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My scars say
The thousands of words
That never left my mouth
Why can't i be like everyone else?
I can't be happy,
I can't be sad.
I can't feel anything
Or even get out of bed
All i can do is sit and stare
At the wall
WIth salty tears streaming down
My face.
Thinking about my place in the world
And how I can't be like
Everyone else
Sad poetry from last year. so glad i got better
It was both you and i
Who fell from the sky,
But i fell hard
And you spread your wings
To fly
i found out that my old crush (he kinda liked me then) blocked me on instagram. i lost all feelings for him a while ago, but i felt a little hurt. no idea why he did it, we only talked on there 3 times
Take me away
The walls are stained
With sin and pain
That will never fade
let me fade into darkness
Dame tu mano
Porque quiero ir
Lejos de aqui
estoy sola en un mundo triste
With a mind endlessly spinning
And forever thinking,
My woes
And sorrows
Never fade.
Will be it just another tear,
Just another year
Of sadness?
Will it go on forever
Until it drowns in the depths
Of all the other days,
Wasted and faded away?
Or will it unfold
Great promises?
I'd love to know what
Awaits me Tomorrow
sorry if it's not great quality
You spent more money
To pop pills
Than you did on bills.
I guess numbness
Feels better than reality
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