jun 9
Arrow formation
Winging steadily  across
Westwards in the sky
bird haiku
Shaun Yee Jun 1
Softly glowing in dark of night,
Gently charming with soothing light,
Magic is there so feel it well,
When moonlight casts its witching spell.
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