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A little sauce upon the fish,
A dash of chilly on that dish,
A sprinkle of pepper in the soup,
Gives us all a better food.

A little kindness on our part,
A dash of feeling in our heart,
A sprinkle of love until the end,
Makes us all a better friend.
Some of us only walk at night,
Right from the day we saw the light,
We grew up in a puzzling maze,
And blundered around in a haze,
This through no fault of our own,
The rightful seeds were never sown,
With luck we'll find the exit door,
Before we fall flat on the floor.
We were so happy
She and I

Spent all our time together
Flew together
Looked after each other

And then
She fell sick and died

She lay there
In our nest
With eggs unhatched

She wanted a family
But time ran out

So still and lifeless
I watched helplessly
Unable to help

I called to her
There was no reply

Just silence in death
No more happiness
No more flights together

We were so happy
She and I

All is gone
So now I will wait
For the day I die
This poem is in memory of a couple of domesticated white java doves and another couple of fan-tailed pigeons that I had. The female dove died and the male one pined away, refusing to eat until he died a week later. The fan-tailed pigeons were extraordinarily loving, the male one looking after and protecting his mate fiercely. One day the female flew away and never returned. The male one followed the day after and both disappeared.
Shaun Yee May 11
When the day is finally through,
And there is little else to do,
I shall watch the sun go down,
And colours lighting up the town.

Red, green, yellow, white and blue,
Neon and oil and candles too,
On streets, in parks and houses all,
When night makes its gentle call.

Then I will off to please my mind,
In a quiet place that I can find,
With drink in hand to sit me down,
And sip the colours of the town.
colours are always fascinating
Shaun Yee May 8
When many truths are known
Horrors sometimes abound
To avoid the unpleasant
Lies become seemingly sound
The need for some order
To soothe the fearful mind
Blind belief is often called
To leave the unknown behind
Shaun Yee May 5
So bedtime we go off to sleep,
And enter a strange world of mists,
Earthly logic as we know it,
Fades away, no longer exists.

When a night dream gets too heavy,
With the nightmare we cannot fight,
We will wake up with pounding hearts,
Sweating or trembling in the night.

But then there's fleeting beauty too,
Like green gardens and hills so free,
Good memories of long ago,
How dreaming minds would like to see.

So does another world awaits,
When our earthly lives are done,
Do we live again forever,
Or our lives we have but one?
Shaun Yee May 2
Flickering lanterns shining bright,
Flitting in the garden in the night,
Incandescent, tiny and light,
The fireflies were an awesome sight.
fireflies are lovely!
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