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Ziolko2 1d
March forward, don't look left or right;
Others are battling their own demons tonight
Whether they admit it or not.
The battle is fought
With armies of angels and devils, and it's getting hot.
Some choose to pick a side;
The rest are put in a sea of mediocrity that extends far and wide.
This battle is waged in all aspects of life;
Don't confide in your friends or parents or husband or wife.
For it's a war that takes place inside
The temple of the human body, and the mind.
Where two paths are always in sight,
One is shadow, one is light;
One has no hope,
The other is like walking a tightrope.
Yet one cannot live on wisdom and understanding alone
This is why all the laws are written for us in stone.
For we all must rest, lay down and sleep,
And hope to God our lives we keep.
As for me, I will keep my word;
Not looking left or right, but marching forward.
Just some thoughts
Ziolko2 7d
I cast the distractions aside and begin a process
Of untwisting the ball of tangled thoughts
Can't sleep, it's gotten late
Just want to think straight

I'm so very mad at the world
I hurt myself today
I nearly coughed out a lung and hurled
From smoking and drinking to feel ok

How come the wrong people stick in the human mind?
How come bad events, most unkind circumstances float in the head, while the good is well hidden, difficult to find?
Why is it so hard to rest, sleep and properly unwind?

I'm in for it now, she's in my head
I can't make bread, thinking of lead
Through her brain, I wish she was dead
Things like this better left unsaid

There are many people who hurt me but I don't want revenge
I'm not deranged, I just want them to feel remorse
I'm venting, it'll come in due course
For now I must be patient
Ziolko2 Oct 13
Picture an abandoned well
Devoid of water, or an empty shell
After a long period of drought,
Only an echo can be heard about
The voice that made sense is no longer found
Chaotic and disorderly is the sound
An inner tempest is the norm,
Battered heavy by the storm
If you tear me apart, or break me open,
You will see, it's as I've spoken
And my looks, it's not pretty
I look like a sideshow character from the city
Wrinkles on my face cause a perma-frown,
All of love has let me down
Yet I don't want anyone else to feel pain
So from aggression I refrain
For as the sun dawns, and then must set,
To rise again, so it's not over yet
The cards will reset, the tables will turn
And all those that hurt me will have to learn
That I am loved, and the pain I feel is due to sin
I am careful, for the path to life is narrow and thin
I will regain all that was lost, and once again be sane;
I will be filled with life again.
Ziolko2 Sep 29
You gave me gifts, you didn't spare
I don't deserve, your loving care
When I was blind, when I was slack,
These things remind me you had my back.
I believed in you, and you made sure
That all my trials, I could endure.
You knew I'd fall, for I was inclined
I knew in my heart, but not in my mind.
I thought I was going straight, but I was careening
For upon others I was leaning
I wanted others to love me, but then I learned
Through trial by fire and getting burned
That since people hated you, they hated me
When I talked about you, they were angry
Then they looked upon the gifts you gave me with envy
And they sabotaged my gifts by any means necessary
So I let go, and away they went
Now I feel broken and strained and bent
So I looked and prayed, then I saw
The one who created the world and gave it law
He said we're born into sin, we're sinners from birth
Yet we should store up treasures in heaven, not on earth.
For our deeds follow us, yet to love God is a start
And all these things I hold close to my heart.
Ziolko2 Sep 11
Battles waged with words
What does it achieve
I've caused pain and hurt
For this I now grieve
I am stricken by what I said
Vowed to never use my voice for hurt again
I've tossed truth to the dirt
Now I'm sideways and bent
All my luck is spent
And the heartache
The words start in my heart
And shift between my stomach
And my mouth, tearing me apart
Tearing me in two
What did I achieve
I cannot speak
The words are stuck between my teeth
Trapped under my tongue
Lost within my heart
Drowned within my blood
What am I supposed to say
Ziolko2 Sep 4
I see well up close, but I can't see far
Sometimes I think I'm acting like a star,
But really I'm just acting dumb
And sticking out like a sore thumb.
Ziolko2 Aug 24
I'm food for the crow, next to the worm and the mole
I've sunk very low, dug myself in a hole
People look at me, they stare and they gawk
Don't like what they see, they glare and they mock
I'm so full of sin, and so I don't talk
Let you under my skin, my mind is a rock
I cry all the time, only one who listens is God
I sigh for my crime, truth strikes like a rod
Evil surrounds, it strikes from all sides
The devil confounds, he taunts and divides
My mind is a blank, never making a peep
Yet for this I thank, and this memory I keep
I looked up, and saw a light
Through which evil couldn't pass, with all it's might
And it surrounded me while I counted the sheep
And I felt at ease, and I fell asleep
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