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SleepEasy 38m
Rising slowly
after a night of turning
tears on my shirt
Learning how to live again
Loving the small things
Coming to terms with reality
Sipping coffee

I'm desperate
Trying to be at ease
but the thoughts keep coming
Robbing me of peace
I keep releasing them but they keep coming
I wanted to please you
I lived for you, and you despised me

I'm waking up slowly
to the fact that I don't belong
I go for a long walk
but the loneliness and emptiness
I drag along
I listen to a sad song
and sing along

Now I'm meditating
on where I went wrong
The people I tried to save
have pushed me to my grave
Endless rain of the soul is driving me insane
everything around me is alive with pain
while the walls of my heart echo your name
There will come a time
when you ask for forgiveness
and I will accept your apology
but then I will tell you
if you are around me
keep your nakedness to yourself
It's appalling to me
SleepEasy Apr 10
My roots are shallow, not so deep
I do not sow, nor do I reap
I'm skin and bone, not earth and stone
I do not own the world alone
There is some insecurity in me
I am free but to a degree
Waiting for the next panic to arrive
for flexing manic men to rise
to drag us to another place
where they will tag the human race
on the forehead, on the hand
or you can't buy bread, understand?
SleepEasy Apr 7
He lost his roar, they suppressed his soul
He's starting to ****, like a black hole
He has no hope in hearing good news
even if he heard some, he'd still have the blues
He thinks he's no good, a freak and a creep
He asks the Lord to take him away in his sleep
The Lord answers his prayer, but not how he'd expect
instead of killing him, he honours him with respect
then takes him away in his nightly slumber
to show him a place where he roars like thunder
SleepEasy Mar 28
My unwitting heart
has gone astray
thinking of you
every day
obsessed with you
Feels like you can do anything
You bear no shame
in all you do

I go to work
I think of you
I'm watching tv
I think of you
I'm in a bind
You're playing games
inside my mind
I'm going insane

There are no studies
about what you do
What's there to learn
Other than the fact
that you will burn
Get out you worm
I will make room
for someone who earned my respect
SleepEasy Mar 27
Take what is fruitless
and cut off the branch.
Find the good fruits,
and add to the bunch.
Let the scent please you;
savour each bite;
I want to be the apple
of your precious sight.
And if I should fall
like red autumn leaves,
gather me up
and burn me like weeds.
But take my seeds
and scatter them abroad
so another may rise
and praise you, my God.
SleepEasy Mar 23
I want to go back
to simpler times
when the grass was greener
and people were more innocent

I don't want what's new
I miss the ignorance of childhood
When I felt a zeal for life
before I knew evil

I don't believe in evolution
I don't want amendments
The more you add, the more you take away
Some things are above humans

I want to be more pure
but this irks some people
so I shut myself away
to await better times

And I know it will get worse
before it gets better
People are angry
but I will protest quietly
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