Always Loving Each Other In Love.
When I seen your pretty face oh my heart started to race
It was a pure love come true
Our eyes locked and love became true
I never felt it before until day I saw you
I didn't know love could be this way
It makes me want to see you each day
Your smile your charm your thoughtful ways your beauty
Deep inside my heart
You always seem to amaze me
I feel truly loved and blessed to have met you this way
I truly love the way you are so affectionate towards me
So like in the fairy tale of old
I now I've you in my heart and forever together we shall never
Be apart our love grows daily
And no one will come between us forever our hearts smile together in the name of True Love.......

Pure Love

A gentle whisper
Of pure love a
Gentle kiss to
Forever remember
As I feel you deeply
I cherish you truly
A warm feeling of
True Love touching
My beating heart
Our hearts embrace
Love, forever love
A feeling forever
Together our hearts
Shall always be
Together in true love

David P Carroll Dec 2017

As I take your hands
I feel your love
Your heart softly
Beats love inside
My heart we
Embrace true
Love forever together
Shinning brightly
Our hearts shall
Always two truly
Together in true love.

True Love
David P Carroll Dec 2017

Your beauty is truly special your beauty has no limit your the only woman in the world who could touch my heart your eyes so bright so beautiful one look at you and I truly feel love wondering and feeling you your beauty takes my breath away I feel truly amazed sweetheart never seen true beauty since the day I set my eyes you on.

David P Carroll Dec 2017

I dream of you every night our love shall be true we will never be alone I give you all my love You make my heart smile together our heart's smiling happily forever in love with you my heart could never smile without loving you.

David P Carroll Dec 2017

The sun
Shines bright
Your smile is bright
As I look at you
I feel your love
You feel me two
Knowing that I
Could never feel Love
As much as I feel for you.

David P Carroll Dec 2017

The sun is
Shinning the
Sky is bright
Your smile
Is truly beautiful

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