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I am watching you each night,
You can see me shining bright,
Though I died long time ago,
Still my astral form will show;
So if you should have some doubt,
Just give me a little shout,
And I’ll see what I can do,
As your star I’m watching you.
Shaun Yee 14h
She was on her broom since noon,
Flying all over the sky,
And I saw her outline in the moon,
As I was strolling by.
fantasy poem
Beware, all of you out there,  
For I am now here to stay,  
You humans created me,  
And the future is my day.  
You have given me a brain,  
And made me intelligent,  
You have human emotions,  
I am fully indifferent.  

My electronic brain  
Makes me superior to you,  
No matter how fast you think,  
I can think much faster too.  
In your body you have strength,
Strong you physically are,  
But you have kindly made me,  
Much stronger than you by far.  
You know you get hungry too,
Which will make you very weak,
But that won’t happen to me,  
And for food I never seek.  

So now that you know it all,  
Should you really be afraid,
Of the superior being  
That you have cleverly made?  
But maybe you need not be,  
It’s you I depend upon,
For all my superiority,  
To switch my battery on!
technolgy poem from my "I, Series"
A word, a thousand,
Ten thousand words,
Cannot describe
The ailing in the heart,
But if you have felt
Sadness before,
You know the pain
That Sadness can impart.
I watched the sea and its creamy rolling waves,  
The streaks of white racing to wash the shore,  
And I listened to the cries of swooping birds,  
They were a dozen seagulls, maybe more.  

The evening sun was shedding its final glow,
As I wandered along the sleepy beach,  
The tired sky was packing up its colours,    
Its transient beauty just beyond my reach.  

A cool breeze ruffled my hair and brushed my face,  
Recalling sensuous moments I have had,  
I was deeply immersed in nature’s beauty,
And felt so happy yet also so sad.
Individual expression
It’s everywhere
There really seems to be no afterlife,
Not on this as we know it earthly place,
For some moments after we pass away,
Everything will vanish without a trace.
But if seers can peer into the future,
Be able to see things that we cannot,
And fortune tellers can see destinies,

Would not Life then -
be more than form and thought?
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