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There's an elephant
in the boardroom
here's the scapegoat.......
in the tearoom.
haiku    elephant    scapegoat
  3d Bardo
Cody Smith
The problem with being poor is;
If money buys happiness I couldn't afford it.
Money makes the world go 'round so I'm at a stand still
because mothballs and lint don't pay the **** bills
Maybe if I had more I would still be a mess
but I don't think I'd be better off with less
I wish my two cents was worth more
but I'm really just a dime a dozen at the dollar store
I don't mean to sell myself short but I've been short changed before
I think I need a change of mind
I've heard that change makes sense
But all these nickles and dimes
aren't going to pay for the rent.

One’s silence
Is often spoken about, by others

Silence is peaceful
Often misunderstood by the clamorous

The silence told
Often brings discomfort to the hearer

Silence is manifold
Manifests itself to the bearers
One day I was young
Happy and strong.
I was free
Moving like a bird
From this branch
To that tree.
Singing a melody
Somehow like a cacophony.
I used to walk with a speed
Faster than a centipede.
Hiding in the attic
When my mom was calling.
I found her anger and words cryptic.
One day I was young
Naughty with a big tongue
I used to giggle
When my dad couldn't solve a riddle.
I used to fly like a butterfly
Living like a prince
With no tears or sigh.
I have never felt sorry
For having no lolly.
I was young.
I need to love
And be loved
I miss your questions
As well as your emotions.
I miss your smile
Making my world so fertile.
My world away from you
Is a mess
Come back and be my lover
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