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MaKenzie Unser Dec 2018
i have anger
coursing through my veins
the way
you have lies running off your *******, snake tongue...
Bedrooms and broken hearts.
A place where a fire is easy to start.
Bruised faces and nameless
People to blame
For what started in you.
A small flame that used to light up the day
Slowly spread into a wildfire,
Damaging everything in its path
Until it finally stops.
Everyone seems to blame the fire,
But never the person who caused it.
They don’t look beyond what is in front of them
Because it takes 5 seconds to see a monster
And 5 days to reach behind the monster and see a damaged person
yes. it's about anger
aviisevil Feb 2017
Leave me please
Love me deep
I'm about to cease
I'm about to breathe
There's nothing to feed
Nothing to sink my teeth
It'll be another millennium
Till I'll be freed
I'm not the circus you can seek
Nor a dream you can sleep
Not a road you can reach
I'm your god
I'm your slave
I'm anything you crave
Left alone in a cave
Made one in your mistake
Every machine ever made
The life you make
And the life you take
I'm the rotten seed
The forgotten forests creed
Far from the civilization
I abide by my greed
I'm not the one you can teach
I have no soul to preach
No walls you can breach
Just an ocean
That you can never keep
One that will never bleed
Or breed
Everything that's inside
For I am
One and only
No matter how much you laugh.
George Anthony Jul 2016
If I shoot you down,
Please, don't take it personally.
I am a walking trigger warning;

It doesn't take much to set me off.
I explode at the slightest provocation
And make sure the cause

Is stained as red as my vision.
Your shirt might never be clean again.
Neither will I.

— The End —