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I'll always remember your bright
Smile you gave me and your
Gentle whisper always remember
I'll always love you and be strong because
The cancer is killing me I won't live on
But please don't cry for me
As a gentle tear rolls down my faceI can't take the pain no more but
Just smile bright my love for meAnd there'll be day's you'll be alone and you'll
Sometimes stop and cry but just pray for my soul
But always remember my love I'll always be with you In your life because I Live inside your heart just listen to me beat I'm beating I love you.
Sadness 💔😢😿
Falling in love
With my sweetheart
She's truly from heaven above
An Angel in my life she's
So beautiful and so bright
And with every touch she
Warms my heart and with
Every kiss I'm forever in love.
She's An Angel 😍❤️
When I first saw you
I truly fell in love

And when you kissed me
My heart skipped a beat

I started to love you
And you give me strength every day

Now...all that I see
Is what means everything to me

You in my life
I've the strength to go on

And with my true love in my life

Your always in my thoughts,
Always in my dreams at night
A life without you would
Tear me apart

I've said it already to you
But to make sure you know it's true
My beautiful sweetheart
I'll say once more how I feel about you
And sweetheart
I'm completely in love with you.
True Love ❤️💘
I lay you down and
Softly kiss you all over
Listen to our heart's beat
Falling in love with you
Hold me tight and I promise
You'll be in heart every night.
In Love ❤️❤️
Take my hands and dance
With me under the moonlight
And to tune of our heart's beating
Full of delight and the soft breeze blowing
And I’ll whisper I love you
And then you’re filled with bliss
Because sweetheart our dream has just come true.
Our Heart's ❤️ Forever ❤️
I love you so much
In life and
Every day I whisper I do
And all the little things
You do for me
Makes me smile every day
And with every gentle kiss
From you I fall back
In love with you.
She's Beautiful 🤩🤩
I love the way you softly touch me
It makes me feel so special in life
And I love the way you whisper,
You love me It takes my breath away every day and the way You gently whisper you Love Me I smiling every day because
I'm so in love with you
And the way you tell I'm so **** in life
And I love the way we fell in love it was So romantic watching the stars from above Every star was as beautiful and bright as you And I love the way you gazed into my eyes that night And you softly whispered,
I Love
You And I softly whisper back I Love You too.
True Love ❤️❤️
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