I'm holding tightly
I softly whisper
You feel my heart beating
Beating against yours.

It's truly love
Between us
Our hearts entwined
I softly whisper

I Love You,

Hands held together
A soft kiss upon
Your warm lips
All of my dreams
Coming true
I see the love
Deep in your bright eyes

Im forever yours
You are forever mine
Hearts and souls
Always together
Beating Forever

In love together.......
Love is like the wind
In my heart
It blows through the
Trees and you listen
Too the sound of love
You stop and smile
It's a gentel whisper
That echoes softly
It's the sound of love
Touching my heart...
Now that I have falling in love
With you your forever in my
Heart as you touched my
Heart I feel forever love
Touching my Beating

As I look deep into
Your eyes I smile
Truly feeling
Real love as
We touch slowly

We kiss together
Our heart's
Beating Inside each
Other true love
Shines forever

Our hearts beating

Together in true love.....
As I hold you sweetheart
Forever in my arms
You feel my heart
Touching​ your heart
As we embrace love
Our hearts beating
Softly together
Smiling forever
Feeling true love
As I hold you
Forever inside
My heart forever

I softly whisper ill love
You Forever......
His Love
As I wake every day
Beside you my sweetheart it's truly beautiful it makes my heart smile and forever feel true love..
Good morning sweetheart I kiss you slowly take your hands embrace true love as you feel me touching your heart forever as I whisper your forever inside my heart.
As i Softly Whisper my true love ill forever hold you deeply inside my heart as your heart feels true love beating inside my heart smiling forever and always feeling my love touching your heart forever in true love......
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