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Zywa 42m
Loneliness, leaking

away from me, thin desire --

for the lowest point.
Collection "Between where"
Zywa Oct 11
Thunder and rain
but the sheets caress me
It's not a dawn yet

You blow little kisses in my ear
Wake up, I want to smell
in your blood

Touch me, make me more beautiful
than I am, turn around, kiss me
desire me and make me happy

Let velvet bumblebees buzz
in me, on me, around me
let me shine and fly

let your little kissing mouths
float away from my skin
like velvet petals

to the sea of stars
filling the whole sky and
making me feel fine forever
Müntschi (Switzerland): little mouths, little kisses

Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Zywa Oct 10
Besides the ferry,

seagulls dive to our pleasure –

on pieces of bread.
Collection "Once more"
Zywa Oct 9
I'm fully fed up

with plans, it is unhealthy –

I'd better give birth.
Collection "Once more"
Zywa Oct 8
I'm roaming my life

with the man who scratches me:

I bleed and I bloom.
De vrouw – Ik zwerf door mijn tijd, (I’m roaming through my time, 2015, Liesbeth Lagemaat)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Zywa Oct 8
Her poetry is also about me
even though it isn't entirely true
there ís a fire in my belly

maybe it can be put out
but as long as it burns, it desires
the best of you

that does not lust after my beauty
to penetrate my lips
but is longing

for the best of me
the heavy whole, holy
and safe, my home

that I formed myself
from the metal of my body
and the silk of my spirit
For Siera Mayhew

“Milk and Honey”, 2014, by Rupi Kaur
(Punjab, India, 1992)

Collection “The light of words"
Zywa Oct 7
Yes, I've a stomach,

I do not hide it: I am –

me and you are you.
“I am me, and you are you, as you can see; but when you do the things that you can do, you will find the Way, and the Way will follow you.”
(“The Tao of Pooh”, 1982, Benjamin Hoff)

Collection "Without reserve"
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