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Ghostfeather Apr 3
I wish I knew the truth,
when lightning spoke in silence.
I wish that my "eternal" youth,
avoided false, but tempting guidance.

I wish I didn't have to write,
to subdue my inner storm,
I wish I learned to recognize the light,
so that my ship would always find its home...

I wish I was happy and finally content,
instead of wanting more when knowing more,
I wish a piece of real peace to no extent,
like the one, I think, I had before.
Ghostfeather Apr 2
I shred my chest, and burst my ribcage open.
spill my black,
splatter it on flowered ground,
as it crawls, it will gnaw on the breathing ones,
making them become the IT in me,
the black becomes more
and bubbles with primal lividity
blind and unbridled
it cannot be stopped
not after it has embraced
and drowned it all,
then and only then it will stop
and implode on itself
making peace
making silent
it will leave no voices
not even its own;
to cry or laugh,
the black hungers for tranquility...
it needs it now.

Hush, my black.
Rest peaceful, and gently hold my sanity;
don't ***** it...
Ghostfeather Mar 28
How all the words of others make sense,
especially in your darkest moments.

When you're happy in the light you won't care,
unless surrounded by your ghostly problems.

There won't be an ending to it all,
unless you scratch it off your list,

You can triumph in your rise, and in your fall,
without the need for solemn bliss.
Ghostfeather Mar 27
Imperfections dream
to never fail themselves,
creating perfection.
Ghostfeather Mar 22
The unhappy can be friends,
so can be the dirt-poor.
If a moment comes when friendship ends,
it's usually when wealth walks through the door.

One already left, sacrificing spirit comfort for physical bliss,
the others didn't mind - they still had each other
it wasn't such a miss.

And then others followed; happily, leaving all but one;
Fortuna marked him badly for a reason - he couldn't leave
until the teaching's done...

The One was happy for them, without envy,
but longing to learn what he was meant to understand,
yet even if he joined the newly made circle,
he would never be the same friend...

The happy can be partners,
so can be the filthy rich.
past friendships - long ago turned to tatters,
won't feel like old clothes, even if sewn with a golden stitch.
Ghostfeather Mar 21
When you feel alone, remember my words
they will be whispered by the trees and the birds
that as long as someone thinks about you tonight,
you won't fear anything, cuz' everything will be alright.
Ghostfeather Mar 21
Yet I can't - it is even hard to clench a fist with my hand.
I feel like I am sleeping,
because of my blurry gaze
as the lack of stamina
keeps me in a haze

A maze.

an amazing puzzle to my own reality,
social morality brings nothing but fatality
to every single one and no one in particular
attempt to do - automatic and vehicular...

A nail is hammered.

Yet life will not flow,
until you understand that there is something to let go
Is it yourself? I most certainly don't know,
Assumptions will be diminished, while suspicions grow.

Focus where. A moment of stop.
Nothing to find when the time is now.
Right there - an hourglass will drop.
It will all come back together, no matter how.
I am a regular donator - approximately 2 hours after donating blood.

If you're able to, donate blood - save someone's life!
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