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The moon so bright

The sun has set,

So take my hands,

And let's fall in love,

Watching the stars

Shine bright tonight...
Stars Tonight
You hold my hands, As we softly kiss,
Look deep into your eyes as my heart skips a beat,
You touch me slowly I feel your love, soft hands and
A warm gentel touch,
I love your pretty smile, every day you smile,
As we move closer in love our bodies entwine together,
I touch your neck and lips,
You feel my love touching your heart,
You hold me tightly and whisper that you love me,
It's true love,
because day you touched my heart was the day I fell in love with you,

As I hold you in my arms
I whisper back to you..

I Love You......
Love You
Good morning my sweetheart,
All night I dreamt of holding you forever in my arms,
Holding you together,

Sharing laughter and happiness....
You are my destiny.

And I truly love you....
Love You
Letting our hearts beat together in harmony,

Holding hands dreaming of true love together..

Gazing into the night sky,

I suddenly fall in love,

As I kiss you slowly
And softly..

You smile.... We laugh..

I hold you in my arms

And your listen

Too our hearts beat together...

We share a magical moment

Of true love in life.....

As I Softly whisper....

I'll never let you out of

My beating heart.....
Only you, I love...
You are my one true love,
Only you, I love...
Everything about you I admire.
Only you. I love...
Your the beat to my heart,

Your warm smile.
Your caring heart.
With you im in forever in love...

Your always on my mind....
With you, I'm truly in love.....
In Love
My life without you is a fever​ nightmare,
A dream of holding you forever,
   I can see our lips touching
A Gentel kiss a warm hug,
   My heart smiles thinking
About you,
My forever love......

The day you touched my heart,

Was the day I fell in love with you.....

My life is forever perfect holding you......
True Love
The true meaning of true
love is found deep
Inside your heart,

A heart like yours
Is hard to find, Sweetheart,
Which I truly love,

I'm the man too truly love
Your the beat too
My heart your the smile
On my face, My Forever Love....

I love you, My best friend,

And your forever apart of my heart...
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