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and here I stand
a stone
beside an unshaded lamp

4 walls and a door

I've tried to chase
your ghost
out that door
many times

and the unfathomable echo
of your footsteps lingers
forever fading down the hallway

the unshaded lamp
the mirror above the sink

a dangerous animal
a broken heart is
in the unforgiving light of a windowless room
  5d Bardo
We were gifted sleep so we could only
have visions of madness
And bestowed eyes that would only
cry tears of sadness

We were granted arms so we could only
fend against the violence
And blessed with ears that would only
hear ignores and silence

We were gifted hands so we could only
hold the weight of the earth
And bestowed minds that would only
think less of our worth

We were granted feet so we could only
run away from danger
And blessed with hearts that would only
confide in a stranger

We were gifted lives so we could only
plea for our own deaths
And bestowed lungs that would only
breathe meaningless breaths

We were granted mouths so we could only
converse in our screams
And blessed with bodies that would only
feel alive in our dreams
  Jun 12 Bardo
You're their favorite bait
experienced, efficient and fast
to draw the lights to you
engulfing them slowly, one by one
watch them burn and fall for your charms
rehearsed lies, enchanting words
boyish looks and the voice of an angel
but a fallen one

I'm not the first nor the last
to be roped down
and dragged to the grown by you
just another pearl
on a long string, a collection
strung along
to be drown and finally to be shut down
in the vacuum of a dark box

But I was one to see and get away!
You and your demons cried enraged
I was warned and backed by
thousands of angels,
the battle was not mine alone!
Narcissists want to destroy the love/light they see in others, for their hearts lack love and empathy.
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