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Your beating in our heart's
Every day and your smile is
So bright it's touched our
Heart's in life and there you'll
Stay with us every day
Throughout our lives
Until we meet again one day
So rest in peace my friend today
And thank you for the love
You sent my way and I'll stop and
Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ
Today that we'll see each other
Again some day.
R.I.P. ****.
R.I.P. ****. 🙏❤️😓
I dream of you
Every night and I'm
Holding you ever so tight
And it's so beautiful
To see the
Little birds all
Singing to me,

And with a smile
On my face I'm
In this magical
Little place,

And this dream
Will definitely come true
And I'll be holding you
Ever so tight kissing
Under the moonlight
And I'll whisper
Softly to you
I love you.
True Love ❤️😘❤️😘
O Lord Jesus Christ
You make the sun shine
So bright and you rise
My hopes up every day in life and you make
Me smile so bright and you make
My heart beat in life and I love listening
To your birds sing so peacefully in life
And I let your love flow out of me
And all the joys you bring my way
And I stop and pray for others
Who are sick and suffering today
O Lord Jesus Christ and I love you
So much more with each passing day
And I'll enjoy every day in my life because
Your forever in my heart to stay Amen
Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️
Having you
In my life is
So special and
It's so beautiful
And true because
Every day I get to
Tell you I love you.
True Love 💘😘
Heavenly Father from
Heaven above who will all
Truly love so stay in our hearts
Every day and keep us safe
And warm today shelter us from
Evil every day and guide us home
Every night so we can pray for the
Sick and suffering every day and deliver
Us from evil Lord Jesus Christ and stay
In our heart's every day and we'll pray
To you every night and we'll promise
To love you every day in our life.
Pray For Everyone Who's Still Suffering And From Long Term Covid-19.
The sun is shining so bright
And the sky is so blue
And I've falling in love
With you so take my hands
And let's dance under the
Moonlight and having so much
Fun dancing in the warm summer
Sun and the little birds sing
Along to our favorite love song
And just listen to our heart's beat
And the children stamp there feet
To our favorite love song and the
Little birds all sing along
To our favorite love song
And the sky is ever so blue and
The sun is shining to oh how
I love falling in love with you.
True Love 💕😘💕😘💕😘💕

The Gaza strip and the West Bank
Are All occupied every day
And it's sadness today
And PALESTINE burns in the holocaust
Every day.
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