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I wish I never met you ana.
I wish I didn't fall for your trap.
You call me fat
And make me breakdown.
You pulled me in,
With hands of barbed wire
And tore me into pieces,
When I didn't listen
To your screams
You hurt me so much
That I began to hurt myself.
I so badly wanted to get you out of my head
That I took a blade to my legs
And burned my skin.
You made my life a living nightmare
And world full of regrets.
Even 1 calorie over my limit
Sent me into a whirlpool of guilt
And shame.
You promised me coinfidence I didn't have,
Nor will ever receive.
I know you're not real,
And I know you're a fragment of my own psychological pain,
You made me become a victim of my own mind.
Trust me, it sounds much more dramatic and powerful when you're hysterically crying
3.6k · Aug 2018
Burn (revised)
Burn your skin. Burn your throat  
With a cup of gin,  
Don't pretend that you prevent  
A red glow searing in.  

In your soul no control,  
Through the skin and through the vein,  
The edge of pain can drown it all,  
And gin cuts the pain.  

Cold as blade, then searing hot,  
The words so soft and nice:  
A carefree home, no lighting rod,  
Before you struck it twice

Burn your soul
Because the wounds on the outsides
Are unlike the ones on the inside:
They will always heal.
I  made the original poem better
3.3k · Aug 2018
I don’t want this
I don’t want to shed another tear,
I don’t want to burn my precious skin.
I don’t want my heart to ache another second knowing that I’ll never be good enough for you
I don’t want to be emotionally numb
I don’t want to spend another minute hating myself.
I don’t want to breakdown the thought of gaining a single pound.
I don't want to avoid human contact because of the thought that they will see me how I see myself.
I don’t want to love the feeling of hunger.
I don’t want to tear myself into pieces
I don’t want to see the beauty in the sick
I don’t want to weigh myself every 10 minutes
I don’t want to spend 3 hours pacing around my backyard
I don’t want to live in this constant l nightmare
I just want to be happy.
I want to be good enough.
I was to change for the better,
But it's harder than you think.
I hate it when ppl say stuff like "go out and talk to ppl. it'll build confidence." you see, for a normal person, that would help. but for me, it only makes things worse bc I find new things that they will judge me for, which makes me feel worse and making me less confident. sorry aboutthe rant
3.2k · Aug 2018
my heart s k i p s a beat
Everytime I
       ­              O
My mind
Hearing your voice.
My cheeks B L U S H red
And my head
                       S             P           I
               G.                                         N
                       N             I            N
When you talk to me.
Why is it that I like you?
I hope he's not reading this
the sweet, innocent, happy girl
I used to be, only 5 years ago, is long gone.
Thrown away like a pile of garbage
& replaced by a zombie
Fueled by nothing more than fear, anger, sadness, & anxiety.
Not living; just breathing.
If she knew herself today,
She would be terrified of the monster she'd become
While her dreams were crushed right in front of her
& swept away by suicidal fantasies
And abuse of ecstasy
She saw.
She would probably be wiped away
Because she would have never guessed
She would become suicidally depressed
& at the age of 17, addicted to numbness
That eased her emotional pain.
Cutting, burning, drinking,
Taking so many pills she couldn't even think,
While almost by the minute,
Her anxiety and depression only got worse.
But what would surprise her the most
Was how she could even think of ending her own life,
Because she always knew suicide was never the answer.
But I guess after 2 years of constant anxiety,
Depression, hoplessness, & a life that didn't feel worth living,
It begins to feel like the only option.
Most painful of all,
She would hate to see her own death,
When the tiniest thread
Of the rope that once fully held her life together,
Bringing her hope,
Finally broke.
Crying, dizzy from all the pills she took,
She grabbed her blade and slide it across her throat.
Ending all hope for things to get better.
I'm sorry I'm not you anymore.
It shouldn't have ended this way,
But I couldn't live like that forever.
It had to stop
disclaimer: I haven't gone through some of these things, I based them off little things I went through and what others I know went through.
2.4k · Jul 2018
If your mouth spewed lies,
They could slit my skin like knives
Sharper than
You could imagine.
They would be
Before that could ever happen,
I surrendered
Taking my own knife,
And hurting myself
Before you ever could
1.9k · Sep 2018
Look into my eyes.
Don't tell me you are fine.
I'd rather watch you break down and
Listen to you tell these **** lies.

Let your words
Break into sobs
And let me watch as your once red tears
Turn clear.
Please tell me why you
Still do this to yourself.

Don't tell me what I want to hear.
Tell me why you break down.
Tell me what you feel
And the things you fear

Tell me how you got stuck
In this rut.
Let me listen
And don't think you're the burden
On my shoulder.

You should fear for youself
More than you do me.
You should be free
From these mosnters in your head.
But they keep dragging you down.

You need someone
But you keep running
Until you're all out of breath.
I'll try to help and try to understamd
But you'll just keep runing until your death
To my friend. I wish you could get better.
1.3k · Jul 2018
like a wildfire
Bedrooms and broken hearts.
A place where a fire is easy to start.
Bruised faces and nameless
People to blame
For what started in you.
A small flame that used to light up the day
Slowly spread into a wildfire,
Damaging everything in its path
Until it finally stops.
Everyone seems to blame the fire,
But never the person who caused it.
They don’t look beyond what is in front of them
Because it takes 5 seconds to see a monster
And 5 days to reach behind the monster and see a damaged person
yes. it's about anger
1.1k · Apr 2018
Hello thigh gap
Hello thigh gap
As soon as you just about 2 weeks and 4 months away,
I was left astray,
Betrayed by my own delusion of beauty
And illusion happiness

Hello thigh gap
They say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree,
But I learned that didnt aply to me when I was three
Because I will never be like my mother

Hello thigh gap
I can't eat without beating myself up
I am such a mess
That I still can't fit in my old dress

Hello thigh gap
I want to be like those girls on tumbr
But im not even remotely skinny
Nor am I pretty

Hello thigh gap
I cant stand this self hate
Its my one fatal flaw
That might just be the end of it all
This may be triggering for some, so if you are easily triggered, then ignore this poem
1.1k · Aug 2018
I feel numb.
My emotions as empty
As my expression.
Thinking that maybe this
Can be this thing people call
After weeks of suppressing
All these emotions,
I so badly want to feel them again.
It’s that one missing
Piece to this puzzle
Of what it’s like
To normal and whole.
You’re living and breathing
Like a normal human being,
But you can’t fully function
Like one.
Your drowning in the lack of emotions
That you would even ****
To feel anything.
Even if takes
A silver blade
That tears apart your flesh
And your mind.
866 · May 2018
Pretty Girls
The pretty girls who spend hours in their room,
Counting calorie after calorie
As if each one was their last.
Shattering themselves into tiny peices
Until no one could pick up the glass
Of their broken ribcages
And crushed dreams
Wasting themselves away in order perfect
This might be a little triggering
809 · Jun 2018
Delusional conclusions
Fulfilled by hallucinations.
Chasing the shadows
Of your internal conflicts
Tricked by your own brain
That everyone is playing the game
Called your life,
Feeling as if you were going insane,
Not wanting to blame- no, believe-
Your own family
Has turned against you,
But the voice in your head
Keeps shouting,
Telling you your own kids want you dead
And you fed into your own demons
Because it's hard no to drown when
You're in a large body of shark infested water,
No matter how hard you fight to survive.
Im sorry, this is just very personal to me. idk if it's good, bad, okay, or whatever.
759 · Apr 2018
"Just eat"
"Just eat."
The words that sunk into my brain like an anchor
It's easy to breezily dismiss my problems,
But they are much harder to fix.
My illness may inflict me with pain,
But I gain control.
Control over what I eat,
Control over the number on the scale,
Control over my life.
I just strived for perfection
I strived so much that it became an addiction
An addiction that I couldnt control anymore
No food after 10.
No sweets.
No fats.
No meat.
Every time I ate anything above 300 calories,
I would spend hours sitting on the bathroom floor, hovering over the toilet with a spoon in my throat
Until everything is gone,
No more food or pride left in my system
The only thing left was my self-hate, self-pitty, and eating disorder
748 · Oct 2018
Broken hearted
Searching for all the metaphors
Of a broken heart,
Yet there's nowhere i can start.
You're the only thing left
In my mind
That i can't even find
The right words to speak,
As the ink
Spills on my blank sheet
Of paper
I was watching the office and that somehow inspired this
683 · Jan 21
My scars say
The thousands of words
That never left my mouth
669 · May 2018
There are no words that I can describe my pain,
Besides fear, sheer helplessness
And bottled up pain and guilt
That was eating away at my soul
Until I couldn't bear it anymore.
1/2 a muffin and 1/4 cup of cereal
Settled in my stomach,
Only worth 1/2 my daily calories
But I still managed to feel guilty
Because of my lack of control.
Voices were screaming inside my head
I tried to fight,
I really tried
Lying to myself that it was fine,
I couldn't let myself believe I was worth anything
So I ran to the bathroom scratching my throat
Regurgitating the pride I had once swallowed.
And a lump of coal I tried to hide
Trigger warning
667 · Aug 2018
another spanish poem
rezo a Dios por misericordia,
porque me odio a mi misma,
por la razon que la unica persona
que me gusta, eres tu.

I pray to God for mercy
Because i hate myself
For the reason is, the only person
I like, is you
is there anything in Spanish I did wrong? I don't know much by far, but im trying
630 · Aug 2018
The girl with a beautiful smile
A vibrant personality,
And a picture perfect family.
Envied and loved.
Not a single person to hate
Besides herself.
The things that nobody sees is when
She breaks down,
And every night
Hunches over the toilet
With a spoon in her throat.
Telling herself only one more time to be pretty.
One more time to be happy.
One more time to be loved.
One more time to escape.
One more time to get better.
One more time to stop.
She lets her emotions overrule
And demons take control.
Life shouldn't be this way.
Her father's a drunk, her mothers a drug addict.
She would do anything to escape this world
Of darkness,
But no one seems to know.
She puts on this picture perfect image
To protect herself,
Despite it killing her that her voice will never be heard
No one seems to even notice
The bruises on her legs and back
Or how she always seems to go to the bathroom
Every time she eats "too much."
If she told anyone,
They would hate her,
Her parents would hurt her,
And she would never have any hope
Of becoming the girl she pretends to be.
this poem is actually not really finished. I might delete this one later
604 · May 2018
These voices
I just want these voices to stop.
I dont want to never be good enough
I don't want to starve
I dont want to carve "FAT" on my thigh
I dont want to exercise.
I just want to be normal.
I would rather stay fat rather than unhappy,
But these voices make it hard for me to do that.
Sometimes I want to scream for help,
I want my friends to know that I am drowning
But it's so hard to find the courage to tell the truth.
These voices tell me
That they will think I'm not sick enough
That im not worth the effort
That I'm not enough for them to care
So instead, I give out subtle hints,
"I'm really sore"
I spent all night exercising
"I slept for 12 hours"
I wanted to avoid food last night so I slept and slept a lot due to the fact that I stayed up til 2 am doing squats all week
"Im hungry"
I've been fasting for 18 hours
No one could possibly understand unless they ask
And if they asked, they cared.
So why tell them if they wouldn't care enough?
Mi vida loca
602 · Apr 2018
Collarbones and Ribcages
Callarbones & ribcages
The only love of my life.
They made me want to strive
They were the drive that kept me alive
As I cried in desperation for their inspiration,
They were my justification for isolation

Collarbones & ribcages
No more dreams,
No more love.
My motives came from a non-existent light above
A light filled with hates and lies.
The lies that struck me like knives

Collarbones & ribcages
Exercise drills and diet pills,
The image that kills.
Because beauty is pain,
Ana will make sure you die in vain
580 · Jul 2018
Éire (Ireland)
The beauty of a broken land,
Where each and every man
Took up his own fight
And fought it with all his might
. I really should keep learning Gaeilge (irish language)
548 · Jun 2018
Hidden behind a mask
Pretty petty perfection,
Looking at my reflection,
Wishing for any form of validation
That my suffering means something.
My body burning, aching
From last nights purging.
Oh how much worse it could have been.
Weighing myself 5 times a day,
Going out of my way to seek attention
That I so desperately want,
While not wanting it at the same time.
People judge,
But they do not see.
They don't see what's behind the suffering.
They don't see the burning and cutting
On my body.
They do not see me obsessing over every calorie.
They do not see me crying myself to sleep every night.
They don't see me holding on to everyone tight,
In hopes that maybe they won't leave
Maybe it's a way of feeling better about myself,
To see how well I can hide so much pain,
But it's better to hide the mess in a closet
To appear clean
im sorry, I know it's bad
496 · Oct 2018
Make me self-destructive
I wish i could feel
Those dearly hated emotions
That kept me up for days.
The ones that broke me down
And put me through the haze
Of emptiness.
I want my life to go crumbling
Down on me like
Raindrops on a sunny day.
I crave destruction,
I crave self-hate,
I crave it as much as an alcoholic
Craves alcohol
Because I don't deserve to be fine.
I don't deserve happiness,
I want it all to go away.
The blade that left
More than figurative scars
Is so tempting,
Yet it doesn't feel the same.
I feel pathetic and no good.
I want that blade to hit my skin
And be self-destructive.
I want to be this way again,
But i don't.
I wish I could be normal
I hated being numb, self-destructive, and sad, yet it's the only thing i know. I feel like no matter what i do, i'll never be happy with myself
464 · Jul 2018
Pretty, skinny. perfect,
Everything I want to be.
Well, I mean on the outside at least.

You post pictures of your "great" feast,
But I know it was a binge.

You appear so perfect and normal,
But you shed that skin
As you become out of sight.

Anxiety, mental break downs,
And I don't even know what.

You don't try to hide it,
Yet you somehow don't let it show.
At least to those who you don't know.

I understand so much,
Yet I don't at the same time.

You are so skinny,
Yet you don't eat and call yourself fat.
I understand hating yourself so much,
You make yourself suffer.
I understand it is your only need to cope.
Yet I don't understand
How someone has never been fat like me
Is taught and told to hate herself.

I want the best for you,
But I still don't know how bad it got.

I just can't stand to see you look perfect,
While no one sees your pain, fear, or guilt.
If you're reading this, im sorry. you deserve better than any of what you're going through
455 · Jun 2018
My heart
A thread and a needle
Can't stitch any deeper
Than you have gone
To my heart
dont ask why I did this. it shouldn't be published, but I published it anyways
446 · Jul 2018
10,000 steps
10,000 steps a day,
In hopes that maybe there is a way for me
To be healthy
And get skinny
I do it to avoid
The feeling that I'm not worthy
Of anything other than pain, but of course
My mind always goes back to the way it was before
When i finish the 3 hours of non stop pacing.
I don't know why,
But I keep thinking
That maybe if I burned extra calories,
I can be like a normal 13 year old girl
And eat as much as I want.
But of course,
It never happens.
I eat and I feel extremely guilty.
I hurt so badly because I thought I thought I could be normal
Crying hysterically,
Burning my skin,
Wishing I could take another 10,000 steps.
424 · Oct 2018
Your love
Sipping on your love
Like a bottle of whiskey,
So intoxicating,
Yet so risky.
I've never been in love, but i can relate it to a person who i liked me and i really liked them back.
421 · Apr 2018
Many may say that Anorexia is worse than orthorexia
The truth is that there is no worse.
It's like deciding whether anxiety or depression is better.
But there is no compaction, nor any winner.
Orthorexia is not healthy eating.
It's about battling the inner deomons that control your ever move,
Deciding weather you should go a week of fasting
Or go without fats or sugar altogether.
It's spending hours planning out meals that are "safe" to eat
And spending an hour in the bathroom having a panic attack
For eating one bite of ice cream.
It's obsessing over every gram of fat you consume,
Until the numbers consume you
It's compulsively looking at food labels
To find anything artificail
Or else your not allowed to eat
Its exercising until you can even feel your legs
Because exercise takes commitment
Its not being able to fall asleep for weeks
becomeing so delusional that you believe the people trying to help you
Want to make you fat and unhealthy.
It's not looking in the mirror for weeks
Because your scared of what you might see
It hating your own body so much
That even a "diet" wont help you
It's crying in the bathroom
Because of how much dressing your friend put on her salad
It's chugging so much water
That you throw up
Its worrying your parents because you've gotten so thin
But it's okay because you still eat
It's hating yourself so much that
You forgot how to love yourself
Its lying to everyone,
Telling them your fine,
Even though you spent all night crying
It's not wanting to leave the house
Fearing that people will see you how you see yourself
It's not being able to go to the store
Without having a mental breaking
It's like living in a constant nightmare
But you can never awake
So orthoxia is a not commonly known eating disorder. Its, in a way, like anorexia. Obsessions and control over food. In most ways, it is nothing like anorexia. People obsess over foods they deem "bad" and only allow themselves safe foods they deem healthy. A lot of people with this disorder are also diagnosed with anorexia
405 · Apr 2018
1-800 Help me I'm dying
And I don't want to keep lying to my family and friends
1-800 my depression never ends
I spend hours alone in bed,
Wishing that I was dead
1-800 I can't do this anymore
The door to happiness has can't open
And I'm left with a broken mind
1-800 My pain won't go away
I can't stand to last another day with my mind
Its like I'm blind to happiness
1-800 My tears turned to blood
And my mind became flooded with joy
Of the numbness I caused
1-800 I'm done with life
I took a gun against my head,
Pulled the trigger and now I'm dead
394 · Dec 2018
Take me away
The walls are stained
With sin and pain
That will never fade
let me fade into darkness
385 · Apr 2018
A Cry For Help
I am drowning.
Can't you see?
Why are you not looking for me?
I've been screaming loudly.
Ive shown you how I dug my nails into my skin
Each time I went quiet
I even let a few of my scars show,
Yet you still do not know.
You do not know im drowning.
I dont know weather your blind
Or if im not loud enough
332 · Dec 2018
Too much feeling
It was both you and i
Who fell from the sky,
But i fell hard
And you spread your wings
To fly
i found out that my old crush (he kinda liked me then) blocked me on instagram. i lost all feelings for him a while ago, but i felt a little hurt. no idea why he did it, we only talked on there 3 times
313 · Oct 2018
Dancing in the moonlight
I remember you
Dancing in the moonlight,
Tears down your cheeks.
You told me you loved me,
And i told you the same.
We held each other like
Our mothers antiques:
Afraid of breaking,
Afraid of fading
Into nothingness
As the moonlight fell upon us.
All we wanted was
For this night to never end,
As we mended each others broken heart
With woolen thread
And cotton patches.
We were forever unbreakable
Until our two hearts shattered
On the pavement of your mother's
I wish I could have never left
Because now,
All i can remember is
You dancing in the moonlight
slightly inspired by some of X's lyrics

*Not from personal experience*
310 · Jun 2018
Stay as empty as you can be,
Empty as your emotions,
Empty as your stomach,
Empty as all those processed calories
You family eats.
293 · Aug 2018
Don’t call my scars ugly
Call my scars ****
Because I've never seen them as beauty.
Make fun of how I lost my sanity
For numbness.
And yes,
Go ahead
And call it teenage angst
Because you can't seem to find the line between
Phase and disorder.
I fought so many battles against myself
That you can't even imagine.
My scars on the outside
Only reflect little
Of the many scars I've left on the inside.
You may see my arm
Covered in scars as me once seeking attention.
While you are not completely wrong,
I can't even begin to explain
How wrong assuming could have been.
I lost my pride and disgnity for these scars.
Assumptions like yours
Are the reason I try to keep
Them hidden.
Why I, for so long,
Thought they made me ****.
But really,
They are just an **** part of my past
And beautiful reminder of the present.
So next time you see my scars,
Don’t stare,
Don’t assume,
And don’t call them ****.
Just walk by
And see me as a normal human being
I have maybe 20 scars on my arms, but many more on my shoulders, stomach, and legs that no one can see. Ppl see what is visible and assume that since they can see it, I wanted them to see it. I wouldn’t have so many scars they didn’t see if I wanted them to see it all
280 · Oct 2018
I feel the silence
I hear the silent sound
Of people who aren't around.
I feel everything,
Then nothing.
My soul is always shaking
From the outside to within.
I would rather be anything
But this
253 · Apr 2018
It's funny how society shows us how to opress

The depressed teens and adults of this generation.

“It’s just a phase”

“I had it worse when i was a child”

“Attention seeking liar”

“Get over it”

But maybe i can’t get over it.

Depression turned my once happy stream of joyful thoughts

Into a rainy, dark pit of sadness.

A pit only to be filled with

Helplessness, insomnia, self-destruction, and a little madness.

This illness has broken me

I feel like I have to carry the burden of darkness on my shoulder

And each time I try to get better, I regress.

The only way to repress my feelings is to let

Niagara Falls drip from wrists, to my stomach, to my hips, & to my thighs

And hide it with a mouthful of lies

My inner demons gained control over my brain,

Bringing me so much pain that it became hard to do anything.

Even eating became a chore

Because it was hard to eat when I can’t even look in the mirror without fear

Of the Image standing in front of me.

****, worthless, stupid

You don’t even have the drive to stay alive,

So why care about yourself or your health?

You’re better off dead.

But of course, it was all in my head, so no one understood.

No one understood that i stayed up til 4 in the morning

Having a mental breakdown, with death on my mind.

I just wish someone could reach behind my mask and find the real me

The sad me

The broken me

The mentally drained me

The me that has been drowning in my own darkness for years now
sorry if its not the best.
242 · Aug 2018
No title
You live out your life
While I bleed my feelings.
Oh how different we are.
232 · Oct 2018
light-less shadows
let me see
the sun because
it's bright light
left my side
long before
i could notice
i used to seek attention for help, but i feel myself hiding it now
221 · Dec 2018
Take me away from here
Dame tu mano
Porque quiero ir
Lejos de aqui
estoy sola en un mundo triste
220 · Nov 2018
You spent more money
To pop pills
Than you did on bills.
I guess numbness
Feels better than reality
215 · Jun 2018
why do you like me
I like you,
but why do you like me?
I'm not pretty
Nor do I have an amazing personality.
I wanted it to be true that you liked me back
But I so badly don't want you to like
Someone who lacks
Any good qualities.
I mean, maybe it's the my insecurity,
But you could do much better than me
I hate myself
Vivir es morir despacio

To live is to die slowly
i know, everything can be poetry. i got that memo already.
i have a question tho: when is despacio 2 coming out?
198 · Aug 2018
I don't know weather
I'm digging my grave
Or my past,
But I hope this feeling
Doesn't last forever
man, life really *****
190 · Sep 2018
Let me be the one . . .
Let me be the one
That can make anything fun.
The one who doesn’t cry
When shown the least bit of attention.

Let me be the one who can laugh and joke
Without constantly apologizing in my head
For being “an annoying mess”

Let me be the one
Everyone remembers
In high school,
Thinking “I really miss her.”

Let me be the one
Who can start conversations
And not the one who makes
Existing one akward.

Let me be the one
Everyone can name
And not be referred to as
“The girl in the grey sweater”

Let me be happy
Around others
And not face the constant stress
As to weather they know what a mess I am

Let me be the one
Who doesn’t rely
On an extrovert to come my way
To make friends.

Let me be the one
Who never worries about my reflection,
Overly obsessed with perfection,
And filled with guilt over these fat thighs.

Let me be the one
Who doesn’t constantly say
“Quiero morir” (i want to die)
In every small situation, hoping no one understood what I said

Let me be the one
Who can look good in everything,
179 · Nov 2018
With a mind endlessly spinning
And forever thinking,
My woes
And sorrows
Never fade.
Will be it just another tear,
Just another year
Of sadness?
Will it go on forever
Until it drowns in the depths
Of all the other days,
Wasted and faded away?
Or will it unfold
Great promises?
I'd love to know what
Awaits me Tomorrow
sorry if it's not great quality
158 · Jan 21
Another night
Why can't i be like everyone else?
I can't be happy,
I can't be sad.
I can't feel anything
Or even get out of bed
All i can do is sit and stare
At the wall
WIth salty tears streaming down
My face.
Thinking about my place in the world
And how I can't be like
Everyone else
Sad poetry from last year. so glad i got better
141 · Aug 2018
My heart is trapped in the cage
Of your silhouette.
Chasing you through the shadows
And darkness
103 · Oct 2018
My demons
My demons all fight
Over the music in my soul.
Oh how i hate
This lack of control

— The End —