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Shaun Yee Aug 17
When we look at things,  
With only one eye,  
We get half a picture,  
Which means we see a lie;  

For to see the truth,  
We will need both eyes,  
Then the view is complete,  
And then the falsehood dies;  

The problem we have,  
Though we have two eyes.  
Most times we use just one,  
And so we live with lies.
many times we don't even look
Shaun Yee Jul 29
I wave my magic wand,
And Mickey Mouse appears,
I wave my wand again,
And he calmly disappears!

I wave my trusted wand,
A rabbit is before my eyes,
I wave the wand again,
He changes to cherry pies!

I'm ready for the highlight now,
To saw a girl in two,
So I wave my magic wand,
The girl appears in blue.
I put her in the wooden box,
I close the lid and saw,
The trick is ended now,
The girl's now Sue and Maw!
fun poem
Shaun Yee Jul 20
Nature surrounds us with lasting beauty,
If we will open our eyes to see,
It fills the air with soothing music clear,
If we will adjust our ears to hear,
It helps us live with comfort, joy and ease,
If we will only try to live in peace.
Shaun Yee Jul 17
The distant sky was gray
Above me the sun was weakly shining
Weather prediction was a wet day
Heavy rain was surely coming
I see the gray wall drawing nearer
And the landscape quickly turning blur
While the sound of rain was gettiing clearer
The storm is almost here
Shaun Yee Jul 16
I don’t want to live on forever,
I don’t want to outlive everyone,
What is there to enjoy and live for,
When all my loved ones and friends are gone?
immortality could be acceptable if everyone were immortal, otherwise it would be a curse
Shaun Yee Jul 6
They are tiny people
Living in rainbow lands,
Where time is not counted
by glassy hourly sands;
Life is constantly filled,
with laughter, dance and song,
Throughout the days and nights
and throughout the whole year long
fantasy poem
Shaun Yee Jun 27
Little Monkey was just not happy
With worldly things that were happening,
So he questioned all the monkey chiefs,
What would be the world's final ending?

It would seem that from earliest days,
When History was carved in black and white,
Evil always seemed to have the edge,
Darkness clouding Goodness from its light.

Is there really a Super Being,
With worldly affairs He oversees?
Or are all human prayers to Him,
Just a bunch of hopeless fantasies?

All the Monkey Chiefs sat down to think,
What convincing answer they could give,
These leaders have always prayed in vain,
Goodness hasn't triumphed with blind belief.
from my Litlle Monkey series :-)
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