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Ivan Lopez Nov 2020
They say to fight
They say, 'What did you do?"

Did you climb?
Did you claw?
Did you scream?
Did you grasp?

They say many things,
without realizing
that life
is worst than death!

It's not the pain
nor the sores.
It's not old age
nor it's glory
It's not the debt
nor it's riches
It's not the loss
nor its fame

It's not the lows
but the Highs
The happiness
The joy
The thrill
It's Life
that haunts me
that disappoints
that kills
that killed

They will ask you
they always do.
When death calls on you,
What did you do?

Im happy to say,
I took its cup
and drank and drank
and drank some more
till no drop was left
For mercy's death.
Ivan Lopez Oct 2020
Did you fight for me,
or did you just say goodbye?
Was I a thought for you,
when all I did was cry?

Did you hold onto life,
As I held onto yours?
Hammering your chest
hoping for your eyes to wake.

Or did you let yourself,
be captivated and wooed?
When you saw that light!
Calling on to you.

Or were you petrified,
numb to my lips,
and deaf to my words?
When you saw yourself being buried alive.

So I ask you one last time.
Did you fight for me,
did you fight for our love?
Did you hold on to dear life,
as I held onto your corpse?

For it were just seconds,
I saw you laughing
I saw you smiling
I saw you get up
only to be a cold body
laying on the floor.
Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce, And whether he's slow or spry, It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts, But only how did you die?-Edmund Vance Cooke
Ivan Lopez Sep 2020
Bend to the wind
Bend to the storms
Sway Sway Sway

Its leaves blown away
Its twigs broke and torn
Sway Sway Sway

Deep in the soil
Its roots hidden to the core
The storm rages on
Sway Sway Sway

Lightning Strikes
But no Fire
All that is left
Are its splinter
and a trunk
Many say to pull through, that the storm lasts for a little while. Well once that **** is over, what the hell do you think is left over!? Hope? Or Broken?
Ivan Lopez Jul 2020
I promise
I will be good
I will be a better brother
A better lover
A better man

I promise
I will smile more
I will laugh louder
I will call your name
I will be good

I promise
to enjoy every second
every moment
every breath that I breathe

I promise you,
to live
until I can't live no more
I can promise you one thing.
Ivan Lopez Jul 2020
Who is stronger than me?
Who will lift up my hands,
when they have sunken so low?

Who is stronger than my heart?
Stronger than my soul,
when its been ripped apart!
Put me back together.  I want to be put back together again.
Ivan Lopez Jul 2020
I can feel
the searing pain
of a cut slicing through

I can sense
the agonizing hurt
of a dying corpse

All I want
is to feel again

Feel the warmth
in happiness
Feel the laughter
in joy

For all I want
is to feel Again!
Ivan Lopez May 2020
I can hear the whispers
lullabying winds
sharing me a preacher
calling it a sin

I can hear the whispers
deadly as the night
soothing is the comfort
knowing ritual's begun

I can hear the whispers
gentle in the sun
I can feel its fleeting
river to be sung

I can hear the whispers
beating like a drum
snare of its treble
Hallelujah, I'm done.
It is difficult to control my emotions. A kind reminder each day to be left alone, but only in solitude, only when I am glimmered with hope, I begin a descension that leads to scars and self harm. It is a kind voice to remind me that I am no better than anyone else, no better than anyone else!
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