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SleepEasy 23h
I dwell in empty graveyards
Where my soul is at rest
Away from all the vanity
I feel a connection with the dead
Where spirits listen
To my voice

I feel their presence
They hear the noise
Of proud human
Laughs and moans
And of feet
Stomping their bones

Haughty eyes
Having fun
Head in the clouds
Like the mid-day sun

And I don't want to hinder their progress
How their hair shines
Their skin is perfect
And their time is now

But if there's someone else out there
With lowly eyes
Wish you were here with me
Don't wanna be alone no more
We can be wise
And go to paradise
SleepEasy Mar 17
I've given gifts to my sisters
And honoured my father
Was kind to my mother
And prayed for my brothers
But I never bothered
To reach for the stars
To live for myself
And not for another

I'm not a go-getter
Yet I risk my neck
Because they are better
And I am a wreck
I was always behind
Through painful neglect
Their feelings are mine
Forever to protect

But they see me as a slacker
For my heart is cracked
I lack stability
And mending a broken heart
Is beyond their ability
I'm poor as the dirt road that led me
Here to the point where I can see
That all I've ever wanted
Was for someone to support me
So I wouldn't always need
To stand on my feet
SleepEasy Mar 10
I see your call
I pick up the phone and stall
Maybe I answer and say
Baby where have you been...?
Why haven't you been around...

This scenario plays in my mind
Yet I know what your answer would be
I wasn't very kind to you
I wanted to change your truth
And now I regret the present

Yes I have lost you, sure
Now your absence speaks in honest words
I thought we would journey worlds
I must move on, not to dwell
And hope to see us some day well
SleepEasy Mar 9
I would have loved if I had known
Love is not something you can hold
Everything's so overgrown
I cannot toil, I must control

For once I turn my back it folds
Like a house of cards it falls
Back to dust it slowly goes
Rust consumes within these walls

And like the dust that moves with air
One day It will settle down
I'll live my life without a care
And dig my roots into the ground
SleepEasy Mar 9
I've been living under a spell for so long
A lying backbiting little runt of a demon
Who points out all my faults and humiliations
And throws them in my face at will

I can feel my strength being drained
And it takes all my focus to redeem myself
I say to my soul, I am innocent
Compared to some, I am a saint

In each flashback or vision I have
The demon is there to laugh
My memories are a mess of truths and lies
Time distorted my mind to the events of the past

We are living through trying times
We are at the cusp of a breakthrough
I will be holding my post
Even if I must stand alone
SleepEasy Mar 9
Had a good time
I was free
Did what I wanted
I had to reach
This point
To battle the spectre
That haunts me
I've been lazy
I've been reclusive
Most of all
Now I live
With the results
For alas
I have no one
Not a soul
Who will carry the burden
Of all I've done
I'm alone
With my thoughts
But in the end
That's the cure
For my restless head
As I sink into bed
SleepEasy Feb 27
Can you hear the desperate cry of the broken hearted saying good-bye as they hold back tears through all the years it takes to forgive those kind of sears? To build one up to tear one down to see them smile then see them frown what a life to stir up strife only to leave a man without a wife? Too many adulterers in this place I see them chasing evil like its a race only to cry in full display when they are caught and made to pay. Emotion is not good I learned it first hand unless you're a woman please understand you treat me bland like I'm tough meat you spit me out still I think you're neat. I try to run I see you here I see you there and everywhere. I thought you'd care didn't think you'd dare but it's all part of the cross I have to bear.
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