David P Carroll Apr 19

My day is always shining bright as forever I have you in my life only you could truly make my heart smile as bright no other could truly make my heart feel special as you forever having you inside my heart I shall always smile of true love not other female could compare to your beauty as your deep inside my heart forever my heart should beat your name my one true love.

David P Carroll
David P Carroll Apr 10

In Love.
As I dream at night
I smile forever my
Love is real for you
Loving you forever
I shall be loving only you
I truly love you sweetheart
Forever inside my heart
Forever together with you
Is a perfect dream I love you
Forever I could never love an other
As much as I truly love you.

In Love
David P Carroll

I promise you
Forever I'll always love
You never forget my
Utter love for you sweetheart
So forever I'll always be loving
You remember never cry
When I'm gone my love
Forever together always in true
Love my sweetheart.

David P Carroll Mar 24

I wanna no you and your heart forever filling up your warm heart with true love and utter happiness from.my heart to your heart forever in life knowing that your truly loved forever together beating inside each others beating hearts our true love and utter happiness will smile forever inside our beating hearts forever and ever my true sweetheart.

Together Forever
True Love
David P Carroll Mar 24

I hold you
I need you
I love you
Your all I need
In life with you
Im whole I'm happy
Forever in love
With you forever
I shall always be
Truly happy I love you.

David P Carroll
I Love You
David P Carroll Mar 21

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from above without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

Never Felt Sorry
David P Carroll
David P Carroll Mar 20

I hold you against my chest and cuddle you we smile together in true love as we share a romantic loving kiss our hearts smile in true love our love is perfect together our hearts as one never torn apart our love shall always be truly together and never apart.

David P Carroll
Never Apart
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