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Moni May 30
I am the memories that haunt me
The demons that hold me down
And paralyze me with fear,
The ones that remind me not to trust
The ones i hold dear.

Sometimes I wish to forget it all,
To run away,
Hoping to numb the pain
From the scar that has yet to fade.

I am the memories that haunt me
I can feel it in my body
The aches and the terror,
The screams,
The cries,
And the pleading.

Sometimes I can still hear your voice,
See the way you cowered in fear,
Holding back the tears,
Hoping he would stop.

I was the spectator that was too scared
To speak.
I wish i had screamed and cried,
Pleaded for it to stop
But I froze as the lump in my throat grew
And I struggled to breathe

From that moment on, I surrendered my voice,
Changed my way of being,
Hoping that we would one day flee
From these blood stained walls.
I may forgive
But i will never forget
Because I have become the memories that haunt me,
The scar that never heals
Moni May 28
No puedes morir
Porque tu alma es bella y pura,
Brillante y rara
Y aunque sufras,
No se ha mancillado

No puedes morir
Porque aunque las drogas
Quitaban su felicidad,
Jamás faltabas amor ni humanidad

No puedes morir
Porque nunca te oí decir
que te valió la pena
Por tú valor,
Por tu escapa de la canción de la serena

No puedes morir
Porque jamás te dije que te quiero
Y aunque me duele decirlo,
Espero que un día
Oirás mis palabras
Moni May 28
I once held a pill
In the palm of my hands
And watched as it grew.
It had an intoxicating glow
That was too good
Not to be true.

I let go of my future,
Let go of the past
Until my gasps for air
Grew into screams
Too loud to hear
For the human ear.

My mind grew into
Never ending fear
Of the pill that grew
In the palm of my hand

I lived in the shadows
Of my own mind
Because i was a afraid
Of the darkness that grew
With the pill i held in my palm.
Moni Oct 2019
Through the skin,
Through the vein,
It was a needle
That masked the pain.

***** after *****,
I kept going
Until I felt no longer sick,
Too weary to worry.

The skin goes red,
Leaving indentations
But they looked
More welcoming than

My brain is
No longer mush,
The fog
Pushed to the side,
I could finally confide in the light

My tears turn
To coal,
Burning at day,
No longer cold at night,
It keeps the sad thoughts at Bay.
Moni Oct 2019
We sizzle our skin
To burn away the sin
That breaks our bones
And tears us apart
From within
Moni Sep 2019
what's written
in red ink
lies pain
burried deep
enough to not
make a sound
Moni Sep 2019
I want to strum to the beat
Of your heart,
Dance with your soul.

I want to pretend
Your name wont leave me
With sorrows
As soon as you go.

I want to make our last night
One you fight
To leave your memory

I want to watch as
Our last embers
Fade out of control
From the black coal
That turned to ashes.
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